Shadow Out of Mind (Excalibur)

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The Excalibur and her new crew is sent by Starfleet to investigate elevated radiation levels on the uninhabited planet of Cytarix V.

Plot Summary

The Excalibur and her new crew are dispatched to Cytarix V to investigate unusual radiation readings. Prior, the planet, was of little interest to anyone. Habitable, but uninhabited and lacking in enough resources to be of interest. While enroute, it is discovered by Commander Thornton, that there appears to have been some gravitational forces at work. Evidently an object that originated from Cytarix V "launched" towards the fourth planet and seemed to slingshot around it displacing several asteroids in the process.

Upon arrival, an away team consisting of Commander MacKenzie, Lieutenants Sherlock and Etan, and Ensigns Dakora and Bean, were sent to the surface to gather samples to be studied. Radiation obscured communications and transporter signals so they set out via shuttle. After gathering samples and returning to their shuttle, Ensign Dakora is "attacked" by an unknown object that seemed to come out of the ground. The attack was both physical and telepathic. During the attack he was able to see what was happening via the other team members eyes, seemingly occupying their bodies. After a narrow escape/extraction conducted by Commander Yalu while their shuttle was sinking into the ground, they returned to the Excalibur.

Upon returning to the Excalibur after a close call of a rescue by Commander Yalu, everything seemed to be normal. That was until members of the crew suddenly found themselves in others bodies. Their minds intact, and some with new abilities they are unfamiliar with. The ship was locked down while the Senior Staff met to theorize on what was happening. After some speculation, it was decided to send an away team back down to the planet. Three of the members had, new to them, telepathic abilities all of whom were having difficulty with their new abilities. Commander MacKenzie in Ensign Tiberius' body, Commander Niac in Commander Adrianna Morgan's body, Commander Yalu in Ensign Dakora's body, and Lieutenant Sherlock in Lieutenant Sirin's body, found a suitable landing sight with heavy readings of radiation emanating from a nearby cave.

After making contact with another orb in the cave, it is found that the orbs are arks carrying a non-corporeal civilization. The beings seem to be able to communicate telepathically. The three members of the away team with newfound telepathic abilities of their host bodies attempt to learn what the orbs are doing there. Meanwhile, back on the Excalibur, the previous orb is approaching. Ensign Dakora is able to find and decode a communication hidden in the radiation it is emitting, a message similar to what the away team has received from their orb. After Lieutenant Sherlock mind melds with the orb, simultaneously trying to show the orb their intentions and experiencing all of their thoughts and experiences, the creatures allow the Excalibur to help them. Shortly after returning to the Excalibur, the crew is returned to their rightful bodies and the USS Chesapeake assists in finding a new home for the aliens.


Telepathic Orbs

Orbs on the planet are found to be telepathic and the source of the swapped consciousnesses. There are many 'people' in them, not just one.

What we've learned

Note: Information in this section has been stated IC.
  • The planet's system is rarely trafficked.
  • There is no known life on the planet.

Just for your knowledge

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  • Things we know OOC.