Annus Horribilis (Gorkon)

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2393, Episode 1

The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Annus Horribilis

  • Stardate 239301.21 to 239304.03

While studying a nebula with strange transmissions emanating from it, the USS Gorkon is pulled into an alternate reality where the Dominion won the war and the Federation is destroyed.


  • The USS Triumphant
    USS Triumphant (Alternate), one of the few Federation starships left after the Dominion War, and the first ship the Gorkon encounters after passing through a quantum fissure. It is crewed by a ragtag group of former Starfleet officers and civilians, many of which have very familiar faces.
  • NGC 201502 - An uncharted nebula in the Menthar Corridor. It contains a quantum fissure which leads to the alternate universe. The same nebula exists on both sides, though it's shape differs.

Mission Summary

Act 1

After a resupply and crew transfer stop at Astrofori One, the Gorkon sets out to explore the Menthar Corridor. It soon encounters an uncharted nebula, quickly cataloged as NGC 201502. Strong energy readings from inside indicate the presence of a quantum fissure - a "doorway" to another universe. The Gorkon send probes to study it further, thinking they are far enough away from the fissure to remain safe from the radiation and gravitational effects it is creating. Somehow, the probes increase the fissure's pull on the surrounding area, and the Gorkon is unwittingly pulled in.

Act 2

After a bumpy ride through the fissure, the Gorkon crew take stock of their situation. They sustained minor damage and numerous injuries, including an unconscious crew member later deemed comatose. Once they got systems back online, the crew began to examine what happened. Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo noticed the nebula's shape and properties had changed. The fissure had also become unstable, emanating gravitational waves into the surrounding space.

The Gorkon soon find another ship nearby. It was a Defiant-class ship, but had lots of damage to it. Captain Reynolds hailed the ship, who soon responded - only to find herself staring back into the face of a man she had known for years. Walter Brunsig captained the Triumphant, but he was not the only face people recognized. The ship was crewed by several Gorkon crew members; some in different positions and ranks. That was when their situation truly dawned on them: the Gorkon had slipped into an alternate reality! In fact, it was the same universe the USS Invicta had visited, where the Dominion had won the War and the Federation was destroyed.

Once the initial pleasantries between the ships were finished, the Gorkon sent over a team of medics and engineers to assess damage to the ship and crew and assist where they could. Captain Brunsig was hesitant to accept the help, but other members of their crew gladly accepted whatever help the Gorkon was offering. Many of the Triumphant's critically injured were beamed to the Gorkon with Commander Vess, while the rest of the away team offered to send supplies and help to repair their systems. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the two ships, a Jem'hadar scout ship had detected the fissure's activation and investigated. They quickly reported the situation and a fleet was soon dispatched.

Act 3

The Battle of NGC 201502

Once they learned about the approaching Dominion fleet, Captain Reynolds and her away team returned to the Gorkon to prepare for battle. The Gorkon was a powerful ship, and a class the Dominion in this universe hadn't seen in many years, but they were still severely outgunned. The two ships were soon approached by a fleet of four Jem'hadar fighters, two Cardassian Keldon-class ships, two Dominion battlecruisers, and a massive Battleship. Some scientific wizardry on the part of Lt. Ayiana Sevo gave them a slight edge, disrupting the Dominion's targeting abilities. Meanwhile, the Triumphant utilized a stolen cloaking device for hit-and-run attacks on the Dominion.

The Dominion also managed to slip on board the Gorkon a small team of cloaked Jem'Hadar to plant sensor devices and gather intelligence for a full boarding assault. They were all killed by the crew, but the threat of a boarding still persisted. The pair of ships had fared well, damaging or destroying all the fighters, and disabling one of the Cardassian ships. They thought they might just pull out a win when the unthinkable happened.

Act 4

Aboard the Triumphant, Chief Science Officer Erik Jansen attacked Chief Engineer Lt. Quinn Reynolds in Engineering, then activated a virus planted in the computer. It shut off all power to the small ship, then activated the self-destruct sequence.

The crew quickly scrambled to escape pods, wondering what was going on. They were faring so well, they hadn't even been hit. All they could do was launch the pods and watch as the Triumphant was destroyed. Deft maneuvering of the Gorkon's helm officer, Lt. JG Lael Rosek, led the surviving Cardassian ship straight into the path of the Triumphant - right as it exploded in two. The explosion took out the Cardassian ship and severely damaged one of the Dominion battlecruisers.

However, Erik Jansen had managed to escape on a shuttle and into the waiting arms of the Dominion fleet. Once he was aboard, they quickly fled into warp. The battle over, the Gorkon managed to assess their situation and begin recovery of the Triumphant's escape pods. The ship was damaged in the battle, however, sustaining damage to the main deflector and other systems. The worst news was when the Gorkon discovered that the chaos of the battle collapsed the quantum fissure - they were stuck in this reality!

Guest Stars

USS Triumphant (alternate) Crew Manifest
Brunsig (alternate).jpg
Walter Brunsig
James, Cillian (Alternate).jpg
First Officer
Cillian James
C. DeBarres
Stoyer, Cory (Alternate).jpg
Ops. Officer
Cory Stoyer
Reynolds (alternate).jpg
Chief Engineer
Quinn Reynolds
Eric Tharsen
Vess Alt.jpg
Chief Science
Erik Jansen
Kael Seren (Alternate).png
Ship's Surgeon
Kael Seren
Sevo, Toran (Alternate).jpg
Toran Sevo
Vee, Jaxton (Alternate).jpg
Jaxton Vee
Hired Mercenary
Brooks Gwinnett
Eng. Consultant
Lael Desai-Orrey
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  • Private Shelby SAR Canine - Earth canine trained in search and rescue.

  • Lelin 6 - Vorta female in command of the Dominion fleet.
  • First Amit'claman - Jem'Hadar First
  • Second Balin'Cloroth - Jem'Hadar Second

Mission Reports

REV SD 240105.08