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USS Resolution


Vitor Stone Silveira


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Tactical Officer
  • Ship: USS Resolution
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Serial Number: SV - 783 - 184
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse None

  • DoB: 236609.23
  • Weight: 77 Kgs
  • Height: 1.78 Mtrs
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown

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Character Information

  • Full Name: Vitor Stone Silveira
  • Race: Human
  • DoB: 236609.23
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male


  • Father: Carlos Silveira
  • Mother: Jane Stone Silveira
  • Siblings: None
  • Paternal grandparents: José and Luisa Silveira
  • Maternal grandparents: Jonas and Karen Stone
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: one son, Jonathan Silveira M’Gia
  • Significant others: None, yet
  • Former significant others: Thera, Fai


  • Height: 1.78 mt
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Build: Average

Early years

Vitor is the only child of Carlos and Jane. His parents are traders and an odd couple that complete each other. Carlos is an adventurous man, with a big heart, careless at times from Portuguese origins. Jane was born in space, from parents of ancient English origin and has a sharp mind, careful personality and as the Ferengi say "lobes for business". Being an only child Vitor was pampered by both of them, and even more by his paternal grandparents, with whom he spent most of the time. From them he learned and grew passionate of History, and his Portuguese heritage. His maternal grandparents also went their way to spoil him and so he ended up being a stubborn, lazy, self centered and attention craving kid. It was from this mix of rural living on Earth, and the more cosmopolitan life of Risa that molded Vitor's character. He ended up going to the Academy against all his family wishes. Vitor has a sharp mind and his only weak point is math. He was an average student mostly due to his laziness. If he worked a bit harder his scores were above average. This was reflected also in those subjects he enjoyed. He was brilliant in History. He wanted to serve, but his rebellious and attention craving spirit, joined with his laziness, almost made him drop out. He managed to stay due to his bright mind and the realization that some work was needed. He also learned that the spirit of Starfleet had much in common with what he perceived to be his ancestral roots. "To boldly go where so many have gone before, and to make it back" was the motto he created for himself. He also enjoyed a good fight, and is an expert in Military History, which made him choose for a Tactical career.

He graduated 13th of his class and was stationed on Starbase 118.

Starfleet ID Card

Silveira Resolution ID Card.png

Notable Relationships

Tito: His brother from another family. Although a bit older than him Tito was a good friend in his younger years. They kept in touch and Vitor helped him out of the pit Tito had fallen. Even if he doesn't mention him much, Tito is as important to Vitor as his family.

Thera: Vitor meet Thera at the Academy. They were a pair of misfits that helped each other and bonded in such way that they began to call and treat each other as brother and sister. However Vitor began to realize he was feeling something more then just brotherly love for Thera. But although he is outspoken in excess, when it come to this important matter he got afraid and only a few days before graduation he talked to her. It turned out she always loved him as well, but that late revelation by Vitor overwhelmed her. She suffered quietly for all those years and the realization he also felt that way about her opened the wounds she thought close. Although she sent him away and they did not spoke for a while they talked at the 118 party after the Klingon invasion. Thera was assigned there when the Victory was away and after meeting him again they slowly got involved. Their relationship blossomed and to their surprise Thera was pregnant. Being an Andorian Shen she needed a Zhen to help bring it to term. She called on her cousin Thalla. This situation gave way to some difficulties in her relation with Vitor. Feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to burden or force Vitor into a family life, she wasn’t sure he was up to, Thera left him and Starfleet going back to Andoria. The child was born healthy and was named Jonathan Silveira M’Gia.

Thalla: Is Thera’s cousin and the Zhen that carried Jonathan trough the final stages. She and Vitor never got a close relationship, although they were friendly to one another there wasn’t any kind of attraction, and she sometimes felt she was standing between them. But she made due with her own doubts as she saw Thera questioning her relation and worrying about the pregnancy. She followed Thera when she left the Excalibur.

Captain Nicholotti: Vitor "attached" himself to the then Commander soon after he arrived. There was something in her, even if she was nearly burned out of exhaustion, that inspired confidence and what can be called as a commanding presence. Vitor began to grew fonder of his CO and was the first to literally jump and clapped when she was promoted. Although he regards all of the officers and crew mattes he meet at SB118 like family Captain Nicholotti is still the one he regards highest of them all. They become friends and up until the very last time they meet. In the hope to settle the situation Vitor was taken and confined to Sickbay. He regrets that their final words were an argument, but even more the fact that it was his plan that she followed and that it was her, not him to go inside the “Nothing”. Vitor misses her and although, in time, he may find the kind of relation he had with another CO, Kali will still be “The Captain”. Upon knowing of her return his feelings regarding her death eased a bit. But it wasn't until they ran into one another back in the 118, when Vitor was in one of his shore leaves, that was when he really started to put them behind. Although his transfer to the Resolution was due to his feelings for Sher, the fact that Kali was it's Captain also tipped the scale, on his decision. Their interaction during the shore leave on Bajor, when they shared a bonding moment, helped. Giving him strength and a "second chance".

Doc Jo: The good Doctor is one of the first officers Vitor meet at the station. She was nice and welcome him in her warm way with that scottish accent Vitor always finds funny. But they bonded and got closer as the 118 party was dying down. Johanna surprised Vitor when he was singing alone in the karaoke and joined him. They shared a song and a few words and Vitor knew he got a closer friend in the good Doc. She was injured in Agurtha and Vitor lost track of her.

Ben: Vitor and Ben nearly started at the same times in the 118, Ben arrived first by a few days. Vitor considers him his closest friend, a friendship that grew steadily over the time they spent together. For Vitor, he and Ben are the “Young Guard”, the new officers from Ops in contrast to Brek and Katy, the only remaining members of the “Old Guard”.

Brek: After Vitor escorted the then Commander Nicholotti the first person to gave Vitor any task was Brek. They slowly build up a friendship meeting between mission. Brek even presented her grandmother Ara to Vitor.

Katy: The last member of the “Old Guard”. Katy is the remaining member of the 118 crew Vitor began to serve with. Vitor considers her a friend even if they don’t see eye to eye some of the times.

Sal: When Sal graduated Vitor was already a Lieutenant. Vitor got along with the newly arrived Counselor, and they served together for a few years. In his first return, after he recovered from his injury, Sal was his CO. Like with Ben and Brek, Vitor found their connection even tighter. He is secretly very proud that Sal made it up in the ranks and will make sure to express that next time they meet.

Fai: The other meaningful relationship Vitor had. Vitor and Fai bonded while they were on the Excalibur. They connected deeply and they were able to speak telepathically, even if Vitor doesn't have any abilities. When he returned to active duty and was reassigned to Starbase 118 they reconnected, but when he left on his LOA again they went their separate ways. Like with Thera, Fai has a very special place in his heart, and he feels sorry for not being able to work their relationship.

Antero: Another Ensign that was warmly welcome on the fleet by Vitor. With Risa in common they connected easily. Antero was with Vitor when they were attacked by the Alien (later known as being an Iconian) that put Vitor in a comma. The last time they meet they couldn't catch up, since Antero, now a Lieutenant Commander, was Vitor's CO on his returning Cadet Cruise, and it wouldn't exactly be proper.

Sher: His Academy and Cadet Cruise comrade when he returned. Vitor quickly took a fancy to Sher, and if it wasn't for them being so far apart he would certainly would get further in their friendship. His recent attempt at that didn't worked as he expected. But it brought up conflicting feelings, specially considering his attraction for Isa. He finally decided to do something he never did before. He put in a transfer request to the Resolution. There he would be closer to Sher.

Isa: Vitor meet Isa when they were on shore leave. They, Dekas and Fiorr had a nice time having an improvised lunch in one of the Spike's gardens. Vitor felt attracted to her and wanted to knew her better. He worked on a painting to offer her and asked her out. They shared a dinner on the last shore leave. She is closely becoming more than a friend, although he still has someone else in his mind. And that was why he ended up leaving the Juneau. Confronted by his feelings he chose to go after Sher instead of pursuing a relationship with Isa. He gave her a crystal rose before leaving and feel's guilty for breaking her heart, since Isa was certainly more than a simple attraction.

Toys and stuff

Vitor had in his quarters his "Toy box". It was a wooden box big enough to carry the following:

An operational Beretta 92 S with two clips and ammo. A portuguese traditional wooden mace. Two books. "The Art of War" and "Os Lusíadas" A wooden pipe, with all the needed tools to clean it and light it. Two small pouches of tobacco.

That and his PADDs, with family pictures, musics, holoprograms and miscellaneous things, like the specs for ships he was assigned to, notes on weapons and shields systems, for example was all lost when the Resolution was destroyed.

Career History

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 238907.02 - 238912.10 StarBase 118 Ops Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 238912.10 - 238912.23 StarBase 118 Ops Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 238912.23 - 239004.23 StarBase 118 Ops Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 239004.23 - 239007.04 StarBase 118 Ops Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 239008.05 - 239106.12 USS Excalibur-A Chief Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 239106.12 - 239107.13 USS Excalibur-A Chief Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 239107.13 - 239109.18 USS Columbia Chief Tactical Officer
03-Lieutenant-Gold.jpg Lieutenant 239109.18 - 239112.31 USS Columbia Chief Tactical Officer
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 239112.31 - 239207.12 USS Columbia Chief Tactical Officer
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 239207.12 - 239405.14 MEDICAL LEAVE AND ADMISSION Out of duty
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 239405.14 - 239408.13 StarBase 118 Ops Security Officer
04-LtCommander-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Commander 239408.13 - 239512.16 StarBase 118 Ops Chief of Operations
00-Blank-Silver.png Loss of rank 239512.16 - 239712.13 EXTENDED LOA - REINTEGRATION ACADEMY COURSE Out of duty
01-Ensign-Gold.jpg Ensign 239712.13 - 239803.12 USS Juneau Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 239803.12 - 239808.22 USS Juneau Tactical Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Gold.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade 239808.22 - Present USS Resolution Tactical Officer


Missions on Starbase 118: Operations

Vitor was stationed on Starbase 118 after his graduation. Arriving in the middle of what become known as "The Shadow Crisis", he initially latched himself to his CO, Commander Nicholotti. Seeing how she was quickly out of energy he offered her a treat, that later become a sort of personal tradition. After their return to Sickbay he aided one of the survivors, Ensign Freo, of the Calgary. He escorted her to the Bajoran temple, losing himself along the way more than a few times, before finally finding his way to his temporary quarters.

Before the new mission Vitor started out helping, the also newly arrived, Lieutenant Commander Cody in setting up a small but prolific dinner and after mission party. The next morning began with a huge briefing, Vitor's first. There had been a few Klingon attacks in Romulan space, potentially affecting the Thracian alliance, but worse news came about the threat over Captain's Nicholotti's life. Springing to action Vitor, with the newly arrived Lieutenant Colt, appointed themselves as the Captain's personal bodyguards. As the political situation tensed, they began making preparations for a possible attack on the 118. As Lieutenant Colt was guarding the Captain, Vitor joined in the preparations to launch the Victory. After he knew of the assassination attempt, and with Colt being hurt, he found the Captain, although it was her clone Aria. After that little confusion, Vitor in his over zealousness "caught" the discreet Fleet Captain Mar as she was interacting with Ensign Livingston. Clearing that final mess Vitor joined the Victory as they shipped out.

They made a first stop to recover a personal pod, carrying Romulan Senator Vreeya, before joining the Apollo and the Achilles. As the political drama unfolded, Vitor manned a side console before the action sprung. The Klingon Commander had set a devious plan into action resulting in a massive explosion , whose shock wave hit hardly the little Victory. Vitor was only shook up, but the Captain was seriously injured, being taken by Lieutenant Commander Cody to sickbay, as Commander Walker took over the ship. In spite of the damage the Victory managed to limp it's way back to the 118 in one piece.

In the after party Vitor got his first promotion, from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, also becoming the 118 Chief Tactical Officer. But he also got a surprise. A fellow Academy comrade joined the crew of Ops. Thera MGia.

The arrival of Thera was a surprise, but before they could figure things between them duty, as always, called again. In the aftermath of ship attacks in the Azure Nebula, Ops was on station and the Victory is deployed to investigate. At the Station Commander Cody and the Captain's "twin", Aria, went missing, as if they disappeared into thin air, taken by some "Shadow" like creatures

To make matters worse the Victory was, displaced to say the least. Being thrown away into an unknown area beyond the Azure Nebula, they were made aware of the Odyssey Station. Quickly Vitor joined the crew in the Columbia to return the missing. Little did he knew he would eventually return to that ship. As they followed the path of the Victory, they were attacked by space Dragon like creatures, likely the cause of the attack on the shipping. Managing to survive the severe damage they made their way to Odyssey in a runabout piloted by Captain Nicholotti. There they manage to find the Entities they come across and resolve the situation without further incidents.

Upon their return Vitor was promoted to full Lieutenant, and after the party he and Thera lighten up the dormant passion.

Back to more regular duty, considering the latest missions, Vitor finally settled in on his office, and in his relationship with Thera.

But as always, regular is hardly a word understood in the Fleet. The arrival of the freighter Astrolabe, would stir further problems to Ops. Requiring emergency docking the freighter was carrying a medicine to Romulan space. Apparently held together by strings the freighter had also a rowdy crew, who's XO didn't really saw eye to eye with his own Captain. The repair Station crew went in to assist, only to be hit by the explosion on the cargo bay. Apparently an act of sabotage. To make matters worse a large Romulan fleet arrived at the 118, "requesting" the medicine the Astrolabe was carrying. As things were unfolding a leak on the medicine, resulting from the explosion, caused havoc among the crew. Knowing Thera was near the ship Vitor went there to assist and was hurt by one of the blasts, hitting his head. Without him realizing Thera had been taken by Captain Mimgar, but managed to free herself although hurt. Vitor helped Captain Walker escape sickbay, but was ordered back since he didn't fully recovered. There Doc Jo tricked both him and Thera to keep an eye on each other, does keeping them both in Sickbay. Unknown to him Jo had congratulated Thera on her pregnancy. Since he was in sickbay he wasn't aware of the unfolding situation regarding the Astrolabe. The Romulans had been afflicted by a disease, to which the Astrolabe was carrying a medicine, but in truth Captain Mimgar wanted to take a personal revenge, so he hoped to deliver out of dated cure. Cleared back to duty, as Thera stood behind, Vitor joined the crew that tried to broker an agreement with the Romulans. As Federation medical aid was handled, and the actions of Captain Mimgar fully understood, Vitor learned of the happy surprise.

He was going to be a father. Still surprises were not ending, they were informed of their transfer to the new USS Excalibur, where Vitor would retain the post of Chief Tactical Officer.

Missions on USS Excalibur A

The first mission of the Excalibur A was a continuation of their last mission. With the sickness spreading, they head to Agurtha, in Romulan space, with Vitor taking the center seat until they reach there. Upon meeting their Romulan escorts they arrive in Agurtha, with Captain Nicholotti leading the away team. Vitor remained on board, where they were unable to provide proper sensor readings. "Protective" of their secreats as always the Romulans were blocking them, but Captain Walker managed to "convince" them. Still, not all areas were accessible and they supported the away team as much as possible. It was later revealed that the interference was due to an Iconian gateway, present on the planet. As the away team worked on the issues of the planet, the bridge crew was surprised when Captain Walker went missing. It was later revealed that he resigned and took position as the Top ranking Tal'Shiar leader on the planet, to protect his family. Vitor felt for the choice Captain Walker did, and after a debrief and as they returned the Captain tasked him with preparing the usual after mission party.

It would be a mixed emotional task, as he managed to involve the crew in his plan, unaware to him Thera had chosen to leave. Being uncertain about her pregnancy, she knew she had to leave Starfleet. But that burden she did not want to share with Vitor. Prior to the event, that turned out to be chaotically funny, he got her letter.

Finding himself alone Vitor chose to focus in work.

And so he proposed a ship wide drill, so hey could test the full potential of the Excalibur. Since they had a brief pause, and no assigned mission, the Excalibur headed to an asteroid field for the exercise. Captain Nicholotti was assigned the Opposing force leader, as the newly minted XO Lieutenant Commander Livingston, Ben for Vitor, was in charge of the Excalibur. He was aided as temporary XO by Lieutenant Commander Brek. Unknown to them the Captain had recruited Lieutenant Commander Orman and Ennsign Azin as her insiders. As the saboteurs tried hard to cripple the Excalibur, and when things were really turning a bit out of hand, to the advantage of the Opposition, the Captain decided to finish the drill, but since she willingly returned Vitor called it a victory to them, once he "captured" her.

Testing continued as they now tried the slipstream engine of the Excalibur. But when they were pulled back into normal space, in the Afehirr Sector, some of the crew, like Vitor, began experiencing vivid hallucinations. As if that wasn't enough they received a distress call from a nearby ship. That ship was being swallowed by some unknown force. After rescuing the crew of the ship, the Excalibur began to learn more about their surroundings. They were near a station made of biotechnical material, Erscyne Station. They transferred the survivor back but didn't get any other communication, until a massive energy wave sweeps through hitting both station and the Excalibur.

It was later revealed that the survivor the Excalibur saved was none other than the High Chief Merchant of the Erscyne Trade Allianace. After first-contact, they discovered life-signs of beings inhabiting the same space as Excalibur, but trapped in “pocket” universes. They managed to retrieve one of them but the strain was such that ship's power was gone. As was Lieutenant Commander Orman, who appeared to vanish into thin air. Trying to solve the puzzle that was the "Nothing", as Vitor aptly named it, they tried to scan the inside of it. Since they need some data and calculations Vitor meet Ensign Veradis Fai for the first time. The attempt failed and Vitor was hurt by the blow out of his station. In Sickbay Vitor started to devise a plan, in an attempt to pilot into the "Nothing" to make contact with anyone or anything possibly inside. Stealing a shuttle he tries to make a run for the anomaly. He is stopped, restrained to confinement in Sickbay where Captain Nicholotti, who thought he was trying to collapse the void, confines him and relieves him of duty until a court martial is held. Vitor didn't stay long as power surge let the confinement shields down and he made his way out, looking for Fai. He was with her in the Science lab when he heard the news, Captain Nicholotti managed to enter the void and retrieve all those stuck there. At her own cost, because she was considered lost.

After a memorial in her honor the Excalibur set's up for Vitor's court martial, presided by Admiral Jaxx. Vitor his charged with insubordination, reckless endangerment of the ship and undefined entities, dereliction of duty, attempted murder of countless Starfleet Officer and members of the Erscyne Trade Alliance representatives and involuntary manslaughter of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. He had asked Commander Brek to defend him, and Commander Orman was the prosecutor. In the end he was only found guilty of insubordination and was demoted from Lieutenant to Lieutenant Junior Grade. The Excalibur was assigned a new Captain, but surprises waited in the next days.

Missions on USS Columbia

To Vitor's surprise, and scare since he thought Fai wasn't joining him, he was one of the crew to get reassigned. Ben, now Commander Livingston, was given command of the Columbia. With Fai eventually joining him they traveled back to the familiar grounds of the 118, to man the Columbia. They were ordered to investigate the origin of a mysterious Romulan shuttle, heading to Avronis V.

The planet turn out to be a "dumping ground". Upon arrival the Columbia contacts the garbage scow Last Chance, and the Romulan Administrator. With the scow XO on board an away team is sent to investigate some ruins, which appear to be emanating an energy signature they found on the shuttle. Also acording to the records that the energy signature is similar to an Iconian gateway. Taking a modified Columbia shuttle the away team went down, as on the bridge they detected a com signal. As they landed it was confirmed that the Romulan shuttle that started the mission had originated from the caves of Avronis V. There near the find the ruins near the cave entrance. However they receive a Tal Shiar to leave the planet, as an unknown alien approaches them. Still working on collecting data, the away team is fired upon, as the alien reaches closer to some of the team.

It was then that Vitor, for the first time, fired the ships weapons in a combat. With perfect aim he killed the alien threatening his comrades from orbit. As another shuttle was sent down to help the away team, the administrator called in for a Warbird assistance. Facing a D'deridex the Columbia, and Vitor, were ready for a fight, that fortunately didn't happen. As Commander Livingston managed to find a diplomatic solution.

Columbia's next mission would see them in colonial duty. They were ordered to transport colonists to Pernipia Gamma IV. The group has two leaders, who don't see eye to eye, and trouble start as soon as everyone and everything is on board. Cattle began to die, a fire started and two of the colonists are killed, without the ship's fire suppressors function. Having found one of the colonists tempering with the ship's systems, and a survivor, tensions run high as the crew starts investigating matters further. It becomes clear that many issues revolve around this. The cattle situation is a mix of opportunism and sabotage. What proves worse is that the fire was deliberate, a way to shut up the colonists who knew there were other motives beyond establishing a colony. It is revealed that Kelbonite exists in Penipia, near the future location of the colony. As all eveidence point to one of the leaders, Mr. Carson, it is revealed that he had diplomatic immunity, as by his credentials, being an Ambassador-at-large for the Son'a. The Columbia arrives in orbit, sending an away team to survey the colony location. Having an herring encounter with the wild life, further security details are beamed down, which gives a chance for Mr. Carson and his minion, Gerard, to force an escape from the brig, also sabotaging some of the ships systems. A new "surprise" shows up in the form of a Vor'cha cruiser, who appears to be on the pay of Carson. However it looks like inside there is a struggle for control, and the worse the crew faces is when Carson and Gerard storm the bridge, taking hostages. Vitor among them. Managing to evade the efforts of Lieutenant Kelly, Carson and Gerard still holding Vitor, end up in one of the cargo bays. There in a brutal showdown, Vitor is stabbed in the back, but still manages to help Kelly deal with Carson as he finally collapses.

Being beamed to sickbay he is saved by the Doctors efforts and slowly begins to recover. He is visited by his comrades and friends, but it's with Fai that he begins to heal. In the end of the mission party he is given a surprise. His promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

After his full recovery Vitor returned to work as the Columbia is set for a training drill. However they are cut half of the drill as they get assigned to investigate Outpost Alfa in Piktar II. Apparently there were some issues regarding computer malfunctions there. When they arrived they are contacted by a Ferengi vessel, who's Captain insisted on compensation after losing an away team at the Outpost. Captain Livingston decided to invite some of their officers on board, as an away team was beamed over the Outpost. Vitor "helped" in the negotiations and they managed to get their hands on the data the Ferengi had picked up from the Outpost. Vitor worked on his office trying to crack the file, inadvertently allowing for the AI to enter the Columbia's systems. Has they worked their way into solving the issue, and as things were getting clearer, the real threat revealed itself. The AI was controlling a weapons system that, in the words of Vitor, would make the Genesis device look like a pop gun. As the others managed to avoid the AI merger, between Providence and Mercy, another menace emerged. In the form of the Ferengi vessel. A standoff between the Sons of Ferenginar began, and as they opened fire The Columbia, with another SCP (Sil's crazy plan) managed to dispatch them. Although damaged the Columbia retrieved the away team as their work was done. It was with relief that they made their way back and enjoyed the after party.

Recovering from their last mission the Columbia is contacted to return to Avronis V. As Captain Livingston went ahead the XO, Lieutenant Commander Brek, took command of the Columbia as they returned to familiar grounds. Upon arrival the Columbia crew began to be afflicted by mental attacks from unknown entities. Vitor was with Ensign Antero Flynn when they meet one in the corridors. Protecting Flynn, Vitor is struck by the mental attack from the creature. They made their way out, but Vitor just manages to reach a biobed in sickbay before passing out.


As the result of the mental attack, from the latter revealed Iconian, Vitor slumped into a coma. For nearly two years he was interned on Earth, at the Starfleet Medical facilities. It took him almost three months to fully recover after he awaken. He has no recollection of the time he was in a coma, but there are some familiar things that were deeply engraved in the back of his mind. He looked able to recognize Iconian symbols and somewhere he might have further knowledge buried.

It took some effort on his part, and he truly began to understand the values of counseling, but he managed to recover. After being given the medical clearance he asked for reinstatement.

Missions on Starbase 118: Operations

Vitor returned to familiar grounds. Back at the same rank, Lieutenant Commander, but now as Security Specialist, he made his way back when Ops was recovering from their last mission. Upon arrival at the 118, and after a quick check in at the crew gathering. When they returned to duty Vitor was surprised to see that Captain Taybrim was being replaced as the CO. Taking his place a Captain Ty Bomba arrived. He would brief them about their next mission, leaving Sal, now assigned as Ambassador, out of it. They were cut short on the briefing as they discover the Skullmasher, a ship taken in the previous mission, was making it's way out of dock. Worse, inside there were some of the crew, who were able to send a warning. Unable to stop it, even after after Captain Bomba ordered it to be fired upon, inside the docking ring, the Dreadnought escaped them and the crew manned the Columbia to follow them. It took them sometime, but they finally pinned the Skullmasher location, in Domenicus V. As rescue plans were put together, in spite Captain Bomba's commanding skills, the Columbia moved to a cover position, as the away team deployed. Unfortunately the cover didn't lasted long and soon they were engaging the Skullmaster, where all the commanding inabilities of Bomba, "bombed". Captain Taybrim took command back after being assaulted by Bomba and they finally managed to force the Skullmaster away. They closed in to recover the away team, and after beaming them aboard the Columbia began to make it's way back to Ops. There Vitor rekindled his relation with Fai, hoping that this time they would make it.

Recovering from their "bombastic" mission, Vitor was set for another role, and become the 118 Chief of Operations. In the newly minted position he joined the others as they are invited to dinner on board the Meridia. The luxurious cruise liner was docked for repairs in Ops. Their delicious dinner is surprisingly interrupted by the news that there was a murder on board. Vitor joined in the investigation, but was called right in the middle of it.

Jonathan was having a medical crisis, and he was needed in Andoria. Leaving behind his comrades, and the mission, he headed out and went on a short LOA.

  • Shadows of the Past

Returning from his LOA, Vitor join's the next mission briefing. Fragments from a former support ship were detected and while they were in the room they found themselves back in the past. Twenty years to be exact and around the time Ops was attacked. Working their way around the past they managed to learn that Devidians were involved and they needed to board the USS Xhant. It was this ship debris that had them started this the first place. Vitor eventually took the piloting seat of the shuttle Icarus and as an away team worked on the Xhant they also worked on getting their way back to their own time. That part was luckily dealt by the crew that remained back in the 118 at their right time, they managed to develop a portal that would allow them back. With the captured Devidians on the transporter buffer and all aboard the Icarus they used the portal to return to their correct time, but unfortunately Taelon was left behind. Vitor found comfort with Fai afterwards, finding it to be a very familiar situation. Like the one on the Excalibur, when they lost Captain Nicholotti.

Recovering from their last mission the 118 crew found themselves into another assignment. The ship that would replace the Columbia, the Narendra, sent a emergency message. They were being boarded. Rushing to the Aegis they departed to the last known position of the Narendra. While travelling there Aegis suffer some damage and as they reach The Boneyard they board MTF Maximum Thrusters, after locating the Narendra. Vitor joined the team that was to take back the ship. Beaming aboard they worked their way, trying to regain control of the ship. They end up in sickbay, were Vitor let himself be briefly capture, giving time for the others to act. Although injured by the rough treatment given to him by his captors, he helped in the final mop up and capture of the ship.

The Narendra made it's way back to the 118, where she always was intended to be.

After fully recovering Vitor returned to work, as the 118 crew was invited to a targ hunt in Tumar II. Considering they were invited by Chancellor Dempok himself they could hardly refuse. There was, however a hidden intent as the Chancelor shared with Captain Taybrim. Vitor was teamed up with Ishani, Max, Antero and Gazkra, and two of the klingons, Marla and Koral. Their first encounters proved strange, considering they were hunting targs, and not exactly mechanical flying dinosaurs. Much less a young child, with eyes just like Ishani. As they investigate deeper, they find that the creator of such devices was the child's father. That, to their surprise revealed to be none other than Taelon. After an altercation, where Taelon is injured they managed to beam back to the Narendra, in effect finishing the hunt for them.

They returned and Vitor still managed to show Fai is new apartment, before he received another call. Jonathan was worse, and this time they had to operate. The last treatment resulted only in temporary recovery. Again Vitor left everything behind to fly to his son side. His love, Fai. His comrades and friends. And his position as Chief of Operations Then he didn't knew he was also leaving his rank.


Arriving in Andoria as Jonathan was in surgery he stayed there for several months, as his son life balanced. It would take almost a year to see Jonathan fully recovered, and Vitor spent the time between Andoria, Earth and Risa. Forced by his family to take more time for them Vitor required an extension of his leave, believing all was well. He managed to pick up time with his parents, grandparents and son, as well as with Thera and her side of the family. It wasn't until he decided to return to active duty that the mistake was discovered. Apparently and error caused his application for extended leave to be scraped.

If he was to return he would have to pass the reintegration course at the Academy. And a new Cadet Cruise.


Vitor time in his return to the Academy wasn't as bored has he thought. But unlike the last time he really worked, and no parties or after hours activities happened. He took his time refreshing and learning as he prepared himself for the Cadet Cruise. The only thing catching his eye was Sher, whom he meet there.

They would find themselves at the same Cadet Cruise, who's Captain was a familiar face. Lieutenant Commander Antero Flynn. Vitor and Sher successfully went trough the cruise, but went their separate ways afterwards.

Sher ended up on the Resolution, commanded by another familiar name and face. Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti. Vitor ended up on the Juneau.

Missions on USS Juneau

Now, again a tactical Ensign, Vitor boarded the Juneau, but was also affected by the phenomenon and fell asleep in a corridor. When he woke up, finding the ship in red alert, he quickly made his way to the bridge. Arriving there he manned the Tactical station as ordered by Commander Orrey, but ends up not being more than a spectator. The crew manages to expel the creature invading the Juneau, as they lured it with the shuttle Herring. They destroy it after the shuttle's warp core is ejected.

With the threat dealt, it is recovery time and the traditional after mission party starts. Vitor makes his grand entrance among a group of officers, Captain Oddas included, with the shuttle joke with the Klingon, Vulcan, Cardassian and Bajoran inside. Being Bajoran the Captain didn't found it amusing, as neither did the others. For Vitor it was just the beginning.

The Juneau is tasked with a scientific mission, as they head into a rare phenomenon. They are to investigate a black hole circling a quasar, in the Cuornia system. But to their surprise when they arrived there was a surprise. Actually two surprises in the form of a pair of ancient vessels, one a bronze-colored vessel of unknown origin, the other a badly damaged Shonora vessel of Mithgiln origin. As an away team is dispatched to the bronze vessel, the bridge crew focus their attention on the Mithgiln ship. Navigating trough the share wave of challenges thrown at them, resulting from the the gravitational waves of the Black Hole, the bridge crew managed to devise a plan to help the Mithglin vessel, identified as the Ma'al. They concentrate their efforts helping the Ma'al repair itself, hoping to allow it to escape the Black Hole's grip. In spite of damaged their plan works and has the Mithglin ship repairs it self they pick up the away team and wait until the Ma'al manages to, on it's pwn power, head off toward its home space.

Returning to the Spike, they take a necessary shore leave. Vitor get's an impromptu counseling session with Doc Rel and spends some time getting to know a few of his new comrades.

It was at that lunch in one of the gardens that he meet Isabelle Deveaux. To his surprise, besides being given the ribbons regarding their last mission, Captain Oddas promotes him to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

With shore leave over the Juneau heads to Aturn VII. The Jem'Hadar colony leader reached out directly to Captain Oddas for assistance. It appears there was a Ferengi claiming their planet as his own. During the briefing the crew discusses and shares knowledge over Aturn VII and the Jem'Hadar settled there. The Juneau had meet them previously, before Vitor joined the ship and that explains their direct request. The teams are split, with Captain Oddas joining the away team, and the recently arrived XO Lieutenant Commander Cassian Iovianus, taking command of the Juneau. Vitor would be manning both tactical and security, since Ensign Kendrick was joining the away team. The arrival of a D'Kora class signal that the party claiming ownership had joined them. DaiMon Kaybay is claiming to have a deed to the planet. Finally making contact, and after intentions are finally revealed Kaybay cut's communications forcing the bridge crew to try alternate options. Also from below the Captain request information and possible contact, regarding a Vulcan nammed Strapek. Kaybay was trying to recruit the Jem'Hadar to deal with him, allowing them to stay on "his" planet. The information they find, with only two matching names isn't particularly useful, but soon Vitor detects transporter emissions near Commander T'Lea's location. Unable to find them they begin a wide search, including Kaybay's ship, the Golden Feather. It is there they are found, apparently on the brig, but before they mount a rescue mission, and with Commander Fiorr actively hacking into the Golden Feather systems, Commander T'Lea found a way to diffuse the situation and from the Ferengi ship hails the Juneau. Commander Iovianus manages to "convince" Daimon Kaybay to release the captured officers and beam aboard the Juneau, to start negotiations. Also arriving in system is the Vulcan Strapek, who is an arms dealer and uses Aturn VII caves for storage. As the situation begins to become cleared, and with the away team working on the tunnels , the Captain requested an emergency beam out, as they are attacked by a large creature. Back on board the Juneau, the Captain manages to work out an agreement between all parties. Having also found the connection between the fungus on the caves and the creatures on the planet.

Upon their return the Juneau learns they aren't alone in the Wilds anymore. The Grace Hopper joins them as they rendezvous on the Spike. For Vitor shore leave begins with a call to Sher, a confrontational encounter with T'lea and a weapons range training arranged by Commander Iovianus and Major Han. He also had a Counseling session with Counselor Tierney.

But the highlight was his dinner with Isa. They spent a good time with each other and Vitor planned on asking her out again. After that things too a turn for the worse. He had to quickly meet Thera in Ops. Jonathan was proving to be a complicated child, and was expelled from school for violent behavior. However in a redeeming moment, he came across Captain Nicholotti at the 118, and as they spoke he finally got some closure from what happened years ago on the Excalibur.

At they had their award ceremony he took another shot at T'Lea, but it backfired as R'Kala and Kendrick were caught in the middle.

Returning to duty after shore leave the Juneau is heading to familiar grounds, at least for some. The Grace Hopper was surveying the Ring 42, a massive structure in the Dialran system, when they ran into trouble. With some members of it's away team missing the Grace CO, Commander Melchor, asks Captain Oddas for help. The Juneau answers the call. Upon arrival Vitor changed to the Chief Tactical console to work easily. Two away teams departed, one for the Grace Hopper and the other down to the Ring. Working on the bridge Vitor managed to implement the sensor enhancing plan that Commander T'Lea and Ensign R'Kala prepared. That allowed them to get a better sensor readings from the City below. Still they struggled to connect with Commander T'Lea's away team due to the interference, and when they got extra data they needed to share there was only one solution. Firing a probe down with a data PADD inside. As they did that, and Vitor fired another successful shot, the Grace began to fall from position. Being affected by the City's emission they were having problems and the Juneau fired the tractor beam to get a hold on them. They also started an energy beam to share with the Grace, trying to help their fellow ship in the Wilds. Draining more and more power the awakening of the City literally struck the Juneau, and Vitor couldn't come up with anything else but a more direct approach, opening fire on the Cities power sources. But a good idea from their new Science officer, Ensign Falt, allowed them to decode a transmission of sorts, from the City. An old Terra son, called "Downtown". Coming to his mind as a way to reply Vitor asked Falt to transmit "Summer in the City" down the same way. That combined with the damage from the fire apparently worked. They found out that the City last survivor was in a Pod, in what was called Chapter Six, and after the away team reach it. They were all beamed to the Grace Hopper, as the Juneau kept monitoring the City. With the crew back he learned that the Citizen, was in a process of mitoses. And as they wait for the Grace to fully recover, their mission was effectively over.

With a planned shore leave in Bajor, Vitor decided to visit Sher, a visit that lead him to confront his own feelings. As he was on transit in the 118, he meet Commander Alora DeVeau and opening up to her made him chose his way. With some effort he requested a transfer from the Juneau to the Resolution. He got it and the first person he saw there was Sher. Luckily she was happy to see him, but when he heard they were leaving for Bajor in the Excalibur old ghosts began to haunt him. Ghosts he faced before reporting in.

Missions on USS Resolution

Vitor reported in while they were traveling to Bajor. The return to the Excalibur wasn't an easy experience, but he put all that aside and went to enjoy shore leave, beaming down with Sher, Sir and the newly acquainted Hallia and Martin. He saw him as a potential threat, regarding Sher, but he had an interesting experience in the ritual burning of the scrolls where you write your problems to start a new. That didn't prevent him from being troubled with his return to the Excalibur. It stirred old regrets that he fought over as he interacted with Sir, Sher, Hallia and Kali. Forcing some peace he joined the crew in their Award Ceremony were he was proud that Sher become the Resolution new Chief of Security, and passed him in rank being promoted to full Lieutenant.

Before the mission started the crew was informed that Kali and Commander MacKenzie weren't joining them on the patrol duty they were assigned to. To Vitor that wasn't a good sign, he started having concerns and it all got worse when they received an emergency call from Rinascita Research station. It was apparently sent by the station's Doctor who was injured. On arrival Vitor remained on board as they received the Station's lead Researcher. Doctor Rackham was very... Effusive... That spiked Vitor's suspicions and although not openly hostile, he let those around him make sure of it. As they were discussing the Doctor's request the bridge informed them of an explosion in the station. Flying back to the transporter room Vitor and Commander Thornton began working to secure the away team and solve this new mystery, under the direction of Acting Captain Adea and with their guest, Doctor Rackham with them. It was then that Doctor Rackham helds a phaser to them, and set the three inside a force field as he communicates with the station. The Resolution starts to be attacked, and Vitor throws himself at the force field, hoping to release his hanger on Rackham. Being continuously hit by opposing fire the field eventually collapses, but not before Rackham manages to beam aboard the research he was after. Vitor springs into action, and again in an unreflected act he bites him in the neck. Acting Captain Adea and Commander Thornton are appalled by his actions and he is obliged by the Captain to give him medical attention. Commander Thornton realizes that the device beamed on-board was indeed a Genesis device. And that isn't the only revelation. Rackham reveals to Captain Adea and Vitor that he is in truth an undercover Starfleet Intelligence officer. His mission was to foil the Suliban plans to steal the device. Although he was seriously injured he managed to activate the device as the Resolution went to it's final destiny. Although surprised Vitor joined Captain Adea and Commander Thornton in an escape pod. They were eventually rescued by the USS Carpathia. There Commander Thornton reported on his actions to Commander Yalu and Vitor was restricted to quarters.



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Commanding Ofc.
Kali Nicholotti
Executive Ofc.
Addison MacKenzie
Yogan Yalu
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Chief Security Ofc.
Aine Sherlock
Tactical Ofc.
Vitor Silveira
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Talos Dakora
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Science Ofc.
Etan Iljor
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Science Ofc.
Hallia Yellir
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Chief Medical Ofc.
Genkos Adea
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Meidra Sirin
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