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Marine officers serve as leaders within the Starfleet Marine Corps and work with other Starfleet officers to accomplish the larger mission objectives.

Career Path

Starfleet Academy

As with all Starfleet officers, Starfleet Marine Corps officers earn their degrees and commissions after graduating Starfleet Academy. Cadets are not required to specify their intention to become a marine officer during their first year, and all cadets are encouraged to learn more about the Starfleet Marine Corps.

There are two routes to becoming a Marine officer at the Academy:

  • declared Marine majors
  • non-Marine majors

Declared Marine Majors

Cadets who declare their major at the Academy as the Marine major complete both the Academy Core Courses as well as specialized coursework from the Starfleet Marine Training College. These cadets typically seek to become Marine command officers who go on to lead squads, contingents, and the Marine Corps as a whole.

Marine Major Requirements

To complete the Marine Officer major, a cadet must complete the following credits:

  • MAR101: Marine Orientation
  • PILOT100: Piloting, Land Vehicles
  • MAR110: Unarmed Combat (Marine Corps. Fighting System – MCFS)
  • MAR120: Advenced Physical Training (APT)
  • ARM101: Introduction to Weapons
  • ARM110: Hand Phasers, Phaser Rifles and Artillery
  • ARM120: Knives and other Small Weapons
  • LAW110: Federation, Military
  • MAR200: Combat Armour Training
  • TAC210: Combat, Marksmanship
  • SURV150: Land-based Survival
  • SURV200: Captivity
  • MED210: Combat Trauma Care
  • TAC220: Small Units
  • PSY303: Psychology, Warfare
  • TAC300: Leadership
  • TAC301: Strategy of Battle 1
  • TAC302: Strategy of Battle 2

The Marine cadet must also complete a minor from one of the following:

Non-Marine Majors

The Starfleet Marine Corps depends on the skills of numerous other duty posts within their ranks to achieve their mission goals in addition to Marine command officers. These duty posts parallel those of non-Marine officers, and thus, these officers typically choose from one of the following majors and complete the requirements just as any other cadet, but upon graduation, they receive a commission in the Starfleet Marine Corps to become Marine pilots, communications officers, intelligence officers, engineers, and so forth:

Non-marine majors who wish to become marine officers should seek a marine mentor and begin working on their application into the Starfleet Marine Corps after their first year, although the marine officer selection process can start at any point within the first 3 years at the Academy.

Starfleet Marine Basic School

After graduation, Marine officers who did not complete the Marine major at Starfleet Academy undergo additional training at the Starfleet Marine Basic School before given an assignment in the fleet. Here, they complete specific marine coursework as well as physical conditioning and exercises.

Non-Marine Corps officers who wish to become Marine officers later in their careers are also eligible to undergo training at the Basic School provided that they meet the requirements on their physical and performance evaluations.

Emphasis is placed on combat-related skills, although marine officers are Starfleet officers first and foremost, sworn to uphold the values of the Federation and seek avoidance of collateral damage, even at the cost of their own lives.

You made a military decision to protect your ship and crew, but you're a Starfleet officer, Worf. We don't put civilians at risk—or even potentially at risk —to save ourselves. Sometimes that means we lose the battle and sometimes our lives. But if you can't make that choice, then you can't wear that uniform.

Captain Benjamin Sisko, 2372

Specific skills taught and exercises conducted at the Basic School:

  • Physical endurance tests
    • Swimming
    • Long-distance hiking with full combat gear
    • Climbing
  • Extensive marksmanship training
  • Live-fire simulations
  • Battlefield communications
  • Squad tactics & weapons
  • Scouting & patrol
  • Planetside navigation
  • Combat operations
  • Combat engineering
  • Combat medicine
  • Rules of engagement

Training at the Starfleet Marine Basic School concludes with two weeks of exercises testing all skills learned over the previous weeks.

Further Specializations

Helm & Nav. Engineering Security Nursing Counseling Science
Intelligence Com. & Ops. Tactical Medicine MARINE OFFICER
Majors & Minors