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Crew of Starbase 104


First Lieutenant Ta'lis Merek

1st Lieutenant Ta'lis Merek is currently serving as a Intelligence Liaison Officer aboard Starbase 104.


  • Full Name: Ta'lis Merek
  • Date of Birth: 236211.29
  • Age: 28
  • Place of Birth: Ra'tleihfi, ch'Rihan
  • Telepathic status: N/A
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Birthmarks, Scars: N/A
  • Build: Tall, Slender
  • Carriage: Moves smoothly and quietly, even when off duty
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Chooses to wear clothing from her native world when off duty, consisting of mostly Romulan robes. Occasionally can be found wearing clothing of more Terran origin, but not often. She still keeps her Rihannsu uniform as well and sometimes still dons it to remember the better times.
  • Shoes: Practical boots or shoes.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


  • Quarters: Ta'lis' quarters are located on Deck 4 of the Gemini. She keeps her quarters fairly sparse, but does display a few mementos from ch'Rihan as well as pictures of her and her family. Included in her mementos is her disruptor pistol that was her sidearm in the Rihannsu Star Navy. She also has several pictures of various ch'Rihan vistas to remind her of home.
  • Office:
  • Favorite Room: Ta'lis spends a great deal of time in the Holodeck when off duty, revisiting places she knew as a child on ch'Rihan
  • Habits: Ta'lis always begins he day with a Raktajino or a Romulan herbal tea. She has a taste for Romulan ale as well and still manages to get it, even with it being illegal in the Federation.
  • Temperament: Ta'lis' temperament is generally calm, and it normally takes a fair amount to get her angry.


  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Parents
    • Father: Hatham Merek (Presumed Dead)
    • Mother: Nalah Merek
  • Siblings: N/A


Ta'lis was born in 2362 in the Romulan capital city of Ra'tleihfi on ch'Rihan. Her childhood was a normal one for a Romulan child and she didn't get into too much trouble. She entered the Romulan Military Academy at the age of 17 and studied hard. Though she did not graduate anywhere near the top of her class she was given a posting on the I.R.W. Aethra, a Mogai-class warbird, as one of the ships Tactical officers. On board the ship she kept to herself, in efforts to keep out of the Tal'Shiar's all seeing presence. She was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant aboard the Aethra in 2386.

In 2387, when the Hobus star exploded into a supernova, the Aethra was in a position to assist in the evacuation of ch'Rihan. Even though she was an officer aboard the ship, she was unable to ensure that both of her parents were able to be saved, only able to save her mother from the planets surface before the Aethra was forced to retreat from the supernova. Ta'lis was heart broken with the loss of her home, much as all Romulans were. In Mid-2387, never having been that happy with how the Romulan Empire was in relation to the other 'galactic superpowers', and seeing the path that it was slowly winding down in the aftermath of the supernova, Ta'lis defected from the Romulan Empire, and along with her mother, sought refuge in the Federation. Even being a low level Romulan military officer, Starfleet Intelligence took great interest in and and she underwent a lengthy debriefing process with them.

When she had suitably proved that she didn't know anymore than what Starfleet themselves did about Romulan capabilities, she sought entrance into Starfleet Academy in the hopes of again serving aboard a starship. Having gone through much of the same basic courses when she had entered the Romulan Military Academy she was able to test out of most of her courses. During her time at the Academy, Ta'lis enlisted in the Starfleet Marines. Her previous experience as a tactical officer helped her making it through many of the basic courses, and she was found to have an aptitude for long range shooting, and trained as a scout sniper. When her Starfleet Intelligence handler found that she had enlisted in the marines she was approached and tapped to be trained as a counter intelligence operative, in addition to her scout sniper training. Ta'lis was at first resistant to the offer, but took on the training as well.

She graduated from the Academy in 2390 and was assigned to Starbase 118, as part of the 292nd 'Eagle Eye', attached to the Counter Intelligence Corps Detatchment, as a scout sniper as she finished up her counter intelligence training. In early 2391, Ta'lis received a promotion to 1st Lieutenant. Shortly after receiving her promotion she was transferred to the U.S.S. Gemini as part of that starship's marine contingent.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Uhlan-Romulan.png Uhlan 228306.04 - 238404.12 I.R.W. Aethra Tactical Officer
Sublieutenant-Romulan.png Sub-lieutenant 238404.12 - 238706.17
238706.23 - 238808.20 Record sealed by Starfleet Intelligence
DS9style-cadet4 black.png Cadet 4th Class 238808.25 - 239011.11 Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy logo 2368.png
DS9style-2lt green.png 2nd Lieutenant 239011.12 - 239101.23 Starbase 118
Marine Officer
DS9style-1lt green.png 1st Lieutenant 239101.24 - 239101.31
DS9style-1lt green.png 1st Lieutenant 239102.01 - Present U.S.S. Gemini


Through out her service in both the Romulan Navy and her time at Starfleet Academy, Ta'lis has picked up many qualifications in addition to her basic training.

  • Tactical Officer: Ta'lis was originally a tactical officer aboard the Romulan warbird Aethra. She served in that position for 4 years and as such is well versed in many tactical systems and space warfare tactics.
    Ta'lis qualifying on an M40A5 Sniper Rifle.
  • Marine Scout Sniper: Ta'lis' first MOS after joining the Starfleet Marine Corps was as a Scout Sniper . She serves as a Scout Sniper and graduated from her class in the top 10%. She is qualified on both energy and kinetic sniper rifle systems and can use them on active duty, should the need arise. She is also qualified to serve as a spotter for another sniper should the need arise.
  • Marine Intelligence Officer: Ta'lis received some basic intelligence training during her time at the Romulan Military Academy, as all other Romulan officers do. Upon defecting and joining the Starfleet Marine Corps, Starfleet Intelligence approached her through her handler and requested that she take on extra training within the Marine Corps to serve in a secondary MOS as a Counterintelligence/Human Source Intelligence Officer to act as a liaison with the Marine Corps. She accepted this offer and was originally assigned to the Counter Intel Detachment on Starbase 118. As a scout sniper she is suited for long surveillance missions. Though she has intelligence training, and liaises with Starfleet Intelligence operatives, she does not work for Starfleet Intelligence, and instead answers to the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Romulan Terms and Translations

  • ch'Rihan: Romulus
  • Rihannsu: Romulan
  • Ra'tleihfi: Romulan capital city on ch'Rihan
  • I.R.W.: Romulan ship prefix, stands for Imperial Romulan Warbird
  • Uhlan: Romulan Navy Rank, equivalent to Ensign/2nd Lieutenant.
  • Sub-Lieutenant: Romulan Navy Rank, equivalent to Lientenant J.G/1st Lieutenant.