Annus Horribilis, Part 2 (Gorkon)

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2393, Episode 2

The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Annus Horribilis, Part 2

  • Stardate 239305.11 to 239309.07

Still trapped in an alternate universe where the Dominion won the war, the Gorkon is pursued by a relentless and familiar adversary as it tries desperately to find a way home.


The USS Gorkon
  • USS Gorkon - The ship sustained heavy damage during it's battle with the Dominion a month earlier. Most major damage has been repaired, although it's main deflector is still out of commission. Without it, the ship is limited in speed and unable to return home.
  • Dominion Battleship B937 - Rona'toran Erik Jansen pursues the Gorkon from his ship gifted to him by the Dominion for his betrayal of the Triumphant.
  • USS Yarahla - A Luna-class starship attached to the S&R fleet back home which had searched for the Gorkon. Once the search was called off, the fleet returned to Astrofori One for rest and repairs. However, a ragtag group of people have other plans for the ship.
  • Starship Graveyard - Hundreds of Federation and Klingon ships made a last stand against the Dominion. It has been picked apart over and over again over the twenty years since the war. The Gorkon arrives to try and scavenge anything left behind.
  • Creshan'na Riyas - An ancient space station supposedly built by the Menthars. In this universe, it has been taken over by a small Dominion force.

Guest Stars

  • Rona'toran Erik Jansen - Former crewmate of the Triumphant. He betrayed the ship and crew in their battle with the Dominion, destroying the ship in the process. For his reward, the Dominion granted him Rona'toran rank and his own battleship. He now relentlessly searches for the Gorkon to finish them off for good.

Mission Summary

Act 1 - A Quick Escape

Following their victory and escape from the Dominion fleet, the Gorkon finds its way to the Ferengi casino ship Helase. There, Captain Quinn Reynolds attempts to negotiate with its owner, Mot, for parts to repair the Gorkon. Meanwhile, other members of the crew were enjoying some free time aboard the Helase. Some found entertainment at the casino, others visited shops and restaurants. All was not to be, however, as the Triumphant's former crew mate, Erik Jansen, returns in a blaze of glory: now commanding a Dominion battleship, he has placed an enormous bounty on the Gorkon throughout the region, forcing the crew and ship to quickly depart the Helase. Despite the urgency of the situation, Captain Reynolds found some time to quickly recognize her crew's valiant efforts over the past several weeks. She handed out promotions and ribbons before diving into the problem of getting home.

The USS Yarahla

Meanwhile, back in their home universe, the months-long search-and-rescue of the Gorkon is finally called off. Starfleet declares the ship lost with all hands. A few friends, family, and crew mates of the ship do not believe the story. Through unknown means, Ensign Valesha Sienelis, along with Commander Walter Brunsig, manages to find and contact several people with possible interest and motive for continuing the search. They clandestinely meet at Astrofori One to discuss a plan. It is decided, reluctantly, to steal a ship to continue the search. They commandeer the Luna-class starship, USS Yarahla, one of the ships of the S&R fleet that had been searching for the Gorkon.

This is Rona'toran Erik Jansen of the Dominion. We are in search of the USS Gorkon, Sovereign class. Details to follow. They are wanted for crimes against the Dominion and are considered armed and dangerous. I am hereby putting forward a reward 250,000 bars of latinum for any information that leads to their capture. Anyone who harbors them will suffer the consequences.

Rona'toran Erik Jansen

Act 2 - Scavengers

Ninety-six days trapped in this reality, the Gorkon, finding itself very low on supplies, arrives at a large starship graveyard. They know the pickings will probably be small, but they have little choice. Two teams are sent to a derelict USS Galaxy and USS Okinawa, while Captain Reynolds takes another team in the Captain's yacht to explore the graveyard a little more. They don't get very far when they are impacted by an unknown object; speculations include simple debris to a cloaked Dominion probe.

The Galaxy team, led by Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo, discovers a sealed-up section of the ship; possibly a final stand by the crew. They manage to salvage some valuable technology and food. On their return to their cargo shuttle, they find it had mysteriously been launched or floated out of the Galaxy's shuttle bay. The team manages to jury-rig the bay's old tractor emitters to pull the shuttle back in. It was never discovered exactly how the shuttle got out of the bay, nor why the section of ship was sealed up. Commander Alex Blair's Okinawa team doesn't fare as well. During their brief exploration of the ship, however, they are attacked by a Changeling; one of the last to survive the virus that killed the rest of the Founders. They manage to disable the changeling before escaping, leaving it's fate unknown.

Back in their home universe, the clandestine group miscreants board and steal the USS Yarahla from Astrofori One and escape before they can be pursued. As they make their way to the Gorkon's last known position, they pick up a distress call. Changing course to investigate, they discover it to be a heavily damaged freighter. Debate rages on the bridge if it is a genuine crisis or a potential pirate ambush.

Act 3 - A Bad Deal

Creshan'na Riyas

The Gorkon spends the next several months in increasingly desperate situations. They had to fight Cardassians and pirates, nearly getting destroyed a dozen times, and scavenging from abandoned bases. Too many funerals were attended; the ship sustaining more and more damage despite the crew's best efforts to patch them up. Most of the senior staff took to camping in the conference room behind the bridge when the turbolift system finally gave out for the last time.

On day two-hundred and fifty-five, Captain Reynolds has a surprising but potentially welcome meeting with two Romulans: Commander Dharvanek and an unnamed man. He offered a trade: a cloaking device for a "favor." The unnamed man's son had been captured by the Dominion and sent, along with his shuttle, to a nearly abandoned star base deep in the Menthar Corridor. If the Gorkon was able to rescue him, Dharvanek would give them a cloaking device - a much-needed tool to evade pursuit in this hostile universe.

Mission Reports

REV SD 240105.08