Operation Sea Devil (Gorkon)

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2396, Episode 13

The Tyrellian Sector Saga
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2396 The Njörðr Incident · Operation Sea Devil
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Operation Sea Devil

  • Stardate 239605.15 to 239608.01

The crew of the USS Gorkon undertake a daring mission to infiltrate Orion space in order to capture a fugitive crime boss, acquire valuable intelligence and extract an undercover operative. At the same time, the Gorkon searches for one of the Syndicate's pirate captains who may be convinced to retire to the safe shores of the Federation... bringing all of his knowledge with him.


  • Labyrinth's Scream: An Orion corsair, captained by Thertas, an Andorian.
  • Ma no Umi: "A region of space... notable for extensive gravitational anomalies and plasma fields... severely affecting the range and effectiveness of sensors to the point where many ships are rendered near blind." Due to the limitations for ships and specific masking conditions, the region is a haven for pirate activity, and hosts an active Orion Syndicate presence.
    • Kamarov Corridor: A safe passage route through the region, however, still with limitations caused by anomalies. Extreme caution is advised.
    • Nassau: Large rogue asteroid within the Kamarov Corridor, and base for the Orion Syndicate.
      • Service Zone: Administrative and service centre.
      • Leisure District: Populated district for pirate activity and leisure pursuits, including the nightclub Vortex.
      • Residential District: Habitable sanctum deep within the asteroid.

Plot Elements

  • Retrieving Intelligence: With the Orion Syndicate base on the asteroid, a team infiltrates to retrieve what they can from the computer core.
  • Retrieving the Agent: Deep undercover in The Slims, a team is tasked to bring him home.
  • Retrieving the Mob Boss: With Leelou on the Most Wanted List of Starfleet criminals, a team is tasked to take her into custody.
  • Convince the Captain: The captain and leader of the Labyrinth's Scream wants to defect to the Federation.
  • Aid the Whydah: On receipt of a distress call from the ship, a team is launched on the USS Kahnrah to render assistance.

Notable Characters

  • Leelou: Orion Crime Boss with a laundry list of offences. Wiley and capable, she is not to be underestimated.
  • Oliver Zuccaro: A corsair of mixed association for who has the weightiest wallet — he deals in knowledge, in information, and bad vodka.
  • Lena Josett: An all-round scoundrel in the employ of the Orion Syndicate. She might sell you out, but it'll be with a winning grin, and you'll feel like you owe her the favour.
  • Blackbird: An agent working for Starfleet Intelligence undercover in The Slims of Ma no Umi.
  • Theeda: An Orion female criminal, up and coming in the seedy network of the asteroid.
  • Volku: Bajoran restaurant owner.
  • Thertas: Captain of the Labyrinth's Scream.

Mission Summary

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Act One: Operation Sea Devil

Tasked with retrieving information from the base's computer, capturing a wanted criminal, and retrieving an intelligence operative, the crew separates into teams to make their deception, and incursion, have a greater chance of success. Infiltrating a pirate asteroid never was for the faint-hearted.

Briefed by Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds[1] on the requirements of their teams in the conference room of the USS Gorkon, the teams began their preparations for the mission. In order to blend in, alternative names, personas, clothes and weapons were needed, and each of the crew descending down to the surface constructed something to reference as a reason for being on the asteroid in the first place. Gathering in the shuttle bay, the crew readied and equipped themselves onto three shuttles, prepped to deposit each team at their required location, and lie in wait with support staff, just in case.

Descending down, the three teams split into different parts of the asteroid, each taking the route required of their task.

Marshall, Smith and Fortune head for the residential district among the heady heights of The Slims, where shanty-style homes were packed on top of one another in the cramped space afforded to residency on the asteroid. Stopped at first by a port official[2] at New Providence Port, where Crewman Jackson remained behind with their method off the asteroid, they called for backup in the form of Cayne from the shuttlecraft. Breaking into their task saw the team boarding the transport network that ran a ring around the asteroid itself, stopping at various points along the way. Hampered immediately by an Orion named Theeda pickpocketing them, she led the team on a merry dance through the Yamacraw warehouse district, culminating in a request to steal a Horga'hn from a nearby bar owner and the stabbing of Marshall[3] for kicks. Taking their small fortunes that it could've been much worse, the team book it for the Habitation District and hopefully as far away from the Orion as they could get.

Meanwhile, back on the Gorkon, MacFarlane and Ross began discussing ways and means of getting around the fact that they were a Starfleet vessel operating in non-Starfleet waters, needing to look the part of something else entirely. Coming up with a stroke of genius, MacFarlane engineered a holographic program that would take the appearance of each bridge member, turning them into a species the Orion Syndicate would not find outstanding in their ranks, alongside clothing and decorations to match.[4] Reynolds became a Jelna captain running under the name Col Bhoda, while MacFarlane was to become a Cardassian named Kaeleirah Zheeca, Ross would maintain the appearance of human becoming one Jack Rackham, and Chris with his shaved head would stay as the lowly human communicator they likely traded beans for on a colony world.[5]

Deep in the Entertainment District, Adea, Stoyer, Neathler and Tereen began their first investigations into the security services employed in Vortex. Coming up with the idea of rigging a jammer by purchasing the equipment required[6], and a physical altercation with a Gorn at the Slee’Zee Hotel Complex[7], busting up a potential robbery and murder[8], the team agreed to regroup at a nearby bar The Copper before continuing. Not without first jumping out of a window[9].

Bringing the team in as close as possible to the Service District, L'rann was to remain with the shuttlecraft as Vondaryan, Sevo and Namura made the first steps towards their task. Heading into a resteraunt known as Ugami's[10], the team soon found themselves trying to get the attention of a local suspected crime boss by acting out a cheated dice game. The owner, an older Bajoran male by the name of Volku offered the team a helping hand — he could get them into the Service District, past the first security light wall and into the main compound if they agreed to retrieve a list of seemingly inconsequential value.[11] The team accepted.

Meanwhile, on the Labyrinth's Scream, disembarking from Josett's Klingonised shuttlepod[12], Sienlis and Bear Marshall were introduced to Thertas. The Andorian reacted to finding out who they were by drawing his ceremonial knife on Josett. With questions relating to why he would want to defect to the Federation and give himself over to Starfleet, Thertas informed them that a Courier on board would be carrying something they would likely need. Conceding the point, the three retired to the Passenger Suite to begin planning their approach to the heist.

Act Two: The Perfect Score

So far surviving the perils of the Nassau asteroid, the teams successfully (somewhat) make their first stabs at bedding into their locations and beginning their tasks. Armed with a jamming device that could emit an EMP at any moment, sent beneath the Syndicate home after making a shady deal with a shadier character, dressing up as pirates to fool the Labyrinth's Scream, and setting eyes on their target amidst a bar fight, it could've gone a lot worse.

Act Three:


Notable SIMs

Precursor SIMs - Arrest, Escape, Sanctum

Mission Reports

REV SD 239607.31