Brooks Gwinnett

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Starbase 118


Brooks Gwinnett

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Marine combat Medic
  • Ship: Starbase 118
  • Rank: SSGT
  • Race: Dorfman
  • Spouse None
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SSGT Brooks Gwinnett is currently asssigned to Starbase 118


  • Full Name: Brooks Gwinnett
  • Nickname:
  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 236302.12
  • Place of Birth: Byzatium, Lumpkins Provence
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Current Rank: SSGT
  • Current Assignment: Starbase 118
  • Duty Post: combat medic

Physical Appearance

  • Species: Dorfman
  • Height: 183 cm /6 foot
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Eye color: hazel
  • Handedness: left
  • “Weight” 80 KG /180 lb.

Family Information

  • Father: Dr. Laurens Gwinnett(deceased)
  • Mother: Catherine Long
  • 'Siblings
    • Brother : Tigh Gwinnett (deceased), Andre Gwinnett.
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A

Character History

Brooks was raised by her father, on Byzatium, Until the age of 18 she was schooled by her father, who was the doctor for his paramilitary clan in the province. It was during this time from the age of 13 to 18 she learned her medical training from her father, assisting first with simple cuts and bruises. Then serving as a makeshift nurse in surgeries. She served two years in the paramilitary forces as an irregular fighter/medic for two years. She did a few things that she was not proud to do as a medic working with a combat team. One of her older brothers, supported Mons Vor, and his regime. He was killed by Mons Vor, when a plot to kill him was uncovered. But he was innocent. Gwinnett has very mixed emotions about Mon Vor, while she knew that he was evil, he also had a chance of bring all of the factions together. After his death, at the age 20 years of age when she left forces to join the Byzatium space fleet to become a medic on a patrol vessel in the local system for the next two years. When she completed her two years of service, Brooks left Byzatium, tired of the never ending fighting. She still has a brother Andrea, that is a still with the paramilitary freedom group in Lumpkins Provence. She then booked passage to DS9. She then spend the next year working as a medical assistance on various long haul freighters. She was dismissed from a position as medic for a poor bed side manner. She decided to join Star Fleet as a marine. She has served on several different shore bases assignments, but her assignment to USS Avandar was her first deep space mission for Star Fleet. She was then transferred to the USS Vigilant. After the Vigilant she was transferred to Deep Space 6 which did not improve her attitude.

Personal Information

Sgt. Brooks had a good working knowledge of medicine, despite little formal training. She had performed some surgery in the absence of a qualified doctor. She is an accomplished fighter, well trained in guerrilla tactics. She sometimes find the formality of the corps a bit confining at times. But she loves the command structure knowing what is expected of her. She is skilled in small unit tactics, and in most manners of small arms.

She is an accomplished medic, but has a terrible bed side manner. She was dismissed by several freighters for having a poor attitude and being rude to patients.

She loves to kid around with the rest of the Marines, stirring the pot and then likes to sit back and see what happens. She speaks quite plainly, and what ever in on her mind. She spends almost as much time in various social situations as with training. She really doesn't believe in any long term relationships. She has had several 'flings' but they are very spur of the the moment. Recently after getting promoted to Staff Sergeant she has taken a bit of stock into her life and started a promising relationship with Micheal Jellico. However that failed as well. She was injured during an away mission which took almost two years to recover. She has had some short term assignments, but needs the military life to keep herself sane.


Despite years of hard living on the home world, she is strong and nimble for her height and size. She likes weaponry of all sizes and shapes and was exposed to a lot of different types of it on her home world during the civil war. While serving on the Zzarth, a patrol craft, she learned to basics of piloting a small craft. She can get you from point A to point B. However don't expect the grand tour. She never formally applied to be a qualified pilot.

While she has taken to the marine corp training, she will in a jam, fall back on the guerrilla tactics and training that she was raised upon.

She has learned to treat, a wide variety of combat wounds. She is well versed in holistic remedies when supplies of standard treatments are not available, due to the lack of a lot of modern medical equipment on her time on her homeworld.

Her best time is during on duty, and particularly a combat situation. She needs as task to work on and disaster is a possibility if left with little to do.


She has little empathy for weakness, and the best patients are unconscious in her estimation. She does not like to get particularly close to anyone, but would prefer a wide circle of general friends, but not letting anyone get too close to her. She has on occasionally sedated patients just to stop their complaining.

She hates captivity and would do almost anything to escape from it. This stems from a time as a child she was captured by another military faction for a short period of time. She was captured by the sub species "the Crazies" which are mutants. The tend to wander the wastelands looking for victims of their evil ways. She was mentally tortured at least, and this has causes her to at least sub consciously dislike any species with tentacles or anything that resembles them. When directly confronted this situation it can cause a fight or flight response, rapidly. She has only become fully aware of this, and is a little better with it, but still harbors issues with this.


Physical training, Combat, and partying. Her motto should be “work hard and party harder”


Down time, she prefers to be active or having a good time. Does not like to talk about her up bring. She was abducted as young preteen by the crazies, while not physically tortured, she has some deep seated trauma from that experience. She does not like Andorians, they tend to remind her of the childhood experience.


Spends little time doing anything other than work or hanging out in the marine or security area. She does own a few antique firearms, and had learned to be a gunsmith to tend to their repairs. She is good at most repairs of energy based weapons as well.

Gwinnett is an avid flirt, with little morals values. If there is something or someone, that she wants she had few boundaries to try get it, but will usually avoid outright theft, but she isn't bound by too many social norms.


She likes to live for the day usually to the fullest and some times beyond that can cause problems and has no set plans for the future. Most people on her planet don’t live beyond the age of 50 due to the harsh life style. She normally lives each day like it was her last.


  • Byzatium, local dialect, and can understand most of the dialects with Federation standard.

Professional History

Gwinnett joined Starfleet a bit more that 6 years ago. She went through the basic marine training and then applied for medic status. She tested out of most of the exams with her knowledge while being a para military medic and in the service of the Byzatium space fleet. She had a ground assignment were she made it to the rank of Sergent. She is a contrast in extremes. She is a excellent medic, accomplished combat marine, but is a disaster during down time. She was then posted to the USS Avandar and then transferred to Vigilant. She has vast experience as combatant and as a medic, but her lack of social skills can often lead to disaster. She tends to say what she means, and is not afraid to throw the first punch in a bar room brawl. She really doesn't care what others think of her life style, and frankly could care less about other peoples lifestyles as long as they don't interfere with hers.

She has just been reassigned to Starbase 118 after being in the inactive reserve for the past year, has spend the past few weeks trying to get back into shape]].

Service Record

She had serviced on the Avandar and now the Vigilant. Gwinnett has had a colorful past, she has been know to cause brawls and recently she had tried to force Lt. Chen off of the Vigilant by attempted to break up a personal relationship between Lt.Chen and Commander Reinard. Lt. Chen being an Andorian, has brought back bad memories of her upbringing. She is undergoing counseling with Fleet Captain Diego Herrera.

She had been in the service for a couple of years, and not gotten into too much trouble, except for this last incident. She does not have a good service record, most of her troubles are self inflected, usually by too much partying, and sheer boredom. While she does like her medical skills she prefers to be in the heat of the action. She did the standard training for a marine and tested out on being a medic. She could of enrolled to be a doctor or a nurse, but the thought of spending years to pass the formal requirements was just too much to bear. She is capable of fixing most of the physical damage she can inflict on a person.

During her time on the Victory, she might of mellowed just a bit. She is still very happy to be on a starship instead of Deep Space 6. She still has an abrasive personality. However the promotion, has taken her completely by surprise and is unsure what it all means. She was surprised with her promotion to SSGT. She is still processing it. She has been quiet of late, but it is just a matter of time before she gets in more trouble.

For the 24 months she has been on medical leave and then after passing a physical, she was reassigned to the Rangers. She has just been posted to the USS GORKON. With the recall of the marines she has been assigned as a non-comm for the security officer. She will continue as a medic un-offically. She has been assigned back to the Black Hearts of Marines of Starbase 118.