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Season 1, Episode 3

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ATF Mission History

Act One

The USS Blackwell finally arrives at the Caraadian planet Arndall of the House Tadere. What they found was a Valcarian blockade of the planet, staring down a fleet of Caraadian vessels in a defensive line. On the planet, battalions of Valcarian soldiers lay brutal siege to most, if not all, Caraadian civilian centers, however, they only used artillary and held their positions. An odd battle plan to be sure.

The Blackwell sent two Arrow-class runabouts down laden with supplies to allieviate the suffering of the civilian population of the planet with strict orders to remain neutral in the ongoing conflict. Lieutenants Krindo Pandorn and Sanara Pran, Doctor Kol'Vat, and Lt. Commander Cayden Adyr were sent to the captial city of Syrandio to help the Caraadian population, while Lieutenant Jarred Thoran, Doctor Anath G'Renn, Ensigns Avarin and Ensign Ferentis were sent to main Valcarian settlement of Navatria to render aid there, with Ensign Na'Lae Mandak coordinating supply distribution from the Blackwell. All in the interest of looking neutral.

A meeting between the Valcarian Commander General Asil and Her Excellency, High Prefect Albretta Glovely, Governor of Arndall, recipient of the Clarity Sigil and member in good standing of House Tadere convened aboard the Blackwell in the hopes of ending the siege before more civilians meet with suffering. Commander Whittaker, Fleet Captain and Ambassador Kali Nicholotti and her security guard Ensign Talos Dakora have their work cutout for them as Intelligence Officer Rykel Rior and Councillor Rune Jolara brought word that the Valcarians were heading for the area of the Kenyatta Foothills on the planet. This could mean an all out war if there are Caraadian forces there.

On the planet, chaos reigned supreme at Syrandio, as the Valcarians bombarded the civilian buildings, being careful not to strike fleeing civilians with some degree of success. Again, an odd strategy in battle, as the Valcarians usually show little compassion for 'lesser' races. However, there was many victims of collateral damage to which it kept Lt. Commander Adyr's team busy. One was a woman pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building, muttering something as she slipped into and out of consciousness due to severe head trauma. As the team treaded her, the very ground rumbled beneath them and a deep humming sound was heard throughout the area. What was happening underground? Not even the sensors aboard the Blackwell could penetrate the surface accurately. It was surmised that it isn't a natural occurance.

In Navatria, Lieutenant Thoran and company set up an aid station in a abandoned building near their landing zone. There they encountered an injured squad of Valcarian soldiers, who uncharacteristically allowed them to tend to them. One requires surgery, causing a dilemma of performing it in the building or attempting to get to their runabout or the Blackwell.

And there still is the riddle of the mysterious seismic activity under their feet, underground. What is the answer? What is the planet Arndall hiding?

Act Two

On board the Blackwell , Commander Whittaker tried to get the representatives of the two quarrelling sides to come together to resolve the dispute which brought Arndall to the brink of all out war. The petty bickering between the two seemed to never end, until it was determined that the source of the seismic upheaval was a, up to now, unknown life form waiting underneath the surface of Arndall threatening all on the planet. They were called the Kam'Jahtae, who were once considered a myth, a story to keep Caraadian children from misbehaving as reported by High Prefect Albretta Glovelyn of the Caraadians. Something needed to be done or Arndall would be overrun by the Kam'Jahtae.

At Syrandio, Lieutenants Krindo Pandorn and Sanara Pran ventured deep into the now over taken Medical Center in an effort to disable an energy dampening field that would allow their away team to escape the Kan'Jahtae, lest they be taken as slaves or killed. Commander Cayden Adyr and Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo, who was discovered inside the Medical Center, tried to buy some time with distracting the Kam'Jahatae with diplomacy, which was getting nowhere fast. Lieutenants Krindo Pandorn and Sanara Pran were successful in not only disabling the field, but were able to bring a sample of the insectoids' technology as well. They returned to the now fully powered runabout and blasted their way out of Syrandio and back to the Blackwell.

At Navatria, Lieutenant Thoran was forced inside the main complex of the invading insectoids after a hard landing after taking fire an unknown Kam'Jahtae weapon. They find a power source that would allow them to escape if disabled. Ensign Ferentis destroys it with an unusual Pakhwa'than weapon. A subsequent chase by the Kam'Jahtae led to the death of Ensign Dairro, who was shot by phaser fire. They managed to return to their runabout and was able to get back to the Blackwell.

With the help of new engineering Ensign Lewis Little, a countermeasure was developed using a sound pulse to disorient and force the Kam'Jahtae to retreat. The pulse worked, but an unknown transprter like beam transported the entire Kam'jahtae force off Arndall and out of the sector, ending the threat to Arndall. All that remains now is, where did the Kam'Jahtae go, and will the Valcarians and Caraadians cooperate with each other for the first time in the long conflict between the two, for the survival of both. Who knows?

Act Three

With the data provided by the away teams, The crew of the Blackwell learn that the Kam'Jahtae are also the ancient Hur'q race, the only race ever to have conquered the Klingon homeworld of Qo'nos. What this means for the quadrant remains to be seen, but this added a whole new level of alert, since the Hur'q seem to have instant mass teleportation and can appear at any time anywhere. The Federation and allies will have to be vigilant from here on.

The crew of the Blackwell performed valiantly, which was reflected at the awards ceremony. After a moment of silent rememberance for Ensign Dairro, who gave her life in the line of duty, the crew was recognized for their performance. New arrivals Ensigns Lewis Little and Yai'enek Kortar were introduced at this time.

Promotions and Awards


Na'Lae Mandak - to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Awards and Ribbons:

Na'Lae Mandak - Innovation Ribbon - Purple Heart

Ferentis - Innovation Ribbon

Anath G'Renn - Silver Lifesaving Ribbon

Jarred Thoran - Purple Heart - Department Chief Ribbon

Cayden Adyr - First Contact Ribbon

Mirra Ezo - First Contact Ribbon

Randal Shayne - Distinguished Service Ribbon

Krindo Pandorn - Distinguished Service Ribbon

Sanara Pran - Distinguished Service Ribbon

Rune Jolara - Captain's Commendation

Rykel Rior - Captain's Commendation

Entire Crew of the Blackwell - Silver Star



  • Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, Federation Ambassador at Large, - played by Cayden Adyr
  • Ensign Ferentis, Engineer, USS Blackwell - played by Randal Shayne
  • Lieutenant Sanara Pran, Security Officer, USS Blackwell - played by Theo Whittaker


  • Lt. General Rotork Asil, Valcarian Imperial Army - played by Rykel Rior
  • High Prefect Albretta Glovelyn, Governor of Arndall, House Tadere Representative - played by Jarred Thoran

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