Shadow Out of Mind (Excalibur)

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The Excalibur and her new crew is sent by Starfleet to investigate elevated radiation levels on the uninhabited planet of Cytarix V.

Plot Summary



A Person

Name: their name

Species: their species

Sex: their sex

DOB (Age): when they were born

Height: how tall are they?

Weight: how much do they weigh?

Hair: what color is their hair?

Eyes: what color are their eyes?

Rank: do they even have a rank?

Spouse: marital status, to make sure Talos behaves

Children: just names, not details...

Overview: history or misc. who are they's

What we've learned

Note: Information in this section has been stated IC.
  • The planet's system is rarely trafficked.
  • There is no known life on the planet.

Just for your knowledge

Note: Information in this section may not necessarily be commonly known IC.
  • Things we know OOC.