Mining Incident (Victory)

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Mining Incident
238706.18 - 238708.31

Stardate 238706.18
Upon being dispatched under the command of Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx, the USS Victory was able to locate the USS Eagle and her crew. A single shuttle carrying Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh and Lt. Commander Cyrus Webb was brought aboard. After a short briefing on the situation, Lt. Commander Jaxx transferred command to Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh, and remained on board as the ships First Officer. No sooner than they were brought aboard, the Victory received a distress call from a mining facility in the Epsilon Hydrae system. After launching relief aide to the Eagle crew that was still on the surface, the Victory jumped into warp heading for the colony.

Stardate 238707.22
After arriving at the station, living particles are discovered 'attacking' the station. With life support failing, and the inability to use the transporters because of temporal disruptions caused by the particle beings, Lt. Commander Andrus Jaxx leads an away team to the station aboard the aeroshuttle. Various timelines are discovered on the station, and members of the away team run into future versions of themselves and other crew members. Back on the Victory, a plan is enacted that will freeze the particle beings, which are traveling so fast that they have opened space-time fissures in and around the station. Freezing them allows the crew of the Victory to beam the survivors of the mining station and the away team home.

Stardate 238708.01
The plan to freeze the particles was a success in that the station was able to be fully evacuated, but it has caused the particle beings to take aim at the Victory instead of the dying station. Thinking quickly, the bridge crew was able to fire quantum torpedoes in order to distract the beings towards another source of energy. The Victory then retreated to the edge of the system in order to evaluate the situation. Meanwhile, the few medical staff that were aboard the ship when she was pressed into service must now find a way to handle the hundred and fifty refugees from the station, most of whom are injured, sick, or dying.

Stardate 238708.25
Finally having stabilized the situation and marked the area with a warning beacon for the science team Starfleet was sending to the location, the Victory turns towards home. Within hours, however, of reaching Starbase 118, Admiral Rocar is found missing. Blood and a knife at the scene were investigated, as well as a box found at the scene that was emitting the Admiral's life signs. The box later blows up, nearly killing the chief engineer. With Rocar gone, Lieutenant Commander Andrus Jaxx assumes command of the ship and Lieutenant Commander Cyrus Webb steps in as acting First Officer. The Victory pulls into port, where the crew enjoy a dinner set up by Ensign Cooper before reporting back to the ship to be redeployed.