Lisabellia Samhandrel

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Marines of Starbase 118
Lisabellia Samhandrel

  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Marine, Non-Comissioned
  • Rank: Chief Warrant Officer, Third Class
  • Race: Deltan
  • Partner: Unknown
  • Children: Unknown

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Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Class Lisabellia Samhandrel, a Deltan, is currently serving with the Marines aboard Starbase 118.


  • Full Name: Lisabellia 'Unicorn' Samhandrel
  • Race: Deltan
  • Year of Birth: 2352
  • Place of Birth: Cloros Colony, Hemiu System
  • Age: 33 T-years as of 2385
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: E-3, although extreme emotion can boost her to a localized E-4 (100 meters max), and having Kiern within her mind actually puts two E-3s in her one body. While not quite twice as strong, this arrangement does allow her to focus on a larger number of discrete tasks than a single mind could. It also provides a fair amount of constant distraction.


  • Height: 5'3" ( 160.02 cm)
  • Weight: 132 lbs ( 59.87 kg)
  • Hair Color: Naturally bald, but that doesn't stop it from usually being hot pink. Her eyebrows are always dyed to match her wig.
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder-length most often, but her wigs do vary from short bobs to rather lengthy affairs.
  • Eye Color: Violet, although she wasn't born with them.
  • Skin Tone: Creamy white
  • Birthmarks, Scars:
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: Lisabellia has a Neural Interface Circuit and its associated jack embedded in the base of her skull. In more mundane matters, both ears pierced three times and her nose once. She usually only wears studs, however.
  • Build: Athletic. Marine PT is nothing if not effective.
  • Carriage: Light, quick, and she skips far more often than should be healthy for a grown woman.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): If it is 'girly', then she wears is. Pink, purple, butterflies, rainbows, and even the occasional kitten. The more obnoxiously and in-your-face cute, the better. Recently, her tastes have leaned more towards 'punk cute', being more vicious while no less saccharine.
  • Voice: High alto.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous.


Lisabellia is not your average marine. She regularly wears a neon pink wig, her assault rifle has rainbow stickers, her levitation pack has a unicorn engraved on it, and she vastly prefers a ballet to a bar fight. In her past, she has been frequently polite, irrepressibly giggly, and blithely uncaring about others' attitudes concerning her behavior. She has been involved in over a dozen 'unfortunate incidents' where a fellow marine or 'Fleeter suddenly decided to turn into Private, Lieutenant, or, on one rare occasion, Major McGrabby. 'Girly' and 'marine' are not mutually exclusive concepts in Lisabellia's mind and she acquitted herself well on all occasions, although she refused to press charges after all but one incident. The deltan is a veteran of border wars, an "artiste" in the air, and was once a stranger to wrath. She collects handmade jewelry, marks enemy kills on her hull, and spends her evenings with a bubble bath and romantic comedies.

Lisabellia is a social butterfly and, incongruous as it may seem, this very outgoing woman joined the Starfleet Marine Corps of her own free will, and mainly for one reason: The Corps is one of the only organizations left in the universe that regularly employs aerospace pilots, and Lisabellia loves to fly. She loves to fly enough that she willingly learned things that she would much rather not have just to ensure that she could feel the exhilaration of a heavy-gee acceleration, the adrenaline rush of a fierce dogfight, and the satisfaction of knowing that she is one of the best at what she does and that what she does actually helps people.

That career (and life in general) had been going fairly well for her, until the hiccup a few months back. During an uprising of popular dislike for telepathic species on Starbase 118, her would-be boyfriend Kiern Letao was injured (more emotionally than anything) and she opened her mind to him in an attempt to heal the shattered emotions and thoughts that he had absorbed from his 'attackers'. The ensuing connection and mating resulted in her and Kiern together ripping his mind out of his body and pulling it into hers.

The mess that they made of his body and her mind has yet to be fully repaired, although good progress has been made by both her own efforts at healing and the station's counsellors. The two are learning to cope with one another, especially in terms of how their free time is spent, and Lisabellia herself is figuring out how to live with the near-constant undercurrent of self-anger in her life.


Lisabellia tends to play with her wigs when she's bored, crack her knuckles when she's nervous, and compulsively check her equipment at every opportunity. Despite lacking any sort of a degree or formal training in engineering, she often clocks as many hours working on her craft as any single member of her flight crew does. This stems not from a distrust of their skill, but a knowledge of exactly what she puts her equipment through on a mission.

A recent development has been a rhythmical bent when she is trying to concentrate. This is not originally 'her' habit, but one of Kiern's, which has bled over into her. Curiously, while Kiern always tapped out mathematical patterns, Lisabellia tends more towards musical rhythms.


Lisabellia is a hesitant proponent of the Oath of Celibacy that she took upon enlisting the Starfleet. Her own violation of the Oath was simultaneously one of the worst and best things she has ever done. Best because she discovered the joys of having an equal, unconditional love with her at all hours of the day and night... and worst because the very act that joined them also ended his life. In a more controlled, careful situation, she is willing to accept arguments that the Oath may be too stringent, but for the most part, it is a very good policy meant to prevent deltans from causing undo stress amongst the crews that they serve with.

A personal taboo of hers is the shortening of her name. Lisabellia tolerates only one individual to ever shorten or otherwise alter her name... and he's stuck in her head.


Significant Other

  • Marital Status: Single, and likely to remain so.

Kiern Letao was a civilian linguist before his untimely death and mental transference into Lisabellia. He was personally fluent in over a dozen languages and he possessed the rudiments to translate and stumble through three dozen others. It was one of the few things that brought joy and love into his life. His only other known love was of Live Action Role Playing, into which he has swindled Lisabellia. Nobody has ever asked Kiern how he feels about being locked inside of his lover's head, but if they did, he could probably answer with all honesty that he is content.




Lisabellia's mother left when she was just a little girl and her father died a few years back on Cloros Colony. Life on the frontier can be hard, and he proved that point with his life.


None, although that doesn't stop her from adopting the occasional urchin or two.


Neural Interface Circuit

The Neural Interface Circuit consists of two main sections: a jack that is embedded in the base of her skull, just above her neck; and a webbing of biomedical leads that attach to various portions of her brain. This circuit, combined with intensive training and a few deeply ingrained subliminal triggers allow Lisabellia to 'jack into' a small craft and pilot it as if it were an extension of her own body.

While she prefers a physical connection to her craft, she does possess a wireless control node that can be plugged into her jack and, through it, be used to control the craft in question. This is also useful if she needs to be able to control a small craft without being physically present in the cockpit.

Professional History

  • Date Enlisted: 237304.12
  • Area of Specialty: Aeronautics
  • Current Rank: Chief Warrant Officer, Third Class
  • Current Assignment: Starbase 118
  • Unit: Steel Rebels, Dangerous Company
  • Duty Post: Platoon Leader / Aeronautics Assault and Movement Specialist

Awards & Commendations

  • Battle of Four Moons: Combat Ribbon, bestowed for repeatedly flying through an enemy blockade to ferry wounded marines to the hospital ships.


  1. 237304.12: Enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps.
  2. 237401.01: Completed Basic and Advanced Training.
  3. 237508.28: Completed Aeronautics Specialist Training.
  4. 237508.30: Assigned to the USS Vasco de Gama's marine complement.
  5. 237511.18: Promoted to Private, First Class.
  6. 237802.10: Promoted to Lance Corporal
  7. 237905.20: Assigned to the USS Roughneck, troop transport.
  8. 238006.23: Awarded the Battle of Four Moons Combat Ribbon. Promoted to Sergeant
  9. 238008.28: Re-enlisted in the field.
  10. 238102.07: Promoted to Staff Sergeant.
  11. 238112.03: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant following a touchy rescue of a senior Admiral's family after a luxury liner accident. Began Officer Candidate School via remote courses.
  12. 238201.19: Assigned to the USS Fury.
  13. 238303.11: Completed OCS. Promoted to Warrant Officer.
  14. 238405.05: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd Class
  15. 238405.10: Assigned to Starbase 118's Dangerous Company, Predator's Squadron Leader.

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