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((The Hub, Starbase 118))

::From the depths of the lower level of the Hub, Kali stood speaking with the deck officer on duty and got the latest reports on various things. The Mercury had gone already, and from the recent clearance requests, she knew Jaxx to be leaving as well. Mentally, she wished him well, hoping to see him again soon. Space had a way of separating them, but time had healed the wounds that his absence had left deep within her. Now they only ached in those moments where she needed him, or when she was left to think of how things were.::

::But, in the wake of the turmoil and change that had come because of the change in command, so too came things Kali had never expected. She had come to realize that, while Jaxx and Tressa and the others had gone, she’d been gifted with the most amazing staff, a group of incredible officers, and the chance at a life she had long ago put on a shelf to daydream about in the free time that she never had. Smiling slightly, she took the first step towards the briefing room with her padd in hand when an alarm rang out through the command center.::

Officer: Sir! We have a ship exceeding the speed limits inside spacedock!

::Next to Kali, the Duty Officer responded immediately as they had been trained.::

Duty Officer: Send them a warning and prepare the tractor beams.

Officer: Aye, sir. Tractor beams coming online. I’ve sent the warning, but they’re responding only by saying they didn’t get the message. Something about communication malfunctions.

::The officer at the console turned and looked to the Duty Officer questioningly for a moment. Glancing up at one of the nearby screens, Kali did some quick calculations in her head before speaking, a slight grin on her face.::

Nicholotti: Just let it go.

::Four words. All she had said was four words, but it was those four words that caused heads to turn and eyes to fall on her. Even the Duty Officer looked at her a bit incredulously. In response, she shrugged.::

Nicholotti: Fleet Captain Jaxx has a bad habit of tearing out of spacedock at high speeds, but he always manages to make it. If you try to tractor the Apollo, you’ll only end up with potential damage and a very angry flag officer.

::Around her, everyone was silent. Kali simply watched the screens and nodded as the ship passed quickly through the spacedock doors.::

Nicholotti: See? ::Smiling to herself.:: Carry on.

::And with that, she turned and headed up the hall towards the briefing room.::

((Briefing Room, Command Tower, Starbase 118))

::Every briefing was different, and yet, every briefing was the same. She always expected to walk into the mass of faces, all turned towards her. The variables, though, lied in the individual minds behind those faces. In this case, she had come to know, and in a way love, the group of officers she was about to address. They were no longer strangers brought in by the absence of Jaxx and his crew. No, this time she was walking into a room filled with her friends, and her family.::

::In many ways, that fact made it more difficult to address them. While Kali always had tried to serve her crew to the best of her ability, there were times she fell short. It was her hope that what was coming was not the culmination of the ‘worst plan ever’. Ben’s words ran through her head just as she stepped up to the doors. They opened in front of her, and she stepped into that sea of faces and smiled as if nothing at all was wrong.::

::Moving to the head of the table, she set the padd down, along with a small box she pulled from her pocket, and glanced to her First Officer.::

Nicholotti: Who are we missing?

Walker: Other than Commander Breeman, everyone else appears to be here.

::He nodded at her, and in that simple gesture, she felt a surge of confidence. She remained standing as she turned her attention to the other officers at the table.::

Nicholotti: Good morning everyone. ::Smiling slightly, she gave them a moment before moving on. The smile faded.:: Earlier this morning, Lieutenant Commander Breeman collapsed and fell into a coma. I’ll let the doctor explain.

::Gesturing towards MacLaren, Kali let her take the floor.::

MacLaren: Response?

::When she was done, Kali allowed a moment before continuing.::

Nicholotti: Safety measures are now in place, but we’re going to need someone to stand in as Chief while he’s recovering. ::She looked towards Livingston.:: Lieutenant Livingston, you will be that someone.

Livingston: Response?

::And now, to test the engineer by throwing him in the deep end.::

Nicholotti: Based on the reports I’ve gotten, the Victory is going to be in drydock for a while. I believe the estimate was in months. Because of this, we need to move our hot standby status to another ship temporarily. Lieutenant Daniels will be able to get you information on viable choices, but I want you on board to ensure we have a fully stocked and operational hot standby ship within the next few hours.

Livingston/Daniels: Response?

::Her attention moved to the overall room once more. She looked out at them and mentally composed what was to come next. Glancing at the padd, she committed the first list to memory and began.::

Nicholotti: There have been a couple of other staffing changes in the past twenty four hours as well. Lieutenant Daniels will now be taking over Strategic Operations. In Tactical, we have a new Chief. ::Gesturing towards Silveira and shooting him grin.:: Lieutenant JG Silveira will be filling that role.

Silveira: Response?

::Kali smirked and turned towards David, catching his blue eyes and letting the smirk fade into a small smile.::

Nicholotti: Commander Cody, you are also being transferred.

Cody: Response?

::There were many admirals, and fleet captains, and others who worked above her that funneled orders her way. This particular order, however, was something she’d never seen before. Rarely did she see anything come from the highest levels, but never with SFI’s ‘fingerprints’ all over it. Usually things were passed from one level to the next, eventually making their way to her, but not this time. This time it skipped all the middlemen. And in different ways, that made her both proud and concerned at the same time.::

Nicholotti: As of last night, you are being moved to the Black Tower. As our new Director of Intelligence.

Cody: Response?

::Giving him another seemingly fleeting moment with her eyes, she moved on to the newer faces in the room. Gesturing towards them, she introduced them.::

Nicholotti: If you have not met our newest officers, let me introduce our new counselor, Ensign Mandany Rose, the newest member of Eagle Eye, Second Lieutenant David Rouse, and our newest Science officer, Ensign B’Sara Cody.

::Kali shot B’Sara a grin, falling silent so they could say their hellos.::

Rose/Rouse/B’Sara Cody: Response?

::At that, Kali took a moment and let the officers resettle. With personnel issues dealt with, she could move on to one of the better aspects of her job. At that, a small smile appeared as she looked down at the padd and the second list, once more committing it to memory.::


Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
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