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Most Wanted

Leelou is a powerful and ruthless Crime Boss of the Orion Syndicate. She primarily operates near the Tyrellian Sector; consequently Leelou has had several conflicts against the USS Gorkon.


  • Height: 5'11" (180cm)
  • Weight: 165 lbs (75kg)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Lean and muscular


Leelou is a ruthless woman. She will easily sacrifice the lives of those under her command for any reason, especially to save herself. She is also good at subterfuge, often pretending to be a helpless slave amidst a gang of Syndicate thugs, all the while being the true leader of them. Leelou is not afraid to endanger the lives of others to get what she wants.


Little is known of Leelou before her encounter with members of the USS Gorkon on Palanon around Stardate 239312. She was first encountered in a Syndicate safe house in the Perlonian Swamp by an away team from the Gorkon, led by Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo. At the time, Leelou posed as a helpless slave amidst a gang of brutish Syndicate thugs. In reality, she was the leader of the operation the Gorkon was investigating. The Syndicate had a warehouse filled with crates full of currencies from the Federation, the Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, and Romulan Empire. As Tyrellia was near the nexus of all four powers, it was an ideal location to operate from. The Syndicate was trying to influence the economies and governments of the major powers in the area.

Leelou was able to maintain her facade while Commander Sevo's team continued their futile investigation of the safe house; which had already been cleared out. She did not reveal her true intent until the very end, when a drop ship of Syndicate troops arrived. While Commander Sevo's team set up an ambush for the troops, Leelou was able to steal a phaser and shoot the Starfleet officers at point-blank range and escape with the troops, who had been sent to rescue her. Fortunately, the phaser was set to stun, but they were not happy when they woke up later.

The Gorkon did not encounter Leelou again for over a year, until they were sent to investigate why Starfleet lost contact with Starbase 173. The entire population of over one-hundred thousand people had vanished. Unstable rifts into subspace were forming, allowing a ruthless alien life form to run rampant. During their investigation, several Gorkon away teams encountered groups of Orion Syndicate troops, who were hired to recover a mysterious artifact by unknown parties. Leelou was the leader of this group. This time, she cornered Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds in the station's main security complex. Fortunately, an alien ran afoul of Leelou's troops, and Reynolds and her team were able to escape in the confusion.

This did not stop Leelou, however, as controlling the security complex essentially gave her control of the station. She was able to monitor the whereabouts of the other Gorkon teams as well as her own. At one point, she made a station-wide broadcast threatening the Gorkon teams if they did not hand over the artifacts. Leelou briefly trapped one of the teams in empty crew quarters, evacuated the air, and replaced it with hexafluorine, a deadly poisonous gas. One of the victims was a small Bajoran child the team had rescued. Fortunately, Leelou quickly reversed the process, considering the suffering of the team she broadcast across the station enough warning. However, her plans did not come to fruition, as Admiral Reynolds managed to trap Leelou and her team in the security complex, while cutting them off from all station access. To make matters worse, a subspace rift formed in the complex shortly after.

At the end of the mission, the station's population had been returned, and Starfleet officers sent to investigate the security complex. Leelou was the only person left alive inside. They quickly took her into custody, later being incarcerated at an undisclosed maximum-security prison.

This did not last long, however, for around 239503.13, Leelou managed to escape the prison, killing seven Starfleet officers in the process. The details of her escape remain a mystery, as no ships or personnel were missing. She currently remains at large.

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