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Crew of the USS Gorkon


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo

USS Victory

Location: Deck 4, Section 12, Room 32

When Ayiana was first assigned to the Victory, coming straight out of the Academy, she was assigned a small, simple two-room set of quarters. They were barely 35m2, and had no windows. She didn't decorate it outside of its default decorations, mostly because she didn't have any personal belongings, except for a few clothes and equipment.

She would remain in these quarters through two promotions to the rank of Lieutenant and Chief Science Officer; up until the 2392 refit of the Victory. She was then reassigned new, slightly bigger windowed quarters per her rank. Otherwise, she kept it mostly undecorated as well.

USS Gorkon

Location: Deck 3, Section 24, Room 87

Ayiana's Gorkon quarters were substantially larger than her old Victory counterpart. It had a large living room with windows, a dining area and work desk, a bedroom with windows, and a bathroom. By this time, Ayiana had accumulated a few personal items to decorate with. On her coffee table, she had a small statue of the ancient Trill goddess of knowledge and wisdom. While most Trills, including Ayiana, no longer worship deities, she kept it as a reminder of her passion of the sciences. Ayiana also had an amateur interest in ancient Trill cultures.

She kept a stand for her pet fenza bird, Tana, in a far corner, opposite the small dining table and replicator. Ayiana also had a small, but tall bookshelf next to the couch. Throughout her quarters were placed various meteorites and crystals; mirroring Ayiana's fascination with astronomy and celestial objects.

Her work desk was where Ayiana spent most of her time. It had a standard computer terminal from which she did all manner of work, from filling out duty logs, to sending messages home. Exhibiting her messy habits, it was cluttered with stacks of PADDs, isolinear chips, and other electronic tools. On the wall above the desk was a large photograph of the planet Trill. The left wall had a large, silver metalwork of the Trill logo. Beneath that was her Starfleet Academy diploma, along with official Starfleet photographs of the late Jadzia Dax and Captain Ezri Dax, Ayiana's idols since childhood. When stuck on a problem, she would sometimes stare at the photo of Jadzia or sometimes Ezri and wonder "what would Dax do?"

As she spent a lot of time reading books, Ayiana had a multitude of books stashed on shelves. In one corner, she had a keyboard. Ayiana never played as a child, but her first host, Lizara, was a concert pianist. Despite gaining the skill to play, Ayiana still found it difficult, but rewarding.

On Stardate 239407.22, after an altercation and inquiry regarding assault towards a fellow Starfleet officer, Ayiana was ordered to move to smaller, dual-quarters; sharing with said officer, Ensign Grace Freeman. They were to live together for no less than six months. It was a rocky time, and in 239502, Ayiana was free to move back into her old quarters.

In 239511, Ayiana accidentally stumbled upon a hidden surveillance device in her quarters. After reporting it to Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds, Lt. Commander Trellis Vondaryan initiated a quiet search of her quarters, finding another device. Reynolds reassigned Ayiana to new quarters just to be safe.

REV SD 239706.18