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Capt. Rachel Daninburg
Rear Adm. Brian Kelly
© 2003 Daninburg & Kelly


This guide contains the following chapters:

  1. General Information
    1. How To Use This Guide
    2. Ownership of the Content
    3. First Edition
    4. Acknowledgement of Copyrighted and Trademark Material
    5. About the Authors
    6. Use of Content in Simming
    7. Outside the Scope
    8. Use of Terms; Definitions
    9. A Note About the Starfleet Marines and Deployable Infantry
    10. Conflicts Between More than One Source
  2. Tactical Spacecraft Generally
    1. The 'Real' History
    2. The 'Inferred History
    3. The Care and Feeding of Tactical Craft
    4. Tactical Craft In 2380: Current Mission Profiles and Uses
    5. Personnel Associated With A Tactical Air Wing
    6. What Tactical Flight Operations Are Like
    7. What Aviators Say
  3. Specific Federation Tactical Craft
    1. Combat Scales
      1. Modifying These Specs
    2. Specific Tactical Craft
      1. StarFleet Marine Corps FA-150 Fast Attack Space Superiority Gunship (MAUL)
      2. FA-150R VARIANT: Fast Recon Craft (MONGOOSE)
      3. StarFleet FA-120 Fast Attack Space Superiority Fighter (FALCHION)
      4. StarFleet FS-90 Short Range Space Superiority Fighter Shuttle (RAM)
      5. StarFleet FS-90L Variant: Long Range Space Superiority Fighter Shuttle (LONGBOW)
      6. StarFleet SG-50 Short Range Space Superiority Fighter (RAPTOR)
      7. StarFleet S-25 Long Range Medium Fighter (PEREGRINE)
      8. StarFleet A-25 Variant: Long Range Medium Fighter-Bomber (RAVEN)
      9. StarFleet Deployable Infantry DS-79 Assault Transport (RAIDER)
      10. United States/Taiwanese Bergmen-Hsang Conglomerate IE-5 Indo-Exo Atmospheric Attack Plane (AVENGER)