Douglas FitzJames

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USS Mercury
Douglas Kieran FitzJames


  • Rank: Ensign
  • Ship: USS Mercury
  • Position: Security Officer
  • Species: Terran
  • Gender: Male
  • DoB: 236204.21 (Age:27)
  • Birthplace: Inverness, Scotland, Earth
  • Height: (6ft)
  • Weight: 90 kg (197lbs)
  • Eye color: Cornflower blue
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Skin Colour: Pale, freckly
  • Build: Rangy
  • Telepathic Status: None
  • Handedness: Left
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Douglas started life abandoned on the doorstep of an orphanage in Inverness with nothing but a name. He went from school to school and foster home to foster home, never really settling in, always getting into trouble; a rebel without a cause. He has a massive chip on his shoulder from the poor hand that he perceives that life dealt him, and if he hadn't fallen in with the Marines he might have fallen in with some very bad company indeed. The Marines did what it said on the recruitment poster; they made a man out of him.

Growing up in the north of Scotland, Douglas speaks Gaelic fluently, but the closest he comes to Federation Standard is broad Scots. For some reason the Universal Translater can't cope with what is often perceived as an English variant, and leaves his accent for all to hear. However anyone listening to Douglas for five minutes will doubt that what he is speaking is English.

The events that led to Douglas joining the Marines also very nearly led to his death from a stabbing injury, and he carries on his dog-tag chain the damaged Starfleet Recruitment data stick that saved his life. It was in his shirt pocket and the knife hit it first. He considers it to be his lucky talisman, and wouldn't part with it for the world.

Douglas is not religious so much as superstitous, and attributes various circumstantial happenings to the three deities in his personnal pantheon; Fate, Fortune and Old Man Murphy. Fate is what should happen, Fortune is what might happen and Murphy is everything that could possibly go wrong, and often does. He courts Dame Fortune with a devil-may-care attitude, knowing that you have to be prepared to fall before she will catch you, and on the days she does you can fly. Despite this faith he has the Devil's own luck, terrible until right when his life depends on it.

As a youth Douglas had a lot of bad habits, and he still drinks too much and smokes on occaision. He now wears his hair buzz-cut and his slouch has turned into a swagger as he had a lot more self-respect. He has an extensive set of celtic tattoos which he's rather proud of.

What really won Douglas over was when he qualified to become a Marine pilot. Out alone in the depths of space with nothing between him and the stars but a few inches of duranium, he feels that he is truly free.


Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
M01-2Lt-Green.jpg 2nd Lieutenant 238808.01 - 238901.30 USS Thunder Marine Pilot
M01-2Lt-Green.jpg 238901.30 - 239006.12 USS Mercury
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 23900612 - Present Security Officer and Shuttle Pilot





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