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Currently Assigned to the USS Challenger


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  • Name: Devlin Kyle Danar
  • Age: 37
  • Race: Human / Borg


  • Father: Welti Danar (Genetic Engineer)
  • Mother: Fozia Danar (Bio-chemist)


Born Kyle Danar on earth to scientific parents, Kyle was a 'special' boy, his parents had been removed from the Federation for experiments that were not considered humane. Welti and Fozia turned to there son as there experiement, conducting outrageous experiments on him as a child in order to make him stronger, faster and more intelligent. Welti used experimental techniques to clone Kyles organs, implanting him with 2 hearts, a third lung and removing the spleen and appendix. Welti and Fozia also stimulated muscle growth through puberty along with stimulating nerve endings in the eyes and ears to improve some of his senses

Devlin entered the starfleet marines straight out of the academy. He rose quickly in the ranks with his exceptional strength, speed and senses helping him. Danar was posted as a special forces marine and fought with the federation at the battle of Wolf 359, it was here that he was captured and assimilated by the Borg. Danar spent 4 years as a drone. He was not rescued as such but his Borg ship was found crashed near the Romulan border in the Devlin system. A federation science vessel picked him up and freed him, they were unable to restore his memory fully but Danar, remaining himself Devlin Danar so as not to confuse his previous life was essentially re-entered into the marines. Danar was posted to SB118 and given command of the 'Wolf Pack' a special forces unit that the then Comming officer Fleet Admiral Hebron commissioned. The name had come from Danar's pet, a genetically modified Grey Wolf that Fozia had given to her son on his return from 'death' Danar served with his wolf pack for 3 years reaching the rank of Major before his marine troop was disbanded following the end of the Marine Civil war and the death of General Johnson at the hands of Danar.

Danar was then assigned to General Collins the man he had saved during the Civil war, Danar served as Collins personal body guard for a further 6 years before he resigned his commission following a disaster on mission. Danar had been sent with his squad on an assassination mission, it failed, his men were killed by an unknown alien presence, only he survived.

Danars resignation was denied and he was assigned to Colonel De'Marc on board the USS Challenger, he reduced in rank to 2nd Lt.

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