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!style="background:darkgreen;width:700px;"|<font color=#efe576>Marine Personnel</font>
This category is for members of the [[Starfleet Marine Corps]].
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[[Category:Individuals by duty post]]
!style="background:slategray;width:120px;"|<font color=#efe576>Insignia</font>
[[Category:Individuals by occupation]]
!style="background:slategray;width:165px;"|<font color=#efe576>Name</font>
[[Category:Marines Duty Post]]
!style="background:slategray;width:315px;"|<font color=#efe576>Current Assignment</font>
!style="background:slategray;width:200px;"|<font color=#efe576>Current Post of Duty</font>
![[Somers, Alexandria|Alexandria Somers]]
!<font color="Black">Head of Marine Contingent</font>
![[USS Independence-A]]
!<font color="Black">Chief Marine Officer</font>
![[USS Avandar]]
![[Green, Isaac|Isaac Green]]
!<font color="Black">Team Leader</font>
![[Duronis II Embassy]]
![[Nori, Danika|Danika Nori]]
!<font color="Black">Marine Officer</font>
![[Duronis II Embassy]]

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This category is for members of the Starfleet Marine Corps.


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