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Duronis II Embassy | USS Thunder


Captain Tyr Waltas


  • Statistics
  • Age: 244
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 214704.15
  • Place of Birth: Ba'ku Homeworld
  • Race: Ba'ku

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Tyr Waltas is a Ba'ku currently serving as the Commanding Officer of Strategic Operations at the Duronis II Embassy and the USS Thunder-A, holding the rank of Captain. He previously served as Commanding Officer of the Embassy's Marine forces, and Captain of the USS Discovery-C until its decommissioning in 2391. He also commanded her predecessors, the USS Discovery-B, USS Discovery-A, and the original USS Discovery. His first command was over StarBase 118 Ops.

At over 240 years of age, he combines a wealth of experience with a reliance upon emotion, instinct and intuition rather than a strict adherence to the rules. Tyr is very casual as an officer and affords his crew a wide latitude in order to let them express themselves fully. He is also extremely protective of them, and has a "dark side" that emerges when his friends or family are threatened. Tyr has led a long, fulfilling, and storied lifetime. In that long life, he has lived, loved, lost and hurt. While he holds a high rank and is a fierce warrior, he is a gentle soul with a poet's heart. With a relatively "quiet" 200 years behind him, he has forsaken his near-immortality for the chance to do what he spent the first 200 years dreaming about: Explore the stars. Since leaving the homeworld, he has lived that dream.

Decorated 23 times by Starfleet command, he is the longest-serving Commanding Officer still active in UFOP.

He is a master in several forms of martial arts, but a novice at the more difficult aspects in life such as love. Carrying the wisdom of 200 years of life, but the innocence of one just starting life's journey, he is a shameless flirt and loves the company of friends and women. An enigma-the antithesis of his peoples' beliefs, he has spent a lifetime carving out his own identity and beliefs; a struggle that continues to this day. Tyr is the proud father of three children: Daisha, and twin brothers Sanuye and Tye.

  • Race: Ba'ku
  • Date of Birth: 214704.15
  • Place of Birth: Ba'Ku
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'4
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue


Tyr as a Marine Colonel


Stardate 214704.15- Tyr Waltas is born on the Ba'ku homeworld.

The Ba'ku Homeworld

Stardate 2147xx.xx-237504.04-Tyr spends a majority of his life on the Ba'ku homeworld, studying music and, much to his parents' dismay, Starfleet. He becomes an accomplished guitarist but spends most of his time looking up at the stars, dreaming of the wonders that are out there.

Stardate 237504.04- Tyr's father, Gyruld, is killed during the Son'a attempt to remove the Ba'ku from his home planet. Tyr and his mother Lyntha are rescued by the Enterprise-E and her crew. Crushed by his father's death and disillusioned with the Ba'ku's shunning of technology and inability to defend themselves, Tyr applies to Starfleet Academy by sending his application via Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Stardate 238001.xx-Tyr has a romantic liason with Leonna Sovhar, a Talarian woman, during Nekkar's wedding. The two bond through their loneliness, and spend the night together. The next morning, Leonna was gone, never to be seen again.

Stardate 238007.xx-Tyr becomes romantically involved with Merigold Kitiganzibi. Tyr had flirted with her in the past (unsuccessfully), but made his feelings known to her on the Daris II mission. Merigold was infected with a virus that threatened to kill her. Merigold escaped from sickbay to die, leaving Tyr her pounch of merigold and sunflower seeds as a memento. Risking his life, Tyr followed her and found her. With the aide of Doctor Yavanna he created a mental link with her. He entered her mind and protected her from the dark memories of what she had been forced to do by the virus. Tyr was seriously wounded as well, and the two bonded during the healing process. Shortly after the mission Tyr reaffirmed his feelings to Merigold in person, and the two became involved and began a relationship together.

Stardate 238012.09-Tyr proposes to Merigold KitiganZibi on the Ba'ku homeworld. She accepts, but the engagement is short-lived. Choosing duty over love, Merigold breaks off the engagement. This nearly destroys Tyr and he transfers off the Constitution to escape the pain.

Stardate 238102.08-While commanding the USS Discovery, Tyr is confronted by Nekkar's uncle, Kho-Lak, who has brought with him a Half-Talarian girl. Tyr is told that Leonna, the girl's mother, was killed in a border dispute, and her foster father no longer feels that she is safe. Kho-Lak turns Daisha over to him, and tells Tyr that he is her father. Tyr begins to bond with his new half-Talarian, half-Ba'ku daughter.

Stardate 238111.xx-After a failed relationship with a young Science Officer, Tyr is determined to avoid women in general. Ironically, he encounters Eden Redstone, a half-Vulcan Security Officer. Redstone goes out of her way to attempt to stop his daughter's abduction, and builds a bond with her. She gradually breaks down Tyr's walls and he is slowly becomes enamored with her. During the Proenok mission, Tyr and Eden pose as a married couple to infiltrate an alien faction. Though at first the deception is strictly for the mission, they realize that there is something far beyond their assigned roles. The two begin to explore their feelings for each other. As their relationship deepens, Eden is captured and tortured by a vicious killer. She's eventually rescued, and both realize their love for each other kept them both alive and sane. Eden tells Tyr that she loves him. During her recovery, Tyr cuts his hair to differentiate his looks from the shape-shifting killers. Eden, realizing his sacrifice, proposes to him. Tyr accepts.

Later, on a mission to the Camelot system, Eden is tragically killed in an attempt to save an innocent life. In a final mental burst sent through their link, Eden gives Tyr the strength to move on..without her.

Stardate 238603.xx - Tyr endures several other painful relationships, including one with Lieutenant Andrews, an officer who took command of the USS Constellation after Commodore Decker was injured. The Discovery had been thrown back in time to the confrontation with the planet killer and Tyr had to make the decision to allow history to proceed-which meant Andrews had to die along with the rest of her crew. Following this, he swore off relationships entirely, and has spent most of his time being a confidant and advisor to his daughter.

Stardate 2387-88: Tyr is reunited with his lost love, Eden Redstone, having thought she had been killed long ago. On the Camelot mission, she had been cloned and her katra had been kept inside a Vulcan crystal. During the Fal'Tor'Pan ceremony, the consciousness was returned to the clone and Eden slowly became herself again. After 5 long years apart, they were reunited in sickbay and Tyr quickly proposed afterward. They were married on stardate 238816.11.

Stardate 238902.22': Eden gives birth to twin boys, Sanuye Maxwell and Tye Ghyurn, giving Tyr his first sons and uniting the family in a way he had never anticipated. The boys each carry names of their protectors and dear friends of the family.

Stardate 238905.5': With a confrontation with the psychotic serial killer Zero on the horizon, Eden flees Discovery with Teagan, shattering Tyr's marriage and ending their relationship.

Stardate 239203.27: Having put herself on the line to bring Tye and Daisha to Duronis II to get him to stay, Tyr finally expresses his long-standing feelings for Admiral Turner during a walk on the beach. The two begin a (cautious) relationship.

Toni and Tyr at 20th Anniversary Black Tie Awards Celebration for UFOP:Starbase 118.

Stardate 239304.23: Toni and Tyr become engaged, and appear the first time as a bona fide couple at the awards ceremony for the Duronis II Embassy crew. Tyr kneels on the dance floor and presents Toni with a ring that he crafted from an ancient material now no longer available deep beneath the mantle of Duronis. They are in the process of setting their wedding date.

Tyr and Toni on their wedding day

Stardate 239312.01: Toni and Tyr are married by Raj Blueheart on Duronis II in a ceremony filled with friends, former shipmates, and even a flyover by the USS Discovery, his former flagship.

Stardates 239401-238402.09:After their wedding, Toni disappears. Tyr tracks her to the USS Thunder just as it leaves orbit, and inexplicably heads out of the system. Tyr gives chase in the USS Discovery with a skeleton crew, and discovers that Toni is under the control of his son, Sanuye. Tyr and the remaining Embassy crew uncover a plot to destroy the Ba'ku homeworld and halt it, with Tyr having to fire on his new wife's ship and cripple it. Sanuye's hold over her is broken and it is discovered that behind the entire plot is none other than Eden Redstone, Tyr's ex-wife and mother of his children. Eden disappears in a Scimitar-class vessel after a fierce showdown in Embassy space.


Tyr's katana

Martial Arts: While on the homeworld, Tyr studied the martial arts of many species, most notably ancient Earth. With over 200 years of training, practice, and discipline, he is an accoplished hand-to-hand and weapons expert, and a terror in a fight. Although his advancing age has caused him to slip slightly in his prowess, he is still a force to be reckoned with when starships and phaser rifles fail. He wields an ancient, 16th-Century Earth Katanagiven to him by his late sensei, Hiro Nakagawa, who took over his training when Tyr entered Starfleet. The razor-sharp weapon has sent many of Tyr's foes to their demise.

Tyr playing his accoustic guitar

Music: Tyr's other great passion (besides his family and crew) is his love of "offlander" music. Again, his primary interest is 19th-21st century earth music. He has been known to play for his crew on special occasions, but mostly will pluck the strings of his guitar in quiet contemplation in his quarters. He is especially fond (to the dismay of his Ba'ku brethren) of rock music of the late 20th and early 21st century Earth.

Nature / Rock Climbing: One love Tyr does share with his Ba'ku kin is the love of animals and all things natural. He is at home in a natural environment, out under the sky in the sunshine. His keen eyesight and instincts are sharpest in this environment as well. He has been known to climb a mountain "because it's there", as he loves to quote Kirk, when on shore leave.


The Ba'ku Village

# 237506.06: Tyr is accepted into Starfleet Academy, and departs the Ba'ku homeworld, sacrificing his near-immortality for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and exploration. He barely passes his math courses but excels in ship defense, weapons and tactics.

  • 237909.22: Tyr and his fellow fourth-year cadets undergo final simulation training under the tutelage of Major Brandon Toullis on Starbase 118 before graduation from Starfleet Academy
  • 237910.07: Tyr passes his final simulation training and is promoted to Ensign, becoming the first Ba'ku in Starfleet.
  • 238006.XX - 238007.XX: Tyr participates in the Daris II mission, dispatched by Captain Hebron to track down the sender of a false message regarding his wife's death. Tyr is instrumental in locating the source, which turns out to be a stolen Constitution-Class vessel commanded by a Romulan madman naved Chevez, and Drake Thompson, a renegade Federation officer who nearly killed him. The Tiamat attacks and destroys the shuttle Tyr is piloting, and he is captured and tortured at the hands of Thompson. He is exchanged for Commander Nekkar and ends up on Daris II, where he and his crewmates unite to combat an undead horde and uncover a terrible secret. Daris II eventually destroys itself, but Tyr and his shipmates are rescued by the Constitution
  • 238010.XX: Tyr is captured and assimilated by the Borg while on the Dead Space mission with the USS Constitution. His tactical knowledge is used against the crew but Fleet Captain Hebron mounts a rescue mission and saves him. He escapes sickbay and is nearly killed, actually being pronounced dead for 20 minutes. The nanites that once fought his system now save it, and bring Tyr back to life-destroying themselves in the process. Tyr is declared Borg-free and slowly is rehabilitated with the aid of Lieutenant Kitiganzibi and Doctor Gabriel.
    Tyr as a Borg drone
  • 238012.30: Tyr transfers to Starbase 118 Ops to continue his career. When arriving on the starbase, he sees the USS Tiamat de-cloak and begin destroying the interior of the starbase. Tyr intercepts an attempt to abduct the family of Thomas Firehawk, and with Ensigns Kayne and Firehawk, sabotage the Tiamat to prevent its escape. Tyr confronts Captain Thompson attempting to escape, and sucks them both out of the shuttlebay. The Tiamat is destroyed by a fleet from the Starbase-Thompson is killed in the process but Tyr is saved by Captain Nekkar and the USS Discovery
  • 238102.xx - 238103.11 Tyr is given command of the USS Discovery by Captain Nekkar, to oversee mining operations of the Daris II debris field. During the mission, the crew uncovers a pirate operation and tows one of the vessels back to the Starbase to bring them to justice
  • 238103.11 - 238105.xx: Returning triumphantly to the Starbase, Tyr finds that Nekkar and a few officers are locked into the holodeck with the safety protocols off. Teaming with the crew he opens the holodeck and frees Captain Nekkar, but also releases a vicious program that has achieved sentience. An insidious computer worm has invaded the starbase. Tyr eventually battles and destroys the program while the crew eliminates the worm that caused it.
  • 238108.xx:Tyr commands an away team comprised of Ensign Iswarya Ghaurav, Professor James and Lilly Evergreen to scout out the planet Bova III for possible terraforming. The team is nearly killed when the transporter malfunctions due to ionization in the atmosphere, but materialize on the planet, unable to contact the ship or each other, the team has to locate each other, complete the mission, and avoid deadly "Wraiths" that seem to draw out the greatest terror in one's past. Out of oxygen, under attack and wounded, the Discovery descends into the atmosphere and beams them out at the last moment.
  • 238108.xx: Daisha is kidnapped by a ruthless Cardassian named Gul Dusist. It was Dusist's intention to use Daisha as a bargaining piece against Daisha's stepfather, Annzo Chafka, who controls a Talarian border colony desperately wanted by Dusist. Tyr begs Starfleet to help him, but Starfleet refuses to start a war over one little girl. Tyr turns in his pips and goes after Dusist himself. After a long battle, Tyr kills Dusist and destroys his ship, rescuing Daisha in the process. He returns to the base and faces court martial
  • 238110.02: Tyr is tried and convicted, but it is revealed that Dusist was plotting a terrorist attack against the Starbase itself. Tyr is given an official reprimand but is also promoted to Commander for his valor and elimination of a known terrorist. He returns to active duty with the Ops crew.
  • 238111.xx: Tyr and the officers of the USS Discovery are tasked with recovering a crew marooned on the planet Proenok VI. Posing as one of the planet's inhabitants, he is ordered to recover the downed shuttlepods and protect the secrets of Federation technology at all costs. During the mission it is found that the Captain of the marooned crew has supplied weapons to the Proenokians. Tyr, Lt. Redstone and Lt. Mitchell capture the Captain and destroy the Federation technology before the Proenok civilization can be further contaminated. Meanwhile, in orbit, the Discovery is attacked by the M5 computer, which the crew learns was the cause of the marooned Proenokian crew. Captain Nekkar is critically injured and slips into a coma.
  • 23812.xx: Upon returning to the station, Captain Nekkar is declared comatose. Commander McCall assumes command of the starbase, and Tyr is promoted to First Officer.
  • 238202 - 238204: The crew is stalked by a shape-shifting serial killer named Zero. Zero impersonates Tyr and uses his command authority to endanger the lives of his crewmates. Zero is eventually captured and Tyr escorts him personally to Earth for imprisonment.
A painting of the USS Discovery Tyr keeps in his office
  • 238205 - 238207: Resulting from a transporter accident, the crew is hurled into a medieval setting and their memories erased. Alternate realities are put in place, and Tyr is cast as a reclusive Ranger. Eventually, through a bond with Eden Redstone, he recovers his identity and helps to rescue the rest of the crew. Eden is later killed by one of the inhabitants of the medieval world.
  • 238208 - 238211: Determined to find the cause of Eden's killer, Tyr and the others trace the orders back to their source: Admiral Mathias, a hard-nosed woman intent on gathering information regarding Black Ops. While on shore leave, Tyr is attacked in his Risan quarters. The crew pursues the Black Ops crew to Betazed, where Tyr engages and destroys the USS Renegade, a Defiant-class starship, while Captain McCall quells resistance on the surface and eliminates the Ops leader. Tyr beams down with Syn Anestri and traces the now-deceased Admiral's information to its source and retrieves it.
  • 238301.11: Tyr is awarded the Silver Palm by Starfleet Command.
  • 238301 - 238303: The Starbase is attacked by a fleet of Romulan Warbirds, and overwhelmed. Tyr and the others are forced to retreat, leaving Captain McCall behind. Tyr returns after organizing a massive battle fleet and, with much bloodshed, retakes the base, only to find McCall has been taken prisoner and spirited away to Romulus.
  • 239101.31: After exposing the actions of an Admiral in the hierarchy of Starfleet relating to the Daris II virus and defeating his former mentors, Captain Nekkar and Fleet Captain Hebron, Tyr is informed that he has been relieved of command and retires to his homeworld.
  • 239103.03: Miserable in retirement on his homeworld, Fleet Captain Toni Turner, an old friend, convinces Tyr to join her at the Duronis II Embassy, offering him the position of Marine XO and the rank of Colonel. Tyr leaps at the possibility and departs the homeworld that day to start a new adventure.
  • 239202.xx: Tyr is critically injured by T'Lea while she is under control of a cybernetic implant. T'Lea strikes him in the spine and dislodges a disc and cracking several vertebrae. Tyr attempts to recover but quickly realizes that his injury invades every aspect of his duties, and sinks into a deep depression. He resigns on Stardate 239203.27. Admiral Toni Turner puts a halt to his retreat by bringing his children, Tye and Daisha to the Embassy to serve. This expression of loyalty to him along with the efforts of nearly half the crew brings him out of his doldrums and gets him back on his feet (literally).

Previous Ships Served On: USS Constitution, StarBase 118 Ops, USS Discovery, USS Discovery-A, USS Discovery-B, USS Discovery-C


Tyr in his duty uniform

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Date(s) Posting Assignment
004-Cadet1st-Red.png Cadet 1st Class 237910.15 USS Centris Graduate
01-Ensign-Red.jpg Ensign 237910.15-238003.16 USS Constitution Helm/Comm/Ops
02-LieutenantJG-Red.jpg Lieutenant JG 238003.16-238005.31 StarBase 118 Ops
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg 238006.1-238007.31 Security Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 238007.31-238006.15 USS Constitution Chief Tactical Officer
238006.15-238101.22 StarBase 118 Ops Chief Security Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lt. Commander 238101.22-238110.02 Second Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238110.02-238307.12 First Officer
06-Captain-Red.jpg Captain 238307.12-239103.02 Commanding Officer
238307.12-239103.02 USS Discovery
238307.12-239103.02 USS Discovery-A
238307.12-239103.02 USS Discovery-B
238307.12-239103.02 USS Discovery-C
M06-Col-Green.jpg Colonel 239103.06-239104.19 Duronis Embassy Marine XO
M06-Col-Green.jpg Colonel 239104.19-239208.31 Duronis Embassy Marine CO
06-Captain-Red.jpg Captain 239208.31-Present Duronis Embassy CO, Strategic Operations


Awards ServiceRibbons Starship Commander.jpg

Starship Commander Ribbon, 7 years

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Commanding Ofc.
Toni Turner
Executive Officer
Geoffrey Teller
Chief of Security
Krindo Pandorn
Security Officer
Dar Elandra
Marine Ops.
Hannibal Parker
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Rode Mitchell
Wes Greaves LtCol.png
Wes Greaves
Ben Garcia 2.png
Second Officer/HCO
Ben Garcia
Chief Medical Officer
Addison MacKenzie
Medical Officer
Quen Deena
Alieth ltcmmdr.png
Medical Officer
Chief Counsellor
Alexander Brodie
Lorian Lovar3.PNG
Chief Science Officer
Lorian Lovar
Science Officer
Tara Wilkins
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