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Embassy Duronis II


Dade Adarnis

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Platoon Leader
  • Rank: Major
  • Race: Terran/Deltan
  • Partner: None
  • Children: None

List of Awards & Service Ribbons

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Major Dade Adarnis, a Terran/Deltan, a Marine Officer is currently on temporary placement with the Embassy of Duronis II.


  • Full Name: Daedalus Adarnis
  • Race: Terran/Deltan
  • Date of Birth: 17th June, Year Unknown
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: No Abilities Yet


  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Deep Violet
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Birthmarks, Scars:
    • Upper Arms: Several one-inch long scars.
    • Back: Several scars varying in size.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications:
    • Upper Left Arm: Continuation of Back Tattoo.
    • Back: Large Tribal Tattoo.
    • Left Wrist: Fake death date of Lieutenant T'Lea.
  • Build: Tall and very athletic.
  • Poses: Folds his arms often.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Jeans, Shirts, Boots.


  • Quarters: Usually very tidy with a made bed.
  • Favourite Room: Living Room, it has the biggest window.
  • Physical Limitations: Normal human limitations with a photographic memory.
  • Temperament: Hot-head.
  • Habits: He likes to drink and does enjoy the odd game of pool, whether gambling for the game or simply playing for fun. His biggest vice is smoking; cigarettes in the 24th century are lovely and non-lethal... but they still stink.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Agnostic. Most days.


Dade is not one of the people you would have on your ‘dinner party’ guest list. He fits into no section of society other than Marine. While he is a prankster by nature and an all around nice guy, he says what he thinks despite the fact that it may be hurtful or inconvenient. He just doesn’t care. He also smokes, kicks things for no apparent reason and swears when he thinks no one is listening. Or even when they are.

He perceives himself to be good at manual and practical tasks, things that require the hands on approach. He has a good physical strength behind him and is a very outgoing person, despite the demeanour he holds. His training in Engineering has made him an excellent thinker, and brilliant at thinking on his feet. He has a good sense of humour, which stops him from becoming to serious about any situation, keeping a level head.

Dade is stubborn. It's simple enough to say and simple enough for him to do. He doesn’t take no for an answer, unless he understand it’s within good reason. His scepticism is well founded; coming from the amount of different experiences he had growing up around various races. Hand in hand, he is a very determined individual who tries to get what he wants and utilizes every method. He can be unsociable at times, preferring to be alone rather than surrounded by others.

Hobbies and Pastimes

  • Books
    • Many wouldn't think that Dade was a reader but there's nothing he likes more. Growing up with next to nothing for himself, he had little but books to keep him entertained. Knowledge is what he thrives on.
  • Exercise
    • Not just a hobby, exercise is Dade's lifestyle. To make sure he is on the top of his game, his body and mind have to be in peak performance. Usually the mind catches up after the first few laps.
  • Boxing
    • A keeping fit exercise and also a big release of tension for him.
  • Engineering
    • One of the best assets to a Marine is their appreciation for technology. Dade trained as an Engineer and likes to keep on top with the latest technology in and out of field operations.
  • Velocity
    • Something he got into at the Academy. He is very sports orientated and exceedingly competitive.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Hot Water
    • Imagine being in the field for weeks on end without the simple pleasure of hot water. Dade treats hot water as a luxury and always will do. He drinks it without flavouring because it is a simple pleasure he can afford on a starship.
  • Music
    • Whether it be Klingon metal or Bajoran opera, he has an ear for music.
  • Coffee
    • Despise it a strong word but that's just what it is. He despises Terran/Human coffee. Although, he does like Vulcan mocha.
  • Illness
    • It slows him down.
  • Insincerity
    • He hates falsehood, unless it is met with dubious sarcasm.

Ambitions and Goals

Dade has no goals and not many ambitions. He prefers to live for the day he's in and not the future or the past. He strives for happiness in his existance instead of meaning. Although, he does long for the day that he can truly say he knows where he comes from.


Dade has little family that he knows properly. His family is a variation of adoptive parents and scraps of information about his birth parents.


  • Marital Status: Single.


  • Mother: Eliza Ki'Zarme
    • Species: Deltan.
    • Eliza is Dade's birth mother and is currently residing on Delta IV, working with the Federation as a Xenobiologist. She has been a severely absent figure in Dade's life and only came to his attention when he came of age in the Deltan aspect. He has had little or no contact with her and most of the time doesn't want to.
  • Father: Alex Adarnis
    • Species: Terran.
    • Dade cannot remember his father, despite the man being present in his life until his teenage years. Through digging for information, Dade has found little out about the man other than he worked in Xenobiology, was an avid Archaeologist and at, one point, procreated with his mother.

Adoptive Parents

  • Mother: Liera Taylor (nee. Carter)
    • Species: Human
    • Liera is a soft-spoken woman who rules her household with an iron fist. Originally against the idea of adopting a teenage youth from the Colonies, it was her husband who swayed her mind. Dade was nothing other than a blessing to her and she reared him well. She still keeps the family home in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Father: James "Jim" Taylor
    • Species: Human
    • Jim was one of those Dads that is there one minute and gone the next, meaning he used to disappear around corners quite often. His stature is one that would've suited the Military Police and definitely have suited Starfleet but Jim chose to spend his lifetime working on other pursuits. He designs technology at the Starfleet Technological Institute on Mars.


  • Adoptive Sister: Cadence O'Neil
    • Species: Human
    • Cadence was in her early twenties when Dade was adopted by her parents, but she took to him nonetheless. Since he was in his early teenage years, she taught him various lessons about life, the universe and everything including how to tie shoelaces and make sandwiches. It wasn't long after that she found herself a husband, moved out of the family home and saw Dade very little. She keeps in touch when she can but more often then not, with a brood of her own, she finds it difficult to talk to a brother she barely knew.
  • Adoptive Brother: Damien Taylor
    • Species: Human
    • Like Cadence, Damien was older and more mature when Dade first came to invade their home. He never saw Dade as a threat though and delighted in showing off his new alien brother. Damien moved out a few years after Cadence did, so neither of them got to know the half-breed very well. He now lives on Starbase 56 with two daughters that run him ragged.

Personal Relationships

Lieutenant Commander T'Lea - A Vulcan/Romulan hybrid, under the watchful gaze of Starfleet Black Ops and with serious issues. Their explosive relationship was all teeth and claws from the first time they set eyes on each other, neither wanting to back down, culminating in T'Lea expressing her love for him and Dade being forced to leave to keep her safe. They have since culminated this episode in their lives in a near death situation on an unknown planet in the future, because if there's ever a conversation to have when staring death in the face, it wasn't what you had for dinner.

Major Heath West - His Commanding Officer from being a young Private, Heath was his best friend for years. The nature of their roles pulled them apart and forced them together on the most dangerous missions Starfleet had to offer. Having faced near certain death on many occasions, that forms a bond that's hard to shake off. It's often the case that he knows where Heath is when he's missing in action.

Personal History

Early Years:

Born in uncertain circumstances, there are some records that indicate his birth was on Delta IV when his mother returned home. Other reports indicate that he was born on Romulus as part of an experiment into cross breeding Human and Deltan physiologies. He remembers running through a woodland trying to escape, dreams about it often and tries to piece together the missing memories he has. He was found battered, bruised, bloody and unconscious near the entrance with a Federation ID Card and pocket knife.

Although his actual age is unknown, it is likely that Dade was in his early teenage years as suggested by the ID. There are large parts of his early childhood years that are missing and he is determined to find them again. Explorations of this have been undertaken by the hybrid and Lieutenant Commander T'Lea to find out who he really is.

Young Adult Years:

After the events of his childhood, Dade was allocated to adoptive parents by the Federation. He grew up in Dublin. Before he reached maturity, his adoptive parents divorced and it was that which influenced him to take up a secondary education at the Republic University, studying Civil and Practical Engineering. Gaining his qualifications in the school, Dade decided that Starfleet seemed like the best career option for him. He looked to it as a chance of finding some security in his home life, working away from all the stresses of a broken home life.

He applied to Starfleet Academy, training in various aspects of Operations, Helm and Engineering before his fourth year, in which he specialized in Engineering and Operations; especially Warp Core Maintenance and Impulse Drive, earning himself a position in the 104th “Black Ravens”. It was the Massacre of G'Stantek that made Dade realized his career was veering off into the wrong direction and it took the retirement of his best friend to kick him into touch. He found a place at the Academy to do another extra two years worth of training in an Officer field to graduate, gaining a commission instead of staying Enlisted.

Adult Years:

With sponsorship, Dade was granted a commission in Starfleet in the Marine Corp provided that he signed up under special circumstances. He was recruited into the 104th Black Ravens, a covert military operation designed specifically for infiltration of Borg, Breen and any other super power in the quadrant that could harm Federation establishment efforts.

His first operation placed him in the middle of Breen territory, rescuing prisoners from their slave labour camps. While the prisoners were rescued and brought back to Starfleet, Dade never did forget his first experience of seeing Breen torture procedures and treatment of their detainees. Subsequently, he studied their culture, language, physiology and technology to become their worst nightmare.

He joined the crew of the USS Challenger in 2384, under the influence of his long suffering friend Heath West. It was on board that he came into contact with T'Lea, exploring the Yolja River caves on Bajor.

Hartlhei Caves, Mhiessan

Given more information about the work his father had been doing before his untimely death, Dade went to explore the last known location of the Scientist, aided by T'Lea. They travelled to the Hartlhei Caves, Mhiessan, Romulus and found the science facility Alex had been working in, complete with dead escapee accessories and a world full of questions. Writing in the facility was in Deltan, suggesting the compound had played a vital part in something called the “Adarnis Project”. Unfortunately they didn’t have much time to investigate the cave before it collapsed, nearly sealing them inside.

Transferred to Starbase 118 Ops, the Marine was given the rare opportunity to command his own task force and contingent, the 118th Tactical Division. This also put him in line with the SB118 Intelligence Division, able to receive orders from the highest of authority in the sector and a handy pet to have on the station. It was here his relationship with the Vulcan/Romulan hybrid grew from continuous pounding of alpha against alpha.

Expedition 1.0

Armed with an artefact of some importance to the hybrid, T’Lea and Dade were kidnapped from the station by bounty hunters they later found out to be from N’Dallis Prime, T’Lea’s old stomping grounds. With a warrant out for her arrest, she was tortured and was finally freed, under the pretence of escaping, arranged by a Tal Shiar agent known as Tomal. T’Lea and the Marine headed for the archaeological site where the artefact had been uncovered, finding an Iconian gateway buried beneath the surface. As Tomal attempted to use the artefact to open it by sacrificing Dade, they stopped him, T’Lea choosing to sacrifice herself instead to destroy the gateway and seal it, with Tomal, beneath the sands.

Going through the gateway produced a side affect for T'Lea. Her Vulcan self took over her personality, rendering her incapable of remembering anything from before the expedition. While Dade loved her, he couldn't bring himself to as wholeheartedly as he had for the hybrid before her transformation, and guilty that she had endured it to save him as well as seal off the Iconian relic from SFI.

Dragged back to Starfleet, they were together for a short period before being separated again, this time for longer.

Borg Cube IV

During his time on the Starbase, his friend Heath West had disappeared on a covert operations mission in the Delta Quadrant. The 104th had suffered heavy casualties in the field while fending off a Borg cube. The intelligence they had collected had to be brought back at any cost. Dade was tasked with bringing the platoon back to Federation Space, or their dog tags and the intelligence. His detachment succeeded in the mission, but came narrowly close to being finished off by the cyborgs. Heath had borne the brunt of the fight, coming into contact with a Borg tendril into the jugular.

When he returned, his reward was a three week stint in Starfleet Intelligence, grilled for any and all information his eidetic memory could produce, not only regarding their excursion to the cube but about anything he could give them on a certain hybrid. There was little room for confusion with their intent as they laid it down for him, straight and simple. T’Lea was dead. Upon release, he had the date ingrained in his forearm then promptly enlisted for the front line suicide missions.

Suicide Missions

Current Information pertaining to this subject is classified. Please see your system administrator.

Inhibitor Chip

Returning to standard duty at the admiralty’s request, Dade was stationed on the newly commissioned USS Indria-A under the command of Captain Cura Assanti as the Commanding Officer of the Marine Detachment. He had been forewarned by the Captain that T’Lea would be on board.

However, she hadn’t been and nearly had a nervous breakdown after months of torture at the hands of Black Ops, submerged in the lie that he had been brutally murdered in order for her to give up information about the Iconian Gateway.

The T-Inhibitor chip implanted in her head would cause synapses in her brain to shut down, ceasing the flow of intelligence and most importantly stop her from revealing any closely guarded secrets. Not knowing about the chip or the fact that one touch from him could send her into a coma, she had stayed away from him but the Marine hadn’t known why. For months she had become detached, reserved, cold and to the point with him. When it was revealed to him, they had the most matter of fact conversation the two had ever had.

Dade couldn’t stay knowing that she’d nearly killed herself to protect him and the gateway. He had that information locked in his mind; Black Ops would stop at nothing to get that and would go after the person that mattered the most. He needed to put distance between them, to get as far away as he could. Waiting until he had enough information to work off, he left.

Black Ops Lock-up

Secured in a facility on the edge of Federation Space, Dade was captured on his way out of the system on an underground freelance transport. He was held in Breen torture conditions, hung upside down for days on end and fed little but algae paste to keep him alive. In the midst of mental anguish, Dade had relived some of his childhood trauma and found new mental pathways through memories he had long since stored away.

Made to believe that the Breen had held him, Black Ops were able to download his mind, flipping through his eidetic memory to gain what they wanted. They found one big brick wall inside Dade’s mind, however whether they cracked through it is another thing.

Rescuing Big Brother

Shortly after his release from Black Ops custody, Dade was made aware of his friend’s capture by the Breen. Unable to face the possibility of Heath suffering what he had at the hands of the “Breen”, Dade launched a mission with his old friends to get him back. They chartered a transport and flew to Breen space without Federation authority.

However, he didn’t have chance to launch their attack from Alerag III, Beta Quadrant. The USS Ronin command by Fleet Captain Toni Turner had already bargained with the Breen for the Federation captive’s release.

Romulan Colonisation

Following the safe relocation of his friend, Dade returned to his detachment to continue their work in the sector. Upon the supernova of the Hobus, the contingent was relocated to Romulan space to aid in the rehoming of those who had escaped the destruction of Romulus.

Back to the Embassy

Dade volunteered for the station of the Winter Company Contingent temporarily in the Duronis II system. The assignment has become more of a permanent fixture in recent months and he's thought of it more as a home. He's currently stationed there with the new contingent until a new job comes up.

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 237704.23
  • Current Rank: Major
  • Current Assignment: Embassy of Duronis II
  • Duty Post: Assistant Marine Commander

Awards & Commendations

StarFleet Assessments and Records

Full Article: Dade Adarnis StarFleet Records

During his time with the Starfleet Marines Corps, Dade has been driven to not only ticking as many people off as possible but also the general lack of care in which he does things. It has been said that he doesn't think about his actions before doing them, whether this is a good thing in that he doesn't hesitate before he performs his duties or a hindrance.

However, in times of great strife, Dade will always be one of the first over the top.

Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Post
M04-Mjr-Green.png Major 238811.28 - 238906.23
Breen Operations
Marine Commander
M04-Mjr-Green.png Major 238906.23 - 239004.15
Romulan Space
Marine Commander
M04-Mjr-Green.png Major 239004.15 - Present
Embassy of Duronis II
Marine Commander

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