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USS Atlantis
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Ranath Dreis
Position Marine
Rank Staff Sergeant
Species Trill (unjoined)
Gender Female
DOB 236806.24
Age 32
Birthplace Beta Cygni II
Writer ID A239507LK0

. Staff Sergeant Ranath Dreis is currently serving as a Marine aboard the USS Atlantis.


  • Height: 5'10 (178 cm)
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Athletic
  • Taste of Clothing (While Off Duty): Wears comfortable and casual attire. Wears her long hair in a ponytail or bun during duty, but usually allows it to flow off her shoulders while off
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous
  • Language: Federation Standard, Trill, Klingon, rudimentary Valcarian
  • Faults/Weaknesses: Ranath is stubborn, strong willed, highly motivated, short tempered, proud, flirtatious. Being a sniper, she has a cold, calculated outlook on life. She has no sympathy for those deem the 'enemy' at that particular time, easier to kill. She does succumb to nightmares, her subconscious trying to come to grips with her lethal actions. She had become addicted to Fellicium as well, during her time of depression...She undergone therapy and will be very insistent on not taking any other medication, even medicinal.
  • Interests: She will participate in any extreme sport that the galaxy has to offer. Games of chance (Domjot, Poker, etc..) are a common pastime. She will let loose during shore leave to relieve the tensions of a mission, especially any that died. She is drawn to older men, whether that's attributed to 'Daddy issues' is disputable. Like many in physically demanding jobs, she has a rigorous exercise regimen. Coming from Beta Cygni, she is a miser when it comes to food and water. She will attempt to learn alien languages if it gives her an edge


Met the doctor in the Poseidon Lounge during shore leave at Lydor IX, (Stardate 239507). Both were slightly intoxicated and she spent the night sleeping it off in his quarters. This was the beginning of a budding and irregular friendship/relationship between a breveted officer and a non-com.


  • Father: Dr. Jahn Dreis, PhD, 52
  • Mother: Mara Dreis, 48
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


  • Starfleet Marine Corps Basic Training, 2386
  • Starfleet Marine Scout Sniper School, 2388

Medical Records

Wounded during a mission in 2392. Has scar running down from her right cheek to her abdomen


Ranath was born and raised on the colony of Cygni Minor II. Her father, a botanist, had for years attempted to yield more resilient crops under the conditions of a binary star system. Drought was common and food shortage became the new normal. What the colony possessed were minerals, its biggest export.

Living in an unjoined Trill family meant her upbringing was not at all different than the humans who resided along side. She smoked exotic herbs, drank whatever wasn't synthenol in a mining town with little else to do. Her father's only accomplishment was what became known as the Cygnian truffle, a hardy plant that became the sustenance of nearly every family.

She could have worked the mines or did clerical duties for the big mining consortiums, like all her friends, but she didn't want to be locked in this prison forever. Besides, the Tellarite governor, hand picked by the mining consortiums, meant life would never really get better.

She did do hunting, for the meager allotment of food for an indigenous animal, the wombat. Since she was fourteen, she learned to shoot, and shoot at distance.

Ranath, however, was not completely without chances. Her mother's family had some standing on Trill. So when the Symbiosis Commission notified her to come to Trill forthwith, she did not refuse. She had been selected as a suitable candidate for the symbiot, Kasa, possibly 400 years old. Kasa's long and rich string of life was coming to an end with the imminent death of its host. So the process had begun. She had succeeded 99 per cent of the evaluation and was assured she would be the fifteenth host. The next day, without explanation, her candidacy was denied. Despondent, she returned home to Cygni Minor II.

She was only eighteen, her parents said, perhaps they thought she was too young for the procedure. Perhaps but Ranath was not about to simply wallow in depression and simply watch the miners come and go all day and all night.

On the first available transport, she headed for Starbase 74, Starfleet's regional facility. After being denied by the Symbiosis Commission, she didn't have the stomach to face rejection twice should Starfleet Academy go that way as well. Instead, she went to the Marine Corps recruiting office instead.

She had been in primary school since the last big war against the Dominion but there had been many a border clash since then and some minor flareups requiring 'police action'. Her drill sergeant, a former Dominion Vet made it perfectly clear that war was not a vacation and killing the enemy was not a sport but a necessity. Basic Training was grueling but she succeeded and became a Marine. For the first time in her life, she didn't feel denied.

Her fellow Marines began calling her Venus because a 15th century artist painted the goddess with red hair. It was a nickname that stuck.

Her marksmanship was noted during in house championships and she was selected by her CO to attend Scout Sniper School. It made Basic look like a cat walk and many a perspective candidate were flushed out before the end. Not her. One shot, one kill became her maxim.

In 2392, her company was assigned to Operation Safe Harbor, dealing with piracy. As the starships dealt with Hisaal pirates in space, they would deal with them on the surface. A possible hideout was found on a barren world. Starfleet Intelligence data was supposedly accurate. As a sniper, she held back and watch her platoon's six. Everything was going to plan, without a hitch, she took out several threats from her perch. Butter Bar Perkins (platoon leader, second lieutenant) was more green than her and began to get careless. Over comm, she informed them the number of sentries she took out did not jive as a suitable security perimeter. Something was wrong. The platoon was ambushed, she took out as many of the Hisaal she could, at least ten before a concussion grenade ended her run.

She was captured, along with three others. Rest of the platoon, 30 troopers were dead or wounded. It should not have happened that way, and yet it did. They tortured her, using her own blade to carve a gash from her face down to her abdomen. For four days the survivors were accosted. It was a SFI operative that eventually saved them.

She and the others were treated at a Starbase. When it came time to remove the gash with a dermal regenerator, standard procedure, she refused. For the 30 Marines who lost their lives on that desolate world, the scar would be a daily reminder. She had learned that the grand starships finally defeated the Hisaal pirates once and for all. It also appeared, during an investigation, that civilian officials privy to the operation tipped off the pirates, who then set up the killing ground.

The lost of her comrades was a difficult path for her, taking Fellicium seem to numb that pain. It only made her an addict. Starfleet put her through rehab therapy and the insistence of her CO, knowing a discharge was possible.

By 2395, she was reassigned to the Marine contingent aboard the Atlantis under Captain McKnight


Ranath Dreis is a PNPC of Laszlo Kecskemeti

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