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USS Excalibur - A
Kalianna Nicholotti
Position Commanding Officer
Rank Commodore
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236312.29
Age 37
Birthplace Tokyo, Earth

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Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti is not the commanding officer of the USS Resolution because that blew up. She currently is the commanding officer of the USS Excalibur - A (an inactive vessel OOC), assigned to patrolling the Tholian border.

Character Information

  • Full Name: Kalianna Arashi Nicholotti
  • Race: Human
  • DoB: 236312.29 Tokyo, Japan
  • Gender: Female



Second Lt. Kalianna Nicholotti
Kali as a Laudean
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 165
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Crystalline Blue
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Build: Athletic


Kalianna was born into a family that held tight to rich traditions. With a native Earth background that could be traced back for generations, there were many things that Kali was expected to live up to. While some of these things included faith, tradition, and holidays, others had to do with her future.

She was always a strong headed type that did not let much stand in her way. Although this caused problems when she was younger, Kali has learned over the years that there simply are times when you must step aside. Still, very little will stop her from getting the job done or attaining the goals that she has set for herself. She does not expect things from life, but she is not afraid to get out there and get them for herself.

There were always military members in Kali's family. Her father is an instructor for Starfleet Marine Ground Forces, based on Earth where he trains new recruits. Her grandfather was a pilot for the same. If one were to look at the family tree, roots can be traced all the way back to the Japanese pilots in World War 2, the Submariners in what was known as the Cold war, the ground forces that led the way in the aftermath of World War 3, and many more modern conflicts.

She is generally quiet, but she loves to push the edge of things. Never backing down to a challenge, she is known for fierce loyalty and may sometimes seem a bit standoffish. It is important to note, that while she does maintain a tough exterior, she is not immune to fear, sadness, or the plethora of other human emotions that exist. She is physically able, but has a hard time with delicate tasks that take time and patience. At the same time, she has a strategic mind that will weigh the options before making rash moves. Since she has worked over people, such as other marines, she has learned the importance of bringing out the best in those around her, and no matter what the circumstances are, she strives to do just that.

First Assignment Aboard the USS Resolution

Kali had a rocky start to her first assignment on the USS Resolution. During her first away mission, a mercy mission to the planet Lavon, she sustained a near fatal injury when she took a knife to the chest defending the First Officer, then Lieutenant Commander Andrus Jaxx. Because of the injury, she had to have a heart replacement. In the days that followed, she remained in a coma in sickbay, living a nightmare where the beast, a hirogen hunter, pursued her. When the time came for her to be brought out of her sedation, Dr. Deron and Lt. Kora found out that she could not wake up, and thus, telepathy was used to help bring her around.

With the nightmare's fresh in her memory, she has had a hard time readjusting to the waking world. Sleeping was difficult, as it often brought about the frightening memories of the coma's nightmare. The friends that she made at the Academy, Eliaan and Makal, have become even more important to her now, and in the days that followed her awakening, Kali and Makal grew quite close. Kali has also forged a new friendship with the First Officer, whom she now views as an older brother.

Return to Earth

Kali suffers extensively with PTSD, and it hits her at pretty much random times. Choosing to take herself out of the place that reminded her the most of her nightmare, and subsequent loss of lover, she returned to Earth and completed medical school. Building on the extensive history of battlefield medicine that she already had, it did not take long to complete the program. Now Doctor Kalianna Nicholotti, she was assigned to the USS Eagle as a Medical Officer. Much to her surprise, she would find a close friend already there.

Though she had completed medical school, Kali's piloting skills were called upon once she reached the Eagle, but this was only temporary. Returning to sickbay, she worked long hours trying to escape the nightmares that still came when she closed her eyes. Though time had dulled the wounds, getting back out into space was something that seemed to wake up the past. On the verge of a breakdown, Kali realized that the stint in school had not been enough to help her tackle the nightmares and the PTSD responses that had landed her there in the first place. Needing to regroup once more, she returned to Starbase 118 with another old friend, Vincent Jones and began working with a Starfleet counselor.

Back on Active Duty

Six months later, having made considerable improvement, Kali was contacted and offered a position aboard a ship that would simply be heading out in search of a flag officer, who had disappeared along with his ship. When she heard the missing ship was the Eagle, she accepted the offer. Though she had only planned on being gone temporarily, the Victory was commissioned and she remained in sickbay. Since her arrival there, the nightmares have become something she is able to cope with.

Kali integrated into her new position without much turbulence. She was once again reunited with some old friends under the command of the soon to be Captain Jaxx. Once again, she took up her post in sickbay, where she met Tressa after a shuttle accident that left the new ensign badly injured. The Captain took a liking to Tressa about that time; a fact that did not go unnoticed by Kali. As the woman healed, Kali and her grew close. Shortly after, as Tressa and the Captain embark on a new path together, Kali finds that the Gideon is pregnant. As they had grown close, Kali was asked to be the namesake of one of the twins.

As the newly appointed Second Officer, Kali took up her new post on the bridge as the Victory set out for their next assignment; to take command of Starbase 118. As the ship was leaving, it was transported back in time by a Q, where it collided with the Apollo 11 spacecraft en route to the moon. While on an away mission, the First Officer became severely incapacitated, eventually leading to Kali's promotion to First Officer.

The crew worked feverishly to get the Apollo ship rebuilt and back on track, but it was ultimately the Q that brought them back to their own timeline. Before sending them back, however, each officer was tempted and tested. For Kali, the temptation was the instant reunification with her past lover Makal Kora. Declining, as difficult as it had been, Kali and the rest of the crew was dropped back into their own timeline right in front of the Starbase.

Reassignment: Starbase 118

Though the crew had just been through quite the ordeal, they took command of the station the next day. Unfortunately, that was the same day that Bajoran Scarlett Brotherhood terrorists decided to attack, taking most of the station offline. For Kali, this became a trial under fire, as she was left in command of the entire station in a crisis while the Captain was away from the Hub. It was a challenge that she easily overcame.

In the hours that followed the initial attack, Kali ran emergency operations from the Hub as the rest of the senior staff made their way, manually and in the dark, to her. Eventually, as emergency power was just being restored, the Captain arrived with a couple of officers in tow. His safe arrival at the Hub did not come without a cost; Lt Commander Guy Hunt is killed when he convinces a group of terrorists, intent on using violence to get out of the now sticky situation, to follow him in order to get what they wanted. Once in position, an explosion engulfed them all. Hunt died moments later after being beamed to the newly powered up hospital ship, the USS Braveheart.

Kali had been friends with Hunt since her initial posting, so the news of his death hit hard when it came from the Doctor. Still, half the station was in total darkness and so far they had only been able to get emergency power back, so she had to stow any feelings that she did have until a later date.

By the end of almost three entire days, the situation came to a head when terrorists in a freighter tried to dock by having someone on the inside bypass all Starfleet protocols. The victory is launched and the terrorists got desperate. In an attempt at some kind of final glory, the remaining terrorists attempt to overload the warp core within mere meters of Starbase 118. By using the tractor beam, the Victory is able to drag the ship safely away, but she is damaged in the process. The Victory returned to dock without trouble and large scale repairs were started immediately.

Thracian Alliance Formed

Being that there was no rest for the weary, Kali soon finds out about a planet in the Klingon/Romulan neutral zone that contains a rare mineral that both the Romulans and the Klingons want. Tensions are high as the Victory is dispatched, under the command of Kali, to prevent war from breaking out in the neutral zone. With the Klingon in charge of the fleet hell bent on starting that war, Kali has to go to extremes, even putting the Victory directly between the two raging fleets, to prevent disaster.

Word quickly comes in of a new alliance who has made a claim to the planet in question. As the two fleets surrounding the planet get closer to the absolute breaking point, the Romulans are reveled to be members of said alliance, and the treachery within the Klingon chain of command is exposed. With all sides backing down, the situation is quickly resolved allowing the Victory to return to the Starbase.

Once there, Kali decides that the entire senior staff needed some time away. After discussions with the Captain, a destination is agreed upon and a time is set. Intent on having a good time, the group sets out on the Victory to a new 'tourist planet' not far from their lonely location in space. Everything starts off great, but nothing is that simple when you're in Starfleet.

During the trip, Tressa goes into labor. With no CMO aboard, Kali delivers her best friend's children, McKenzie Kalianna and Mykel Hunter on the USS Victory on 238901.29 at 0434 via C-Section. It was a joyous moment, but one that would be short lived. Only three days into their vacation, and one day after the birth of the twins, new orders arrive from Starfleet Command that change her life forever.

Taking Command

On stardate 238902.04, at exactly 0823 hours, Commander Kalianna Nicholotti officially took command of Starbase 118 Operations. It was, perhaps, the most difficult thing she had ever done to date. And while it meant a command, she had a very hard time coming to terms with the loss of the only family she had. It was only a day after the birth of her godchildren, and Jaxx, along with Tressa and a few other officers had been suddenly reassigned. And there was no time to spare; Starfleet Command made sure to convey the extreme urgency that he return to Mars.

Kali would later learn that Jaxx had been given command of the USS Apollo; a brand new ship with amazing potential. It meant that he would be leaving her behind, not as XO to another, but as CO herself. He had had extreme faith in her, even though she did not, and now all she could do was make him proud.

Following some time aboard Ops as the Commanding Officer, Kali learned that Jaxx would be coming for a visit. His purpose was, at first, unknown, but was made apparent at a banquet he called following his arrival. He had brought two other Captains with him - Captain Avatar and Commander Kells - for the occasion. As it turned out, the entire event was set up to celebrate Kali's promotion to Captain. The event was the culmunation of many years of work and difficult paths, ultimately guided by Jaxx. It was history that she did not forget as she stepped into the role and rank of Captain.

A Brand New Day

Becoming Captain was more than a pivotal moment for Kali; it was here where she finally knew that there would be no going back. Starbase 118, the hundreds of thousands souls that were aboard, the ships in spacedock, and the entirety of the sector were now her responsibility. As such, her first order of business was to connect with her first officer, the somewhat reclusive Benjamin Walker. Though she hadn't chosen him as her first officer like most Captains did, she learned during the banquet and a simple dance they shared that he was the best choice she could have picked anyways.

In the days that followed, Kali saw her crew forging into far more than just a group of people who worked together. While she had become filled with the sense of loss when Jaxx, Tressa, and Frost had left for the Apollo, Kali was suddenly realizing that her family hadn't left her. They'd simply changed. The sense of belonging slowly returned, even if the faces were different, and her need to watch over and protect them renewed. Bonds and bridges came into sudden being and a new family formed around her.

Strange Dreams

Delving into the unknown in the calm before the Klingon storm, Kali suddenly found herself at a crossroads. Every emotion imaginable seemed to boil up inside her as she brought David Cody into her office following a briefing where she learned that there was someone out to assassinate her. In the time they spent behind closed doors, Kali learned more about herself, her role as Captain, her humanity, and the new bond that they'd discovered out of the blue. Emotions running high, somehow she caught a glimpse into the strange visions that he'd not entirely shared with her. From the wispy fog of a strange room, to the glinting of dual Ixvapyan Scythemii blades, she didn't yet realize that it was only a glimpse into what the future would bring.

Stepping back out into the real world, outside her office, Kali runs into an old face she'd not seen in some time. Colt Daniels and Kali keep their past to themselves as an assassination plot is made known and he, along with Kali's old second in command of the Resolution Marine fireteam, Vincent Jones, name themselves impromptu bodyguards. They spend the day following her, never realizing that the 'Kali' they pick up later in the day, which exited Commander Cody's quarters, was actually a bioholomatrix clone made to take her place and provide the ultimate protection. The ruse is immensely successful, and the two never realize that it isn't the real Kali.

Kali, while her clone was being attacked, and saved by Colt in her office, remains hidden in the safety of Cody's quarters, and his arms, falling into an ironically peaceful sleep while hellfire rained down around the Victory's sickbay. After her clone sends a status update, Kali and David wake to the horror they had hoped to avoid. And while Kali runs to the Victory to survey the situation, and reveal the secret of her clone to her Executive Officer, which ultimately builds a strong bond between them, David Cody turns himself in for the clone's creation despite the fact that it had never meant to go as far as it had. While Kali deals with the potential revelation that her clone is a real, sentient being, she doesn't know that Cody now sits in a holding cell in the Victory's brig.

To Really Live, Die

Barely overcoming the whirlwind of trouble following the attempt on her life and the subsequent near death of Colt Daniels, Kali pulls things together to lead the Victory out of spacedock and towards Thracian space. The President of the Alliance, along with Kali's friend, the Romulan turned Thracian Commander Creena, are missing and in hiding. A rogue Klingon fleet, led by Krax and a General from the near battle that resulted in the original formation of the Thracian Alliance, began preying on civilian ships evacuating following the destruction of the invasion of Romulan space by the Klingon Empire proper. To put an end to it, and allow intervention by the Federation required the signing of the protectorate treaty that Lily Ventu had offered the Alliance at their inception. Time had run out for the government to get it done; now they would sign, or face annihilation.

Calling in help from a new friend, Fleet Captain Idril Mar, and her ship the Achilles, and an old friend, Jaxx, Kali works to push her fears away and play the game of chicken that Krax initiates. Words are spoken, and her head is demanded as a war criminal, but neither Jaxx or Mar leave her side. Though an uneasy moment passes, it doesn't take long for Krax to show his true colors. Bringing his plan together, he forces multiple torpedoes to explode on a subspace bubble as he jumps to warp, creating a shockwave large enough to do a lot of damage to the Victory despite the Apollo blocking most of the wave. Perhaps the worst part of it all, though, was the electromagnetic energy that began to overload and fry electronics following the wave, including Kali's artificial heart.

Kali died in the arms of David Cody. He had carried her to sickbay, as the intership transporters had been rendered inoperable, arriving just in time for her to take her last breath and plunge into her own form of complete darkness.

It would be some hours later that Kali would discover that death, at least for her, was not final. In fact, it was in death that she found life itself. Following the miraculous surgical procedure where the Chief Medical Officer, Johanna MacLaren was able to replace her artificial heart with one she'd grown from DNA stem cells belonging to Kali herself, Kali awoke to find David nearby, and a fluttering heart she soon learned was real. With a new outlook on life, and the precious moments that she had with David, lots of things were put out on the table and the two decided to set off on a new path; a path that they would walk together as one.


With a fully clear mind, and with the ship on her way home to Starbase 118, Kalianna discovers orders that reinstate David Cody to full Commander mixed in with reports of damage and wounded, and a note from Kevin Breeman, who'd discovered Cody's lab during the crisis. Anya, and letting the crew in on her secret, would wait for the night, but David's promotion and further permanency of the relationship they'd started would not. In Kali's ready room, she promoted him amidst showers of kisses and finding herself lost in his arms.

Making her way, with him by her side, to the umbilical, she left for her office to catch up on the state of the station before the party that night with the crews of the other ships, but not before inviting him into her home and making it known that she wanted him there that night and every night to come.

While in her office, Kali was able to confront the final aspects of the assassination plot, including handing over those responsible to JAG and Intel, and confronting Colt Daniels for the first time since he'd returned to the station. While their relationship was not something they would continue, mainly based on Kali's childhood memories of her father never being home 'because of work' and her inflexibility when it comes to the men in her life and leaving for those same reasons. Though she could not ask him to give up his career or the forward momentum he was creating, she could not attempt to continue a distanced relationship either.

Following the 'afterparty' for the crews of the Mercury, Apollo, and Ops, during which Kali connects with David's almost adopted daughter, B'Sara, the three forge ahead in a sort of family in the privacy suite that Kalianna has as Captain of the station. It was that night that B'Sara officially became a Cody, as Kali signed off on the paperwork that would make it so, and the morning following that would bring the first 'hurdles' of family life for David.

It was also that morning that Kalianna decided to reveal Anya to the senior staff, but not until she had done some staff shifting and presented the yearly awards to the crew.

And Gone Again

A fragile peace settles over the region as the near war is not only averted, but as a new leader seems to draw most of the Romulan factions inward. As a result, a kind of peace settles also across Starbase 118. For Kali, it means recovery and rest as she adjusts to her new heart. Life has new meaning for her as she wakes up in the arms of the man she'd fallen for, never realizing how short lived his time with her would be. Though she goes about her day seemingly normally, something sinister stirs in another galaxy.

Though she doesn't know it, centuries old way-corridors, and the lucky formation of a gravity well/wormhole that leads from the edge of the Milky Way to the Azure nebula, brings danger to the Trinity sector and the galaxy as a whole. Carnivorous creatures begin preying on freighters and other ships, leaving Kali to wonder what new enemy they face. As the first reports come in, tragedy strikes; David Cody's body seems to dissolve into the deck as his mind is recalled to where his real body is located - just outside the galaxy on Odyssey Station.

Kali nearly comes apart at the seams, faltering and falling into an obsessive depression with the drive only to find David. Throwing up various masks of command to hide behind, the woman inside lays broken and fractured in the dark. Though the crew is able to close the rupture in space and return the dangerous beings to their own galaxy, and find David's body (along with Anya, who had been kidnapped the same moment David had faded from their realm), Kali finds herself shattered as he remains in a coma in sickbay. Not knowing if he will recover, or remain comatose forever, the Captain hides behind duty and the uniform, avoiding her own quarters and enlisting the help of anyone she can to find answers.

Yet, as of now, no answers are forthcoming.

Starting a New Chapter

In the days that follow the crew's return from Odyssey, Kali finds herself deeper and deeper within herself. Swearing that she would not allow her emotions to be torn apart ever again, the part of her that remains broken is buried deep inside. On her face, stoicism, and concern for only her crew (rather than her personal life) allows her something to focus on. Time passes, and the pain of a very short lived love story fades.

Inside, Kali keeps her emotions in check and remains on guard against any who would try to connect on a more personal level. She turns to her friend and the family of her crew to get by, but avoids burdening them with the details. Instead, she works hard and long hours, falling asleep in her office rather than heading home to her nearly empty quarters. Before long, the monotony of normal operations is broken by a freighter requesting repairs.

Dealing with the mystery surrounding the ship and its Benzite captain allowed Kali to remain on her game and not deal with the complex emotional issues that link her to David Cody. She's able to further separate herself from what might have been, once more affirming her idea of being married to Starfleet. Uncovering a plague on a number of Romulan worlds only serves to help her use this momentum to do something constructive, eventually leading to her reassignment to the USS Excalibur-A, a Vesta class starship just off the line from Utopia Planetia.

With her entire senior staff reassigned as well, the first mission of the Excalibur is to find the source of the plague in Romulan space, though, with the ship that had been delivered by Fleet Captain Jaxx himself, it was apparent that their mission would take them much further than they'd been previously able to go. Equipped with a slipstream drive, one of the first ships to be, the Excalibur entices Kali and further helps her to finally sever the ties of the what might have beens that existed as long as she and David Cody had still been on the same vessel.

Finding out she had been promoted to Fleet Captain as well, Kali leaves behind the past and sets her sights on a brighter future yet to come, aboard the USS Excalibur A.

Saving a Planet

Unable to address the emotions plaguing her, Kali sets her focus on that of Agurtha, a world within the Romulan Empire's borders that is suffering from a catastrophic plague. At the request of a Romulan Commodore, who hails from this world and who controls a Fleet of Romulan ships, Kali leads her crew into the Empire on a mission not like any she'd read about before. Welcome, but not welcome on the planet, she finds herself caught between the political posturing of the civilian government, the underhanded control of the Tal'Shiar, and the medical urgency of the plague itself, which is threatening to jump species. Thankfully, her officers are able to contain the plague and find its source through an uncovered Iconian gateway.

But just as she thought she would be able to escape this moment unscathed, word of a suicide bomb arrives. Again, Kali loses those she has allowed herself to get close to as Doctor MacLaren is found badly injured. Though a cure for the plague is devised, the joy and pride she might have had in the moment was quashed by the shadow of an injured-again CMO. Worse yet, as she prepares to leave the planet, Kali learns that she has also lost Ben Walker, her First Officer. Having chosen to stay behind on the planet, and somehow move into the role of the planet's Tal'Shar commander, he tells her that it is the only way to ensure the safety of his family. Learning that his sister, Luna, was found on the planet, and was instrumental in discovering the Skyfire Cure, Kali has no choice but to honor his wishes and leave him behind.

An empty shell of a woman leaves the world and guides the Excalibur back to Starbase 118, where a two day leave is to be enjoyed by all. Kali participates in honoring her crew for their hard work, but finds something dramatically lacking. A darkness looms in her mind and her soul, detaching her once vibrant emotional state from the woman in command.

The Death of Kalianna

Taking the Excalibur out on a mission of exploration, Kali soon found herself and her ship in an uncharted area of space. An anomaly threatened both their own safety, as well as that of the people who inhabited a station in the sector. The crew around her worked feverishly on a solution, finding one only after exhausting a number of other alternatives. Someone had to fly into the anomaly to close it, resulting in potential death for the pilot as well as anyone else trapped in the folds between that reality and hers.

Ultimately, left with no other choice, it was Kali who took her fighter out into space. It was Kali that flew into the anomaly. And then it was Kali who sealed the rift, paying with her life.

What remains is a tiny singularity, holding a strangely shaped nebula in place. The nebula spans the line where the anomaly once was, and is now referred to as 'Kali's Scar'.

Though technically missing, Kalianna was pronounced assumed dead on 239104.13.

The Phoenix Rises

Months after she disappeared, the naked body of Kalianna Nicholotti was found and retrieved by Erscyne Trade Alliance ships. She was brought aboard the station and cared for medically - to the best of the Trade Alliance's ability - while waiting for a representative of Starfleet to pick her up. While she waited, she was given food and drink and allowed to converse with the Prime Captain of the station, who told her what she could of the event that had presumably taken her life.

Dressed in the robes given to her by the Azekyan leader, Kalianna left the Erscyne station with Lt Commander Colt Daniels. Though she did not remember him, he certainly remembered her. The ride they shared back to Starbase 118 was packed with conversation that helped Kali catch up on a few things, and made her realize that the process of coming back to Starfleet wasn't going to be easy. She could remember things that could be read from any textbook, and she acted on instincts that had to come from years of experience, but she didn't remember any experiences that lead her to be who she was.

With hope, Admiral Andrus Jaxx pulls rank and demands that she be debriefed aboard the Apollo A under his care. Though unsure of what they were facing, he tries to divert the shuttle she is on to the Apollo before it arrives at 118, but a short layover uncovers more people from Kali's past, including a former crewmember, Lt Commander Brek. Her time aboard the Apollo is short lived, however, as she is quickly tapped to command a mission aboard her former ship to help address the galactic issue of troubling anomalies cropping up everywhere.

In the case of the Excalibur, the only ship welcome, at this point, in the Afehirr sector by the local inhabitants, the crew is sent to explore an anomaly that is poised to take out an entire pre-warp planet. What the crew finds is not what they expect; interference from space faring races that are not associated with the Federation. Kali finds herself caught between the prime directive, and saving the planet, when the anomaly disappears from the area. All that was left to do was to remove the evidence of manipulation and set the planet back on a natural track towards space.

About Trust

The conclusion of the mission also spelled the need for Kali to step back from command again. Starfleet wasn't quite ready to hand over the ship full time to her, but she was able to prove a great many things in the time she had. Looking towards a potential future command, she takes an assignment aboard the USS Gemini as a medical officer in the interim. Not only can she prove her memory of her medical skills there, but she is able to take some time away from any type of command to really force her past on herself. It is by doing so that she hopes to uncover the memories that are taunting her just beyond the veil of consciousness.

In the meantime, she must also re-gain the trust of those around her, namely the Captain of the Gemini, who had spoken at her funeral just a few months before.

Return from Oblivion

Kali learns that there is more than one definition of oblivion. While getting lost in the scar may have been one way, getting stuck perpetually behind a desk or in the hands of a diplomatic entourage was another, and both were equally worrisome. And yet, behind a desk and in no control of her own life - it seemed - Kali found herself serving as a federation ambassador. Her diplomatic experience as a captain came in handy and made her good at her job, but it soon became too boring for her. For someone who had always thrived on adrenaline, this life was not capturing her, or helping her regain her memories.

As soon as she could, Kali requested a return to the Trinity sector, where she had served a good part of her career. If there were memories to be found and people to be helped, it would be aboard Starbase 118. So, without any further wait, she set off and met up with the senior staff on Rankor I in just enough time to accept the resignation of one, Commodore Kinney.

Learning to Fly a Desk

At first, it was a struggle for Kali to get back into the groove of things, especially with the new job and title of Ambassador. Thankfully, she ended up on a tiny ship, the Blackwell, where she could do some real good. Instead of the difficulties she'd faced on 118, where there were meetings after meetings, and a massive diplomatic department, she suddenly found herself on the edge of what was and what might have been. In the thick of things, she might have still been behind a desk, but she was very much knee deep in the middle of things. As she began her journey, she reflected on the path that brought her there.

Just when she thought she had settled in, changes were coming. In the shadow of the events on Arndall and her work brokering a peace that only came in the wake of an invasion of historical horrors, Kali wondered if she would ever really find her footing. Lost in the transition, and doing what she could to help find a missing away team from the confines of the diplomatic suites, it wasn't until most of the crew was reassigned to the USS Columbia that she started making headway. Assigned to the Sagittarius Reach, far from Earth, but close to the galactic barrier, the crew mostly wondered what effect the barrier would have on them. Kali took a special interest, getting lost in the view as the ship moved towards its newest area of operations.

It was during one such moments that she suddenly remembered...

Fast Forward

History had a way of coming full circle. Years of struggling to find her thoughts and memories paid off. In time it was as if the synapses started to fire again and many of the things she had lost started to return. One step at a time, and with the assistance of some of the best medical and counseling personnel in Starfleet, Kalianna Nicholotti had returned to nearly the entire person she was before. Everything seemed to settle back to normal, save her eyes, which remained a bright crystalline blue.

Serving as Ambassador aboard the USS Juneau, and rooting out an attempted murder had apparently caught the eyes of Command once more. Her time on the Juneau was cut short by new orders that brought her back to the very place where everything had started. Orders directed her to Starbase 118, where she would take command of the Nova class starship Resolution.

Facing the Past, Armed with the Future

In the course of the year since Kali took command of the USS Resolution, she somehow managed to find her footing. With the memories of her past having resurfaced, the nightmares of the trials she had been through also resurfaced with alarming clarity. To avoid them, she threw herself into work, spending more time than necessary in her ready room or on the bridge. She put all she could into things until something snapped. Exasperated by the stress and isolation she had subjected herself to, Kali collapsed on the bridge making a tense situation worse for her crew. Emergency surgery was able to save her from the aneurysm in her brain, but the cause and the continuing unconscious state remained troubling.

Eventually she was transferred to a hospital on Vulcan, where a theoretical treatment was used and ended up being successful in bringing Kali back from death's doorstep once more. Still, Command deemed her unfit for command until other tests could prove otherwise, and the Resolution left her behind. Ultimately, she passed everything thrown at her and was restored to duty.

It was upon her return that she began finally pushing past the self-imposed isolation she had previously suffered. Instead of typical promotion ceremonies, she planned one out in the commercial sector of 224, she adopted a dog from the station's animal shelter, and instead of sitting alone in her ready room she took a walk and embarked on what could be a dramatic change for her future.

Broken Bow

Remnant issues from her being rebuilt by the time-river entities on the other side of the Scar continue to surface, but none so dramatic as the one discovered as a result of the interference of CloQ and the time loop. Following the Resolution's eventual escape from the 'test' imposed by the Q, Kali began experiencing time jumps, taking her to moments in the past aboard the USS Excalibur around the time of her death. The problem was that not all of the moments she was witnessing were moments that she had witnessed to begin with, including the entirety of the court martial of Lieutenant Vitor Silveira, as well as her own funeral. With the result of each jump being her falling, running into, or otherwise forcefully returning to her own time, the physical toll was showing in the form of bruises and bumps all over her body as she tried to figure out what to do about it. Trying to make good for the crew, she managed to fulfill her role at the awards ceremony on Bajor, but gave herself up to Addison and Genkos after experiencing a jump in the middle of the ceremony.

Once aboard the Excalibur, Kali is turned over to Addison for care, confined within a forcefield to prevent further time-jumps from taking her into bulkheads and out of the area, and says her goodbyes to the man she has clearly built a connection with. Though weak, the moments shared as Genkos leaves to take command of the Resolution give Kali something very real to fight to return to as she considers the fact that she is falling once more. Only this time, the depth, the colors, the sheer magnitude of it all brought on by his telepathy is unlike anything she's experienced.

A Brave New World

With Kali incapacitated and under the care of MacKenzie on the DS224, the crew of the Resolution heads to Rinascita station to follow up on a distress call and a wounded doctor who made the call. A plot is uncovered that involves a Genesis device, and unknown to anyone, a group of Suliban have infiltrated the station's team to steal it. The arrival of the Resolution prevents this, so the next best plan is put into motion, leaving the device to the mercy of one of the last remaining non-Suliban members of the team. Somehow it is activated just before it is transported over to the Resolution, and without recourse or ability to shut it down, an all hand evacuation is called while a very small skeleton crew remains behind to ensure the ship makes it to an asteroid where it's detonation would not harm life or balance already in place.

Meanwhile, Kali, having been cured of her time jumping issue by MacKenzie, travels with her and Gnaxac to rendezvous with the Resolution and arrives just in time to see it crash into an asteroid.The resulting inquiry would ultimately find no fault on the part of Adea, his acting first officer Yalu, or another player in the events of the day, Silveira, however, the Resolution remains lost and the crew is sent to 224 to away reassignment.

The Sword in the Stone

Coming to terms with the idea that the Resolution is gone, Kali connects with loved ones and old friends as they await reassignment. Ultimately, that comes in the form of the familiar USS Excalibur and the crew is kept together as they are transferred as a group to the new ship. Sent immediately out to investigate a strange source of radiation, Kali barely has time to get used to her new shared quarters with Genkos when they suddenly find themselves in bodies that don't belong to themselves. Trying to lead the crew from the body of their chief science officer, Kali ultimately helps deliver decades old spheres to a new star system where the consciousness within is able to live and thrive.

It is then, when she thinks she will be able to sit back and enjoy the Excalibur, that an Admiral from the Black Tower arrives with orders to head out once again. However, when two of her officers are left behind and out of the briefing specifically, she takes offense. Eventually uncovering said admiral's mistakes now a decade or more old, her crew work to bring justice while mitigating as much of the cultural contamination as possible.

Time and Time Again

Chasing the idea of a 'peaceful' mission, Kali finds herself sitting in a cell of an ancient Japanese prison. Dressed strangely, and confronted by historical figures, the few officers she is with work to figure out how they got there, and how they were going to get out. Successful talks seem to put them on the right track, at least until they are transported somehow to the construction of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Heads spinning, it doesn't take too much more for the crew to discover they are once again the playthings of the Q CloQ. As before, Kali struggles to stand to the Q, not willing to give in to the childish demands. Unfortunately, they didn't get away unscathed this time either, as her tactical officer Lieutenant Silveira is regressed in age with yet undiscovered consequences.

Considering it mostly a success, Kali steals away what time she can to take Genkos aloft in her holodeck representation of her jet.

A Klingon and His Honor

The ship seems to settle into a strange calm, save for the grumblings of the lower deckers who seem to be growing the divide between them and the officers, particularly the senior staff. Thus, when a request comes across Kali's desk for an event known as 'Taco Tuesday', she is quick to approve it and recommend that all of her officers take part. The problem with this doesn't reveal itself until the following day, when the crew picks up delegates for talks hosted by the Excalibur; all replicators on the ship only replicate tacos of one form or another, no matter what the request is.

With engineering trying to figure out the problem, Kali orders the staff to make the best of it. Serving tacos to the delegates before the talks begin only triggers chaos as a sort of targeted poison is released and all three delegates get deathly ill. Despite the heroics of the crew to cure all of the delegates, and Kali for brokering a kind of peace between them all, the Klingon commander of the delegate's ship is out for blood.

Luring Kali's first officer and chief intelligence officer away, he aims to destroy the Excalibur and reclaim his honor, underestimating the Starfleet officer's drive and capability. While not at all pretty, and fighting a number of errors and dire issues aboard the ship, the officers are found and things stabilize as an army of nanobots are destroyed.

An End and A Beginning

Having only just returned to DS224 following their recovery, Kali is surprised to find new orders on her desk. Having to read it twice, it was the first time she'd have to struggle with her emotions this hard since her return from the Scar. The crew was to be split, with Addison being assigned her own ship. While incredibly proud of all her first officer had achieved, it meant breaking what had become the Excalibur family.

Not willing to leave anything to chance, Kali requested new officers to fill in for the senior staff, all of whom she was sending to the Artemis with MacKenzie. In her mind, this not only set them up for success, but it made sure they were there to watch each other's back as they always had. Kali would be the odd one out, and while that made her quite sad, she knew that all endings were just beginnings for something else. Taking time to say goodbye, and promising to stay connected with the man she had come to love, Kali watched the Artemis depart before stopping by the Resolution planet.

Only then did she take the Excalibur - A from the Borderlands as ordered and made for the Tholian border.

Kali with her antique jet, a Boeing F/A 18-F Superhornet


Kalianna's first attempt at a career was to follow in her mothers footsteps. The medical field (Nursing) was something that she was pushed into, but found bland and difficult. Instead of pursuing such 'delicate' and timely things, she attained a Paramedic certification and found that she really was an adrenaline junkie. It was not long after that she signed up for the SMC. Specializing in Para jumping, battlefield medicine, and hand to hand combat, Kali truly has built an interesting set of skills to pull on throughout her Starfleet career. Although her parents expected better from her, Kali is content in the direction of her life at this time.

Following the near death experience on the Resolution, Kali took an extended leave in order to return to Earth and heal mentally. While there, she returned to the Academy and completed her medical degree. As a doctor, she returned to service aboard the USS Eagle. As her career progressed, she later transferred into a command role when Captain Jaxx requested her to serve as his First Officer until he was reassigned to a new ship and she was left in command of Starbase 118 Ops.

Personal Notes

Interests and Hobbies

Above all other activities, Kali loves to fly her antique jet. Whether in the holodeck or in real life on Earth, this jet was where she spent most of her time as a child and continues to be where she prefers to spend her free time. Occasionally, she will take others who are close to her on rides in the training, two seater, aircraft.

Kali also plays the flute. She has her mother's old flute and she keeps it in her quarters next to a model of her jet that was gifted to her by her brother just before she left for the Academy.

An adrenaline junkie, Kali enjoys just about any activity that allows her to take a chance and anything that will take her breath away.

Following Kali's recovery from the Afehirr sector, she continues to love chance-taking, can still play her flute, and enjoys watching the sky - be it from a planet, or the stars outside of the ship - but she doesn't know the history behind why she is this way.


Generally calm, cool, and collected, Kali rarely gets overly worked up unless someone or something puts her crew or 'family', both natural or extended, in danger. In such instances, she's known to have a side of pure fury unmatched. She's loyal to the core, but not willing to be walked on either. Fiercely protective of those under her command, she will go to great lengths to ensure they are safe despite knowing that someday, command may require her to give an order that would result in death or injury. Known for her intense inner strength, Kali has faced some impossible circumstances and has lived to tell the tale.

Believing in those she serves, Kali strives to empower the officers she commands. She thinks of command as less of a way to tell people what to do and more of a way to serve her fellow officers. Leading has never been about the power or glory to her, but about a way to give back to the officers who comprise her crew. She is well aware that without them, she is nothing. As such, she takes it upon herself to strive to understand each officer as best she can, and to provide the best possible guidance to all of them.

Far from cocky, she isn't afraid to ask questions, though you will rarely see her ask for help or show signs of breaking down. Very few people have seen her in this state, and two of the three are no longer with Starfleet.

Likes and Dislikes

Kali really does enjoy being around her fellow officers, for the most part. Obviously there are always exceptions to this rule, but she's always game for social activities. More recently, she's developed a strange affinity for dancing.

She enjoys coffee, almost to a fault, and can often be seen with a mug in hand. She also likes chocolate, fruit smoothies, and trying new foods from different worlds and cultures.

Her biggest dislike is dishonesty and those who are not loyal and willing to stand up for what they believe in. She also tends to dislike those who treat their duty as unimportant or unworthy of their focus.


Family History:

Kali is closer to her older brother than she is to her parents. Her strong headed attitude has much to do with this. Her brother was the one who was expected to follow in the military traditions, but chose to pursue other interests instead. He currently speaks 16 languages fluently, which helped him achieve a civilian contract position with Starfleet. While they are separated by a large distance, he still talks to his sister often, teasing her and even teaching her some of the languages that he knows. As a result, Kali is also able to communicate on a very limited basis with a number of races without the aid of a translator.

Despite her hard head, Kali still considers her family to be fairly close knit, though in a way that is different than most people would think. Her father rarely showed emotions other than disappointment and approval. He was a Marine's Marine through and through just like his father before him. Unlike her grandfather though, Kali's father Mikhail never approved of her learning to fly the old fighter plane or of her interest in the violent and masculine world of Marines. He is a unique man; torn between the equality of the modern times and the need to protect his wife and female child from the horrors of war, violence, pain, and suffering. It's not that he doesn't think women can do what men can, but he would rather Kali and her mother remain in a position where he could keep them safe. Of course Kali, with some coaching from her grandfather, found a way to respectfully disagree, ultimately ending in her enlistment in the Marines.

Mikhail comes from a long line of Marines and military officers. His own mother, Kali's now deceased grandmother, was meticulous at keeping family genealogical records that dated back to the early 1700's. Scattered information from dates prior to that only outlined where the family name came from. Originally from Venice, the Russian derivative of the Nicola name, Nicholotti, first emerged in the 1400's after The Great Migration; a time period where many left Europe for North America and Eastern Europe to what would become the Russian Federation. After their arrival in Russia, the family established itself in the military where many members rose to command ranks throughout the centuries.

Kali's mother, Keito Kaji, married into the family after meeting Mikhail in Tokyo where he had been stationed. At the time, he was a training officer and enjoyed more free time and time at home than other Starfleet jobs. Kali was born two years after they were married, in 2360. While her family line was never kept as meticulous as the Nicholotti tree, it can be traced back to 20th century Japanese politicians and scientists. Kali's appearance seems to favor her mother's side, but her personality mirrors that of her father and grandfather with a notable hard head and strong sense of duty.

Mikhail Nicholotti Senior, known to Kali as Hawk - his callsign from his days as a pilot and Marine - died about a year after Kali joined the Marines herself. Kali took it hard as she was closer to him than her own father. The death spurred her to seek out Officer Candidacy, a dream that was realized in 2382 when she was accepted into the Starfleet Academy division for the Marine Corps.

Read more about how Kalianna got her plane in this writing challenge entry.

Notable Relationships

Andrus Jaxx - On her first assignment in Starfleet, Kali got between a Hirogen blade and Jaxx, who was then the First Officer of the USS Resolution. After recovering from near death, which required a heart replacement, the two forged a close brother/sister relationship. Married to Tressa. Kali delivered their twins, McKenzie Kalianna and Mykel Hunter on the USS Victory on 238901.29 at 0434 via C-Section.

Makal Kora - A serious romantic interest and close friend from the USS Resolution. Since their time on the Resolution, the two have gone their separate ways.

Eliaan Deron - Academy classmate and the doctor that saved Kali's life by replacing her heart and telepathically helping her out of a nightmare coma following surgery.

Tressa - Kali pulled Tressa from the wreckage of a shuttle craft after a mission that resulted in a firefight with multiple Romulan ships. After multiple surgeries, Kali was able to stabilize the Gideon and she stuck by her throughout the course of recovery. After so much time spent together, the two have forged a close friendship. Kali was named Godmother of the twins belonging to her and Jaxx. Kali delivered the twins, McKenzie Kalianna and Mykel Hunter on the USS Victory on 238901.29 at 0434 via C-Section.

Guy Hunt - Friend and long time co-worker, Hunt and Kali started off together as fresh Ensigns on the USS Resolution and have become friends over the time they have been assigned to the same ship together. Hunt was killed in the terrorist attacks on Starbase 118 in the latter part of 2388. His ghost made an appearance when she later had command and was visited by a Q.

Colt Daniels - Colt and Kali became fast friends shortly after he had been assigned to Starbase 118. After the massive loss of Jaxx and the stress of taking on a new command, both feel as if they are standing on the edge of what is 'friends' and what may lie beyond. In the two days that followed, they are forced to address what might be in the face of rumors flying around the station. These feelings are finally realized when the two get a moment to themselves in the holodeck, after Kali takes Colt on a ride in the holographic representation of her F-18 Hornet. The relationship grew up until Colt is reassigned and the two decide to part rather than to attempt a long distance relationship. His return to the station catches her unprepared and, having already grieved for what they had lost, unwilling to really address it. Eventually it would come into the open, but for now, Colt keeps his thoughts of the past to himself. Colt is critically injured protecting Kali's cloned 'twin' during an assassination attempt. He was not aware of the clone's existence and believed himself to be protecting Kali herself.

David Cody - After showing up to 118 in the strangest manner, David quickly finds his way into Kali's mind, and perhaps heart, given some time, on the dance floor at her promotion banquet. Completely unexpected, the moment catches her without the typical 'walls' that keep Kali within the facade that she feels she needs to present to the crew and everyone else out of her innermost thoughts. The result is that David easily caught a glimpse of who she really was; a glimpse that would be built upon greatly in the days that followed. Though, by this point, Kali worries about another broken heart, she refocuses her attention on the seemingly shared waking dreams and the urgency in his words that somehow allude to his time being short. Thing finally come to a peak when Kali dies as an EMP takes out her artificial heart and David stands by as Doctor MacLaren performs surgery to save her life. The conversation that follows her waking from anesthesia alludes to the inner feelings that finally are pulled out into the open, becoming the catalyst for bright dreams for the future. In November of 2389, Kali and David made the decision to move in together following a night spent together in the recovery room of the Victory's sickbay. Cody is currently in a comatose state in the Starbase 118 Medical Center's sickbay, with his future, and their future, unknown.

Benjamin Walker - Kali's third First Officer, and the first she didn't choose for herself, Ben Walker has proven himself both irreplaceable, and the perfect match for her command style. Though it was difficult at first for her to build a working dynamic with him, and she often missed what she had built over the years with Jaxx as his XO, the two slowly have come together, finally reaching a breaking point surrounding the creation of Anya Nicholotti and the question of her need to protect him and his career, or allow herself the ultimate partner in command.

B'Sara Cavann - Daughter of David Cody, Kali was desperate to make a good first impression on the other part of the 'package' that David had spoken of in the Recovery room the night they spent there together. Things didn't quite go as planned, but eventually Kali found some kind of footing and began to build towards a potentially complete family. With the second disappearance of her father, who had officially adopted her, B'Sara has disappeared from 118 as well. Her current location is unknown.

Vitor Silveira - Vitor connected with Kali during his first assignment as a fresh faced Ensign out of the Academy on Ops when he walked into a mess during the battle against the shadow creatures. His humor and attention to the small details helped to turn the tide of the day and provide the Captain with subtle support that became a tradition in the form of candy. Later, aboard the Excalibur, he devised the plan that Kali later executed, closing the space-time rift and saving the sector, but dooming herself to death. He was court martialed for his part in the plan, but found not guilty. Thankfully, second chances are something the universe sometimes allows and he was granted one when Kali returned.

Vincent Jones - Vincent was one of the original members of the Bravo Fireteam, the small team of Marines Kali was placed in command of during her first assignment. While they have served together for a long time, they often get reassigned to different places, especially following Kali's death in the Scar. Somehow he always finds his way back to her, now serving as the NCO leader of her personal ambassadorial security team. He's always had feelings for Kali, but Kali's stance on dating Marines has always prevented him from getting any closer. Still, she considers him her closest friend confidant.

Genkos Adea - Second officer and CMO of the Resolution, Kali's relationship with the Betazoid began innocently enough, but took an unexpected turn after an intimate dance at an early awards ceremony not long after the launch of the ship. It would take nearly a year and multiple near-death experiences for Kali to finally allow the walls to come down far enough to let him in. What will come of that connection remains to be seen, but the raw emotions have begun to lay bare and the connections seem undeniable.

Over the months to follow, the two have become much closer, cohabitating and living with their two dogs, Nova and Toto. Despite the trials of being Starfleet command officers, they have forged a family life on their own terms. Though crushed at the idea of day to day life without him, Kali and Kos have vowed to make a long distance relationship work when he is assigned to the USS Artemis as first officer.

Addison MacKenzie - First officer of the USS Resolution and friend. Kali and Addison have worked together long enough to build not only a professional relationship, but what Kali would consider a solid friendship as well. It was with great pride that Kali shared orders from Starfleet Command for her Executive Officer to take her own command.

Career History

Kali and Jonesy

Captain Jaxx and Commander Nicholotti

Sakhmet (Kali Undercover)

Kali and Jonesy Captain Jaxx and Commander Nicholotti Kali Undercover as Sakhmet

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
G2-e1.png Private 238002.12 - 238103.19 Starfleet Marine Installation, Kyoto Japan Marine Enlisted (Corpsman)
Pvt1stclass-greenstripe.png Private First Class 238103.19 - 238206.11 Starfleet Marine Installation, Kyoto Japan Marine Enlisted (Corpsman)
000-CadetApp-White.png Cadet 238206.11 - 238605.26 Starfleet Academy Marine Cadet
CGreen-2Lt.jpg Second Lieutenant 238605.26-238610.08 USS Resolution Marine Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 238610.08-238611.05 USS Eagle Medical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 238611.05-238703.15 USS Eagle Medical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 238703.15-238706.18 USS Eagle Chief Helm Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 238706.18-238706.18 USS Victory Chief Helm Officer
03-Lieutenant-Teal.jpg Lieutenant 238706.18-238710.03 USS Victory Medical Officer
04-LtCommander-Teal.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238710.03-238806.01 USS Victory Medical Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238806.01-238807.02 USS Victory Second Officer
04-LtCommander-Red.jpg Lieutenant Commander 238807.02-238901.08 Starbase 118 First Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238901.08-238902.04 Starbase 118 First Officer
05-Commander-Red.jpg Commander 238902.04-238907.09 Starbase 118 Commanding Officer
06-Captain-Red.jpg Captain 238907.09-Present Starbase 118 Commanding Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239008.02-239104.13 USS Excalibur-A Commanding Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239104.13 USS Excalibur-A Deceased
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239201.19-239202.12 USS Apollo-A Unassigned
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239205.04-239207.13 USS Gemini Medical Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239207.13 - 239211.01 USS Apollo-A Commanding Officer
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239310.18 - 239408.12 StarBase 118 Ambassador
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239408.12 - 239509.01 Andaris Task Force Ambassador
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239509.01 - 239601.10 USS Columbia Ambassador
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239704.28 - 239707.16 USS Juneau Ambassador
07-FleetCaptain-Red.jpg Fleet Captain 239707.16 - 239809.17 USS Resolution Commanding Officer
08-Commodore-Red.jpg Commodore 239809.18 - 239811.25 USS Resolution Commanding Officer
08-Commodore-Red.jpg Commodore 239811.25 - Present USS Excalibur-A Commanding Officer

Fleetwide Service

Professional History:

  • 237912.30: Enlisted in the Starfleet Marines a day after her 19th birthday.
  • 238206.11: Accepted into Starfleet Academy (Marines)
  • 238605.04: Graduated Marine Training, Specializations: Battlefield Medicine, Para-Jumping, Hand to Hand Combat
  • 238605.22: Graduated Cadet Cruise, under Captain Sidney Riley
  • 238605.26: Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant, Starfleet Marine Corps
  • 238605.26: Assigned to the USS Resolution as the Marine officer in charge of Bravo Fireteam
  • 238606.26: Injured by Hirogen hunter, defending the First Officer, on a mercy mission to Lavon.
    • 238606.29: Received artificial heart during lifesaving surgery performed by Commander Toni Turner and Dr. Eliaan Deron.
  • 238607.06: Brought back from a nightmarish coma by her friends, Dr. Eliaan Deron and Lt. Makal Kora.
  • 238610.01: Reassigned to USS Eagle
  • 238706.18: Reassigned USS Victory
    • 238706.18: Assigned as Medical Officer
  • 238710.03: Promoted, Lieutenant Commander
    • 238806.01: Assigned as Second Officer USS Victory
    • 238807.02: Assigned as First Officer after Ash MacKenna resigns
    • 238807.10: Transferred to StarBase 118 Ops
    • 238810.10: Takes command of USS Victory for Commander's Practical
    • 238812.20: Completes and passes Commander's Practical Exam
  • 238901.08: Promoted, Full Commander
  • 238902.04: Takes command of Starbase 118 Operations relieving Captain Jaxx, who leaves for the USS Apollo
    • 238902.05: Begins Captain's Practical Exam
    • 238906.12: Completes and passes Captain's Practical Exam
    • 238907.09: Promoted to Captain
  • 239008.02: Promoted to Fleet Captain
  • 239104.13: Missing in action, Afehirr sector
  • 239112.17: Rescued, alive, from open space just outside of 'Kali's Scar'
  • 239201.19: Assigned to USS Apollo A for debriefing
  • 239205.04: Reassigned to USS Gemini as medical officer.
  • 239310.17: Reassigned to Starbase 118 as an Ambassador of the Federation
  • 239501.06: Reassigned to the Andaris Task Force as Ambassador at Large
  • 239509.01: Reassigned with the rest of the ATF crew to the USS Columbia
  • 239601.10: Recalled to Earth, Starfleet Command
  • 239704.28: Reassigned to USS Juneau as Ambassador at Large
  • 239707.16: Takes command of the USS Resolution
  • 239809.15: Promoted to Commodore
  • 239810.13: USS Resolution destroyed
  • 239811.17: Reassigned to USS Excalibur - A as Commanding Officer.
  • 240002.19: Excalibur reassigned to Tholian border, majority of crew reassigned to USS Artemis.

Mission History

Missions on the USS Resolution

Missions on the USS Eagle

Missions on the USS Victory

Missions on Starbase 118: Operations

Missions on the USS Excalibur-A

Missions on Starbase 118: Operations

Missions with The Andaris Task Force

Missions on the USS Columbia

Missions on the USS Juneau

Missions on the USS Resolution

Missions on the USS Excalibur-A

Interesting Notes

Kali speaks with a slight Russian accent, which she picked up from spending so much time solely with her grandfather at a young age. Her brother does not have the same accent.

Her favorite color is Cerulean (Blue). As a teenager, she once dyed her hair blue, much to the dismay of her parents (though her grandfather just laughed).

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Commanding Ofc.
Kali Nicholotti
Executive Ofc.
Addison MacKenzie
Yogan Yalu
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Chief Security Ofc.
Aine Sherlock
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Tactical Ofc.
Vitor Silveira
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Talos Dakora
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Etan Iljor
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Hallia Yellir
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Genkos Adea
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