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Lieutenant Junior Grade Talisa Zh' Eriss is currently on extended leave.

USS Victory
Talissa zh' Eriss full.png
Talsia Zh' Eriss
Position Chief Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Andorian
Gender Female
DOB 236406.22
Age 36
Birthplace Zhevra, Andor


  • Height: 1.85 metres
  • Weight: 79.2kg / 175 lbs
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Build: Average female Andorain height, lean muscular body
  • Handedness: Right handed
  • Taste in Clothing :

Early Years

Talisa is the youngest of three children and was quickly recognized as what humans would call a ‘black sheep.’ She was born into an artistic family, her father was an Andorian Blues musician who also tutored children, while her mother was a locally celebrated ice sculptor with two pieces of work in exhibits off planet. All three of the Children where nurtured in various arts and encouraged to express themselves. Talisa enjoyed drawing as a child but was also interested in sports and more aggressive pursuits, at the age of seven her art teacher told her that her images were childish and ‘unfit for display’. While Talisa still enjoys ‘doodling’ privately she has never publicly shown any interest in art and after the discouraging incident with her art teacher she began playing with the Ushaan-tor (a miner's icepick and dueling weapon) to her parents dismay.

At the age of 9 Talisa’s uncle visited her household to celebrate her parents 20th anniversary, while there her uncle saw her playing with the Ushaan-tor, he noticed her enthusiasm but lack of skill begin to tutor her in fundamental techniques. Before his visit was up he told her tales of her great grandfather and grandmother who had served in the Andorian Defense Force and Imperial Guard. Excited by the stories and realizing that she had inherited the warrior spirit of her ancestors Talisa told her parents that she wanted to join the ADF as soon as she was "grown up". She continued with this insistence until at the age of 13 while Talisa learned about the all Andorian Crew of the USS Atlirith during a Federation history class. She instantly became obsessed with the ship’s legend and her focus switch from joining the ADF to joining the Federation. While in school she spent many hours reading the reports held in the School libraries of famous federation battles.

Talisa applied to join the Academy at the age of 19 but her application was rejected, while she passed all intelligence and aptitude tests she was informed that if she wanted to join the academy she would need to prove that she could study and apply herself academically before she would be considered. Depressed and uncertain of what to do, Talisa traveled for a year before moving to the colony of Korvat. The colony, officially part of the Klingon Empire was heavily influenced by Federation as well as Klingon culture was very liberating for Talisa. She enrolled herself in the 'Curzon Dax Institute of Culture & Learning,' studying there for three years she gain a degree in Modern Klingon History. While on Korvat she also tried to take up the Bat'leth but only to very moderate success, but engrossed herself in Klingon culture going as far as to dye her hair black and braid it.


At the age of 23 Talisa successfully re-applied for Star fleet Academy.

During her first year at the Academy Talisa joined the Judo team. At the end of her first year she expressed an interest in choosing Marine Officer training as her Major, prior to this she was going planned on choosing Tactical. Her unarmed combat instructor recommended that she take up the human art of fencing during the academy break when he discovered that she was interested in joining the marines.

At the start of her second year Talisa chose Marine Officer Training as her major and Helm & Navigation as her minor.

During her final academy exam aboard the simulated USS Centris – A, Talisa held the position of Chief Tactical Officer.

Talisa is part of the Star Fleet Academy Graduating Class of 239107.07

USS Victory

During her First mission aboard the USS Victory, Talisa was required to enforce quarantine procedures for a returning away team lead by the Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Eerie. The away team had beamed along with an unknown compound. When the away team arrived, many of the where sick or experiencing pain, however Lt. Commander Eerie was acting violent and confused. With the transporters force field down, Talisa and a marine Sergeant shot the commander in the chest with the weapons set on heavy stun. The phaser burst had no effect on Commander Eerie but the compounds effects quickly wore off and the Executive Officer realised he had been shot by the new Marine. Talisa and Eerie have since about the situation and there are no hard feelings.

While on her second mission, Talisa and the crew of the USS Victory encountered a future version of their ship captained by Sundassa Faranster. The Victory had come back in time to prevent the Federations annihilation by a species known as the ‘Hunger’. Talisa was part of an away team to explore the future vessel for survivors and information. While on the ship, Talisa violated the Temporal Prime Directive by access the ships records and looking up her own file from the future. The file was partially corrupted from the ships massive battle damage but it did tell her that she was Killed in Action sometime in the year 2398 fighting the Hunger, she posthumously received a promotion to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander and received a commendation for her action. The record also stated that she had a child, but it was too badly damaged to give her any more information about her child or the events leading to her death. This news that Talisa had died leaving a child behind without a mother caused her a great deal of emotional distress, she later confessed to Captain Nurga that she had broken the temporal prime directive by searching for her records from the future Vessel. I note of this has been place in her record but no further disciplinary action was taken. During the Victory’s confrontation with the Hunger Talisa commander the Tactical station, once the mission was complete Talisa was given the position of Chief Tactical Officer and promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Service History

Service History
2nd Lieutenant 239107.08 - 239111.04 USS Victory Marine Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239111.04 - Present USS Victory Chief Tactical Officer

Awards & Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg
TOSMA 239112.16
USS Victory
For character ideas and making each sim exciting in its own right.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239201.05
USS Victory
Ship wide award for Sunak Mission
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon 239201.05
USS Victory
Ship wide award for Sunak Mission

Martial Arts

Talisa played with the Ushaan-tor as a child and is has the fundamentals skills of Andorian dueling, However the two Martial arts that she continues to practice to are both Human martial arts that she picked up at the Academy, Judo and Fencing.

Talisa joined the Fencing team in-between the First and Second year while at the academy. She had been encouraged to join once she made her interest in majoring in Marine Officer training know, fencing was going through a revival at the academy among Marines because it was felt that phasers should not solely be relied upon in combat, dut to the possibility of failure or resistant enemies such as the Borg. Talisa has three swords, two solely for training and one which is part of her combat equipment. Her training swords are the Foils & the Epee, while she has a retractable sword resembling the Old-Earth Japanese style Wakizashi. Talisa finds fencing fun but she is only average compared with other fencers. However she still keeps the retractable Wakizashi on her hip in combat situations

Talisa joined the Judo team during her first year and instantly became an advocate of the martial art. Initially she could use her natural strength and speed to execute throws but she has since learned technique to go with those natural abilities, she also enjoys the ground fighting aspect of the martial art. She is currently a blue belt in Judo, and is training between 6 – 8 hours per week to work towards her brown belt.

SIM Archive

Talisa's first log on the Victory after graduating from the Academy (First Post)

The Brikar and the Andorian

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