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USS Victory

Lieutenant Colonel Cuddleson.

Lieutenant Colonel Cuddleson


-- Mister Cuddleson, 238711.24.


·Alleran Tan (USS Independence-A)·
·Radi Rais (Deceased)·


·T'tala (USS Independence-A)·
·Danilo Pitik (On Leave)·
·Mikali sh'Shar (USS Independence-A)·
·Marlee Tan (Deceased)·
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·Alice May (Deceased)·
·Radi Rais (Changeling) (Missing)·

Peripheral Characters

·Jennifer Brockton (Deceased)·
·Mister Cuddleson (Ash MacKenna's Quarters, SB118)·
·Marari (Deceased ... but it didn't stick)·



·Radi Rais·
·The Order of Starfleet Merit and
Achievement Second Class(TOSMA II)·

·Alleran Tan·
·The Sheathed Sword·
·Pilot’s Sextant·


Lieutenant Colonel Cuddleson is a teddy bear and part of the Starfleet Marine Corps. He is currently assigned to the USS Blackwell.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name: Mister Cuddleson
  • Age: 0. Birthday 238711.24 (24th of November 2387).
  • Species: Teddy Bear (homemade)
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Height: 2'2"
  • Telepathic status: -1. Much like his creator, Cuddleson doesn't register in the minds of telepaths and empaths due to his brain being comprised entirely of stuffing. Coincidence?
  • Place of Birth: USS Victory, Radi Rais's quarters.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Cuddleson has a model Type III Phaser made of wood glued to his hand.
  • Skin Tone: Black.
  • Handedness: Left.



Upon arriving on the USS Victory, Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais took an immediate liking to Commander Ash MacKenna. Under the guise of asking her to "test" a program for couples who need to relieve stress on long voyages, he asked her to run the date simulator with him.

The program allows for the insertion of an object of personal value, to be "won" at one of the sideshows. Radi made Mister Cuddleson from his old Marine uniforms as a way to help him move on from his violent past... much like turning a sword to a plowshare.


The Starfleet Marine Corps would like to remind all officers and enlisted personnel that Mister Cuddleson, despite his rank, cannot speak. In the event he DOES speak, the Marine Corps urges you to disregard his advice.

His combadge is actually a real, functioning combadge so this is not entirely impossible.


In his short time aboard the USS Victory Mister Cuddleson has served with distinction and honour.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
M05-LtCol-Green.png Lieutenant Colonel 238711.24 - present USS Victory Chief of Snuggly Wuggly Cuddles! Aww...! Ain't he just the cutest little thing!?


Mister Cuddleson is an officer and a gentleman- he stands guard over Ash MacKenna day and night, never resting in his vigilance.

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