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USS Thor (NCC-82607)
First Lieutenant Cerissa Tyren

Personal Details
  • Full Name: Cerissa Louise Tyren
  • Callsign: Oracle
  • DoB: 236204.13 (Age: 39)
  • Birthplace: Logan City, Terra Nova, Alpha Quadrant
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5’ 8” / 173cm
  • Weight: 141 lbs. / 64kg
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Distinguishing Features: None
  • Telepathic Rating: T0/E0

Service Details
  • Allegiance: United Federation Of Planets
  • Branch: Starfleet Marine Corps.
  • Years Of Service: 2392 - Present
  • Service No.: JJ-724-017
  • Rank: DS9style-1lt green.png First Lieutenant
  • Ship: USS Thor
  • Current Assignment: Explosive Ordnance Disposal

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Cerissa Tyren, a Human, is a First Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps. (SFMC) and is currently assigned as Explosive Ordnance Disposal within the marine detachment aboard the USS Thor.

<< Early Life & Education >>

Born Cerissa Louise Tyren in Logan City, the capital of the Federation colony Terra Nova, to Victoria (Neé Darrow) and Patrick Tyren. Her father is a biochemist and planetary engineer who came to the colony to aid in the work to reclaim the highly irradiated Northern Continent of the planet. Victoria works as a teacher of music at one of the schools in the capital. Cerissa is their only daughter and the youngest of their three children - her older brothers are named Michael and David.

<< Starfleet Career >>

<< Personal & Psychological Notes >>


Cerissa makes use of on off the offices within the marine facility located on deck nine of the USS Thor. The office is relatively sparse containing her desk, a couple of chairs and some storage units. Pendants of her previous and current units hang on the wall behind her desk together with her academic diplomas and certificates.


Her single bunk quarters are located close to the arboretum on deck seventeen of the stardrive section of the Constitution. Her quarters are relatively sparse but do contain a few personal effects including her crystal ball (see below), various legal texts and her university and Starfleet graduation certificates.

Personal & Psychological Notes:

Cerissa, while genetically human, self identifies as culturally Novan – being the only one of the Tyren family born on Terra Nova. As a result see can sometimes be seen adopting certain Novan styles and language; her given name is also of Novan origin.

She has a generally even, disciplined, respectful temperament and prefers gathering as much information as possible before pursuing a course of action. Once decided, however, she is determined and focused in her approach.

Growing up in a colony, where the luxuries of the modern world were not always available, Cerissa grew up knowing the value of teamwork and hard-work to make things happen. She has little time for those who aren’t prepared to pull their weight although she is not unsympathetic to those in genuine need or who are struggling.

Due to the strong reliance on farming and agriculture on Terra Nova, to provide for both food and commerce, she learned to cook at a young age and prefers the taste of real food to replicated meals.

Cerissa has a warm, slightly husky, voice and is an excellent singer with a voice type of coloratura contralto. She speaks both French and German, as a result of her time in Geneva, and has an understanding of Latin from her historical and legal studies.

Cerissa, as with all students at Starfleet Academy, under went psychological testing and was found to record a higher than average esper rating as well as aperception quotient and Duke-Heidelburg quotient - indicating a higher potential for the development of extrasensory perception. To date, however, Cerissa has demonstrated no evidence of this. She was also recorded as having an IQ score of 125.

Her call sign of Oracle evolved as a result of her varied academic background together with her higher IQ and aptitude in battle command & control exercises. Her squad, at their graduation, presented her with an ornamental crystal ball which sits in her quarters. The word ‘Oracle’ is inscribed in silver on the stand.

<< Family >>

Patrick Tyren
Father - (B: 232409.26) (Age: 76)

Victoria Tyren
Mother - (B: 233001.12) (Age: 71)

Michael Tyren
Brother - (B: 235008.03) (Age: 50)

David Tyren
Brother - (B: 235205.10) (Age: 48)

<< Friendships, Relationships & Persons Of Note >>

<< Education & Service Summary >>

Education History
Institution Dates Accreditation/Position Subject/Area Of Study
Europa Academy Of Divinity, History & Philosophy 238009.14 - 238408.01 Bachelor Of Arts
Xenotheology & History
Lincoln-Mandela Institute Of Legal Studies 238409.01 - 238708.31 Juris Doctor

Starfleet Career History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-blank green.png SFMC
Officer Candidate
238801.01 - 239112.31 Starfleet Academy
Marine Training College
Marine Officer Trainee
Major: Marine Combat Operations
Dual Major: Communications & Operations
Academy Transcript
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-blank green.png
DS9style-2lt green.png Second Lieutenant 239201.25 - 239204.10 USS Constitution-B Marine Squad Leader
DS9style-1lt green.png First Lieutenant 239204.10 - 239804.10 USS Doyle-A Marine Section Leader
DS9style-1lt green.png First Lieutenant 293804.10 - Present USS Thor Explosive Ordnance Disposal

<< Awards >>

Service Awards & Commendations
Ribbon Award Awarding Officer Date Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Academy Graduate Ribbon Academic Senate, Starfleet Academy 239112.31 Awarded To All Graduates Of Starfleet Academy

See also List of Awards and Service Ribbons.

<< Mission Logs >>

USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B)

Involuntary Admission
Fate Of The Thomas Edison (2392 Prometheus Incident Plot Arc)
USS Constitution-B Mission Archive

USS Doyle-A (NCC-80221-A)

USS Doyle-A Mission Archive

<< Sims >>