Ghost Wolves

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Company Patch & Motto

Ghost Wolves shoulder patch

Company Motto "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack." -Rudyard Kipling

Company History

The Starfleet Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (SF-MARSOC), has a long history. A descendant of the United States MARSOC, its core duties are direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism, information operations, and unconventional warfare. They are the most intensively trained of all Marines, having undergone a long selection and training process, including but not limited to: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) training, Mission Planning and Special Reconnaissance, Combat Marksmanship, Amphibious Operations, Demolitions.

The SF-MARSOC company aboard the USS Challenger-A (and before that, the USS Challenger) is known as the Ghost Wolves. The company commander is Marine Captain Black Wolf.


Starfleet Marine Corps Special Forces Command Company (designation: Ghost Wolves)

NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, all are human.

Company Commander: Captain Black Wolf (Human male)

Company XO: 1LT Tallara zh'Zarath (Andorian female)

Company First Sergeant: 1SG N’Torr (Klingon Male)

1st Platoon CO: 2LT Alonzo Wilder (human male)

1st Platoon Sergeant: GySgt Jacob Schmidt

  • Squad A SGT Michele O’Brien
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Michael Kay
    • Fire Team 2 CPL Alden Billings
  • Squad B SGT Morath (Klingon male)
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Raulyn Sager
    • Fire Team 2 LCPL Dale Lee
  • Squad C SGT T'Androma (Vulcan female)
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Paul Lovell
    • Fire Team 2 CPL Michelle Cavanaugh

2nd Platoon CO: 1LT Lucy Diamond (human female)

2nd Platoon Sergeant: SSGT M'rel (Klingon Female)

  • Squad A SGT Bernard Spilsbury
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Andrea Steele
    • Fire Team 2 LCPL Ben Atkins
  • Squad B SGT Joseph O’Toole
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Mallory Casta
    • Fire Team 2 CPL Jacob Stewart
  • Squad C SGT Lindsey Franks
    • Fire Team 1 CPL Mitch Sirtis
    • Fire Team 2 CPL George Dues

3rd Platoon CO: 2LT St’Vonn (Vulcan male)

3rd Platoon Sergeant: SSGT Shres th’Endilev (Andorian male)

  • Squad A SGT Mary Swartz
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL John Firestarter
    • Fire Team 2 LCPL Cain Stevens
  • Squad B SGT Patrick Imel
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Nate Griffin
    • Fire Team 2 CPL Carley Alpert
  • Squad C SGT Adam van Zant
    • Fire Team 1 LCPL Sam Caldor
    • Fire Team 2 LCPL Toni Mancini