Victory Mission History

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Victory Mission History

Command History

Jordan Hurne/Robin Phoenix

The previous missions of the USS Victory, under the command of Captains Jordan Hurne and Robin Phoenix can be found here.

Rocar Drawoh

On Stardate 238706.18, Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh assumed command of the USS Victory. As soon as command was transferred he asked the temporary officer in command, Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx to remain on board as the First Officer.

Andrus Jaxx

A couple of months after becoming Captain, the Admiral suffered an injury that prevented him from retaining command. On stardate 238710.02 Andrus Jaxx was Promoted to full Commander and assumed Command of the Victory.


In 2391, Commander Nugra assumed command of the USS Victory to pursue an unknown enemy that has been growing in the shadows of the galaxy. His command lasted for over a year, but the gorn stepped down from command after receiving a bad injury and decided that command was enough for him.

Season 5

Empire of the Lost
  • Episode 24: Stardate 239106.01 - 239107.24
    • A secret mission to an Ancient planet yields a dangerous secret.
As the Future Burns
  • Episode 25: Stardate 239108.11 - 239110.07
    • The Victory of the Future warns of a coming apocalypse.
  • Episode 26: Stardate 239111.10 - 239201.05
    • A Cardassian ship has had an incident with a new species What will Victory do?
What Happened At Luxis III
  • Episode 27: Stardate 239202.01 - 239202.23
    • A singularity appeared over Luxis III crippling the Victory and Thunder.
Scourge of Romulus
  • Episode 28: Stardate 239203.13 - 239205.03
    • The Romulan Republic needs help to find a stolen vials of a dangerous virus.
The Spider's Web
  • Episode 29: Stardate 239205.18 - 239207.12
    • A long lost Starfleet vessel has been detected and pretty close to an unfriendly government.