Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce

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The Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce is the standing flotilla assigned to the Tyrellian Sector, charged with the defence and scientific study of the sector and surrounding regions. Growing instability in the area, partly due to the emergence of the Romulan Republic, has led to Starfleet reconfiguring the flotilla, assigning the USS Gorkon and additional escort vessels.

Each ship of the expedition is commanded by its own CO, while the commander of the taskforce itself is Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds, who maintains her office on the expedition's flagship, the USS Gorkon. The Gorkon is accompanied by several vessels: two escorts, the USS Triumphant, and the USS Resolute; two science and exploration vessels, the USS Shavar and the USS Hahn; and a general purpose vessel, the USS Drake.

Tyrellian Defence and Exploration Taskforce
V. Adm. Quinn Reynolds, Taskforce Commander
USS Gorkon-logo.png Sovereign-scale.png
USS GorkonSovereign class • V. Adm. Quinn Reynolds, CO
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Defiant-scale.png
USS TriumphantDefiant class • Cpt. Walter Brunsig, CO
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Defiant-scale.png
USS ResoluteDefiant class • Cmdr. T'Vei, CO
USS Hawking-logo.png Oracle-scale.png
USS HawkingOracle class
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Nebula-scale.png
USS ShavarNebula class • Cpt. Aeva Velas, CO
USS Drake-logo.png Miranda-scale.png
USS DrakeMiranda class • Cmdr. Anistia, CO
UFOPgrayseal-square.png Oberth-scale.png
USS HahnOberth class • Cmdr. Zhalt, CO