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Character has been tentatively approved by Cmdr Nugra under the Restricted Species Conditional Play Guidelines.

Second Lieutenant Renar is retired Star Fleet Marine who served aboard the USS Victory.

USS Victory
Position Marine Officer
Rank Second Lieutenant
Species Cardassian
Gender Male
DOB 236403.06
Age 37
Birthplace Cardassia Prime


  • Mother: Gikera
  • Father: Komar
  • Sister: Inaji


  • Height: 1.88 m (6 ft, 2in)
  • Weight: 98 kg (216lbs)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Athletic
  • Handedness: Right


Renar uses 'Sublimation' as a defence mechanism, most notably humour when he is scared or nervous to reduce the intensity of the situation. Being an outcast in both the Bajorian Militry and the Federation Renar has often come across being unfazed, able to brush off insults and fears with a joke, when in fact he can get very insecure.

Early Years

Renar had a relatively mundane childhood, he is the younger of two children and raised on his family’s farm. His mother was a civil engineer and his father was the manager of the farm house which had been converted before his birth into a guest house for couples looking for weekend breaks.

Dominion War

When the Dominion war broke out Renar’s family tried to stay out of it, but after seeing a close family friend executed for treason against the Dominion, both his father and his older sister were joined the Cardassian Liberation Front under the overall leadership of, the former ruler of Cardassia, Damar. While they never meet Damar in person, their ‘terrorist cell’ carried out many small raids on Dominion Supply depots and support facilities. Death warrants were issued for both Komar and Inaji and while they evaded capture until the end of the war, Renar’s family home was destroyed and his entire extended family were executed.


After the war ended Renar’s surviving family applied for humanitarian relocation from the Federation. They spent six month living aboard the hospital ship USS Mercy, which was in orbit of Cardassia Prime, during this time Renar’s mother worked as an Engineer and his father as a medical orderly. After their time on the USS Mercy, his family was accepted as immigrants on Bajor and were given a very small plot of land and a temporary housing structure. Upon relocating His mother begin working for the local town council and begin designing and building a permanent house in her spare time while his father started farming the land. The plot had been given away as it was not ‘good’ farming land but his father discovered that it was ideal for growing Cardassian pickles which he sold to a local restaurant for a very modest income. Renar continued his education on Bajor. He faced some bullying in the year or two at school before he showed himself to be very good at team sports.

Bajorian Militia and Officer Exchange

After his education was complete Renar applied to join the Starfleet Academy but his application was rejected as he was not born on a federation member planet and he did not have a federation Sponsor. He instead Renar joined the Bajorian Militia training as a Recon Scout and gained his orbit jump wings. When Bajor’s application to the federation was accepted and verified, Renar requested to a post within the Starfleet Marine Corps under an ‘officer exchange program’.

Service History
2nd Lieutenant 239110.11 - Present USS Victory Marine Officer