Wayne Frazigan

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PNPC - Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar


Marine Sergeant, Wayne Frasigan

  • Position: Marine
  • Rank: Marine Sergeant
  • Gender:Male
  • Race: Human

Character Information

  • Full Name: Wayne Frasigan
  • Race: Human
  • DoB: 236711.24
  • Age: 24
  • Birthplace: In the city of Filas on his home world of Edos
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: N/A


  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Hair: short rusty red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Face: block like with protruding cheeks
  • Build: Stocky and muscular
  • Identifying Marks: N/A
  • Clothing (Off-Duty): Prefers casual Edosian robes or outfits.
  • Voice: His unusual accent gives his soft voice a vibrant quality
  • Handedness: He can use all three with equal dexterity
  • Tattoos: none


Wayne is a stocky 5'9" human male from the colony world of New Scotland. He has a ruddy complection and reddish freckles as well as short rusty red hair. His social skills are extremely lacking due to growing up on a tradisionalist colony and then spending most of his life since then on backwater planets.


  • Father - Me'dah is a shuttle mechanic
  • Mother - Nu'bal is a pre-school teacher
  • He has 3 brothers and 1 sister

Personal Friends and Relationships

  • Marital Status: Single
  • Friends:  ??

Minor Details and Mannerisms

  • Favorite Drink: Risian Sunburst
  • Favorite Food: Salads of any and all kinds but mostly those that are completely or mostly vegetarian
  • Music Tastes: He enjoys a kind of techno music with lots of metallic sounds
  • Religious Beliefs: The universe was built by the great machine, a device that survived the death of the last universe to build another.

Languages Spoken

  • Federation standard (Fluent)
  • Edosian (Fluent)
  • Romulan, Andorian (Basic Knowledge)


He grew up with an interest in seeing more and working with unusual machines.

Medical History

  • Pre-Starfleet Medical Records - He had the regular child hood ailments expected of a member of his species prior to his admittance to the Academy.
  • Starfleet Medical Records - He has been fairly healthy so far except for a series of extreme rashes that were caused by to high of a alien protein intake in his food during his first year at the Academy.
  • Physiological Profile - He tested well, with no phobias or other mental issues. He also deals fairly well with stress but not with constant supervision or prodding to speed up a job.

Professional History

  • Academy Record - He placed in the top third of his class.
  • Qualifications and Specialties - Fully qualified in most fields of engineering with a recognized knack for working with alien and unknown systems.
  • Assignments
  • Cadet cruise was on the USS Poland
  • Graduated with honors and posted to the USS Eagle