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Every page must have a category!

Noticed that you've been putting some new pages up (1, 2), which is great, but remember that every page needs to have a category on it. More information found here if you need help. Please be sure to go back and re-edit those pages you added to give them a category :) --Wolf /talk page 09:20, 22 October 2011 (CDT)

New Easy Crew Nav

Apollo Crew Nav

I've converted your crew nav to a new "Easy Template" version. Full instructions are available here: Template:Crew.

Among the New Features:

Simplified format to add officers

No more messy code! Makes it easier to edit position names and preview them to see if they fit correctly!


For example, just add:

{{Tile|Andrus|Jaxx|Red|Commanding Officer|JaxxSmall.jpg}}

to get the next officer's tile added to the nav.

Commanding Officer
Andrus Jaxx

Automatic placement of blank portrait

Places the blank portrait roster image if no roster image specified. Example:

{{Tile|M'Wash||Blue|Science Officer}}
Science Officer

Automatic resize of roster image

If an officer's roster image is too large for the nav, it will automatically crop and resize it to fit. Note that while this is a handy feature, it may not produce as nice an image as a properly prepared roster image.

Commanding Officer
Andrus Jaxx

Support for Nicknames/Abbreviations

If an officer's name is too long for the nav. Example:

{{Tile|Cassandra|Egan Manno|NICKNAME=C. Egan Manno|Red|Commanding Officer|Roster-eganmanno.jpg}}
Commanding Officer
C. Egan Manno

Simplified color names

Red, Gold, Blue, Teal, Violet, Black, Silver, Green

No need to change colspan

Table automatically keeps header and footer centered.

Ship placeholder image

Can be easily specified if there is an odd number of officers.

{{Shiptile|USS Apollo|Achilles.jpg}}


If an officer only has a single name, be sure to still put an extra "pipe" character | after their name.

{{Tile|T'Mar||Gold|Chief of Security|TMarSmall.jpg}}
Chief of Security

NPC Listing   ·   USS Apollo Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commanding Officer
Andrus Jaxx
Executive Officer
Sundassa Faranster
Chief Engineer
Dade Triston
Engineering Officer
Eileen McCleran
Chief Medical Officer
Jalana Laxyn
Hail Samford
Intelligence Officer
Liam Frost
Chief of Operations
Tal Tel-ar
Chief Helm Officer
Edward Johnson
Chief of Security
Security Officer
Kyla Kirosa
Chief Tactical Officer
Alexander Williams
Chief Science Officer
Suvi Ila
Edit This Nav

For reference, this is the code generating the current version of the nav above:

|SHIP = USS Apollo
|ROSTER PAGE = USS Apollo Crew
|NPC PAGE = USS Apollo NPC Personnel
|HISTORY PAGE = Apollo Crew History}}
|{{Tile|Andrus|Jaxx|Red|Commanding Officer|JaxxSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Sundassa|Faranster|Red|Executive Officer|SundassaSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Dade|Triston|Gold|Chief Engineer|DadeSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Eileen|McCleran|Gold|Engineering Officer|Roster-McCleran.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Jalana|Laxyn|Teal|Chief Medical Officer|JalanaSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Liam|Frost|Black|Intelligence Officer|LiamSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Tal|Tel-ar|Red|Chief of Operations|Roster-tel-ar.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Edward|Johnson|Red|Chief Helm Officer|EdwardSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|T'Mar||Gold|Chief of Security|TMarSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Kyla|Kirosa|Gold|Security Officer|Kirosasmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Alexander|Williams|Gold|Chief Tactical Officer|AlexanderSmall.jpg}}
|{{Tile|Suvi|Ila|Blue|Chief Science Officer|SuviSmall.jpg}}
|{{Shiptile|USS Apollo|Achilles.jpg}}

If you have any questions, let me know! –Rich(talk page) aka Lt.Cmdr. Rahman 13:39, 29 January 2014 (CST)

NEW UPDATE! User Correctioning of Automatic Resize and Crop

You can now tell the template to zoom into your image and change positioning! Check out the image guide for the roster template as the basic principle is the same. Just add the extra numbers for your corrections to the end of the officer's code, with the first number being how far you want the image to move up (i.e., how far do you want to see more downward), the second number being how far to move the image left (see more to the right), and the third number being how many times to zoom the image. 1.2x is a good place to start.

Example Original:

TraceyIntel uni.jpg
Intelligence Officer
Tracey Townson

Raw code for corrections:

{{Tile|Tracey|Townson|Black|Intelligence Officer|TraceyIntel uni.jpg|0|40|1.7}}

TraceyIntel uni.jpg
Intelligence Officer
Tracey Townson

Rich(talk page) aka Lt.Cmdr. Rahman 20:15, 31 January 2014 (CST)

Minor Edits

Hi, there! I'm a bit concerned that the last hundred edits you've made have been marked as 'minor'. Please be sure also to check your user preferences, specifically under editing preferences as you may have it set to mark all your edits as minor by default. This unfortunately makes it difficult for admins and the wiki ops team to monitor changes on the wiki accurately. ♣ Deliera talk 20:14, 31 July 2014 (CDT)

SB118 Unnamed Creature

Ran across it while looking at red categories. Is this still a thing? Or should it be retagged? I'd be happy to help out Ceciri (talk) 18:47, 25 January 2015 (CST)

Griffon Rawlings

Ran across it while doing a NPC category merge/clean up. The text says Gemini, but you tagged it Constitution. I retagged it, but could you update the text or category if he doesn't belong or belongs on the ship? I'd be much obliged. Ceciri (talk) 20:24, 26 January 2015 (CST)

Ah, and Reodd‎ Regent if possible. Thanks Ceciri (talk) 20:29, 26 January 2015 (CST)


Yeah, Triumphant should be active as a PC vessel like Thunder now. Please feel free to help us out as we update pages. A lot of the info might be out of date. ♫ Rich118Wiki AdministratorSend Message 15:24, 15 October 2015 (CDT)


Yeah, that one's a little more complicated. You'll need to edit Template:Fleetmap, add/replace one of the old ships like Victory or Gemini with Avandar and then play with the coordinates to get the icon on the right spot where you want it. Just feel free to play around with the preview button until you get it just right. ♫ Rich118Wiki AdministratorSend Message 15:34, 15 October 2015 (CDT)

Roster update

No worries! I saw what you were doing and was inspired to update the roster template so you could get rid of the command division for these department specific rosters. :) ♫ RichSend Message 09:31, 18 November 2015 (CST)