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Following completion of basic training and time spent in the field, enlisted marine personnel may elect to undertake 16 months of advanced training to further their career progression.

Month 1

  • Joining routine
  • Issuing of all kit and equipment
  • Briefings on Officers course and general etiquette in the mess and around camp
  • Introduction to the gym and Physical Training
  • Introduction to drill (marching)
  • Introduction to the Advanced Weapons
  • Overview of the Marines
  • Introduction to Advanced map reading and Deployments
  • A visit to the Marines Museum
  • Packing a military Bergan (standard issue rucksack)

Month 2

  • Exercise First Stop – learning Advanced fieldcraft including hygiene, navigation and moving at night
  • Signals Training
  • Field exercise – learning about camouflage and concealment skills, section attacks and night navigation
  • Live firing on the ranges.

Month 3

  • Introduction and training In Advanced Search and Rescue
  • Advanced First Aid training
  • Exercise Lost Tribe – a Therma navigation exercise
  • Further advanced weapons training

Month 4

  • Exercise Eye Opener – a navigation based exercise
  • Map Reading and Deployment exams
  • Grenade lessons
  • Leadership lessons
  • Complete physical training in the gym and on to the assault course

Month 5

  • Exercise Quick Draw – an exercise with the Artillery and space units of the Marines
  • Introduction to Orders

Month 6

  • Start of Offensive Operations package
  • Introduction to Advanced Tactics package - observation Posts, patrolling and battle drills
  • Confirmatory exercise

Month 7

  • Exercise Early Bird – covering orders, troop attacks and vehicle anti-ambush drills
  • A visit to a Commando Unit

Month 8

  • Exercise Dragon Storm– covering patrols and troop attacks
  • Introduction to mines
  • Continuation of training on assault course
  • Various speed marches

Month 9

  • The start of the Defensive Operations package
  • Fighting In Built Up Areas
  • Fighting In Built Up Areas exercise
  • Artillery and space live firing
  • Introduction to the Endurance Course and Tarzan Assault Course
  • Lessons on Organisation and Role of the marines

Month 10

  • Lessons on Battlefield Technologies
  • Exercise Crash Action – a three week exercise prior to start of the Commando Course. The exercise will involve the use of amphibious, space and ground assets simulated attacks on Federation worlds.

Month 11

  • The start of the Commando Course
  • Four Commando tests to be completed in consecutive order, including; Endurance Course, Nine Mile Speed March, Tarzan Assault Course and finishing off with the Thirty Mile Run.
  • Continuation of Tactics and Doctrine training
  • Anti-Armour training
  • Urban and Rural patrolling

Month 12

  • Exercise Swiftfoot – Fighting In Built Up Areas exercise
  • Thrity minute presentations given by the Officers
  • Deployment for three weeks to Vulcan Desserts

Month 13

  • Lessons on organisation and roles of the Commando Units
  • Introduction to life in a Commando Unit
  • Adventurous Training

Month 14

  • Conduct live fire shooting packages
  • One week for military studies
  • Battlefield Tour

Month 15

  • Lessons on report writing
  • Introduction to recruit training
  • Exercise Final Nail – the culmination of everything that has been taught throughout training

Month 16

  • Conduct Sword Drill
  • Conduct Drill practice
  • Receive final reports
  • Take part in Squad Pass Out Parade