Rozera A'daar

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StarBase 118 Ops
Rozera A'daar
Position Marines
Rank Gunnery Sergeant
Species Andorian
Gender Female
DOB 236011.03
Age 40
Birthplace Boradis III

Sergeant Major Rozera A'daar is currently serving as a member of Bravo Squad in the Starfleet Marine contingent on board StarBase 118 Ops.


An an Andorian, Rozera's slighter stature belies her considerable physical strength. She is over average height at 5'8, and has a muscular physique. She bears scars across a lot of her body, a legacy of her combat missions, and of her grievous injury when an assault went wrong. When off duty, she dresses well and has a fondness for Betazoid fashion.


Rozera is commonly referred to as 'Roz' or 'Sarge'. She is brash, sarcastic, and tends to be 'lippy'. She's very much an 'in the field' sort of officer, who wouldn't do well behind a desk. She's the sort who prefers action and doesn't like to watch people sitting around and windge about what to do to solve a crisis, as she tends to view it. While very capable in the field and the sort who can get jobs done, she's a proverbial hammer: unsubtle, but effective.


Rozera joined the Marines after a fairly undisciplined and rough childhood; she and her sisters were saved from political dissidents by the Marines, and she enlisted a few years later.

She was assigned to the starbase moderately recently, but has lived there long enough to get comfortable. Roz has several blemishes on her professional record, most of the disciplinary notices related to her being insubordinate. She's loyal and will obey capable commanders without complaint, but having served under an incompetent commander early in her career, she spoke her mind and still doesn't regret having done so.

She recently participated in the SWAT assault on Harkin's Bar, having been called in along with the rest of her squad to assist in the arrest of Omma-Saan during the recent Once More, With Feeling mission.