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((Main Chamber - Royal Palace))

::Jaxx was pacing in front of the throne. His thoughts drifted to Talon, he felt better that she was safe on the ship. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of Kali. He turned to see her team right behind her. He still giggled every time he seen her small frame leading them. He smiled as she approached.::

::Kali was worried now, as the rest of the crew had been sent back to the ship. All that remained now were the marines and Commander Jaxx, which made safety somewhat easier to deal with. She noticed the first officer smile as she approached him, and it gave her renewed hope that they could have a decent working relationship after all. As soon as the team reached him, he told them of their destination.::

Jaxx: Alright Lieutenant we are going to move on foot to the Ship Yards.

Nicholotti: ::Nodding, then turning to her team:: You heard him. Lets get going.

Jaxx: It's quite a bit of ground to cover, but I have at least that much faith in the Corps.

Nicholotti: Well, its something. ::Kali sighed, but pushed forward.::

::As they started moving down the hallway, Jaxx felt what he had felt earlier. It was much stronger, and Jaxx was able to decipher what "it" actually was. He stopped and turned around facing the Marines.::

::Kali almost ran over the first officer as he stopped short in the hall, turning to face the team. The look on his face actually sent shivers down her spine.::

Jaxx: He is here. ::nodding toward the Main Chamber:: extreme caution, Lieutenant ::pausing for a moment:: set phasers to kill.

Nicholotti: He, who sir? ::Kali was lost on this point. She looked around the narrow hall, but saw nothing unusual.::

Jaxx: I am not sure exactly what, but we are being watched.

Nicholotti: Aye, sir. ::Still confused, Kali issued her orders to her team as she pulled the small, type one phaser from her side and set it to kill.:: Vekma, Harris, you two take point. Head up the hall and investigate the room ahead. Vahmet, Jones, you take the rear. Alert me to what you see. ::She stood fast next to the first officer. The look he had given them was burned into her mind now, and she would not leave his side until they figured out what was going on.::

::Kilk watched the group approach the main chamber with fascination. His prey knew of his presence, without the assistance of a scanning device or other external system. Indeed he had chosen formidable prey. As the group began to step into the room, Kilk's hand hovered over the command that would triggered the trap.::

Kilk: oO Any moment now... Oo

:: As soon as both Kali and Jaxx were through the chamber doors, the trap was sprung. All of the place's entrances slammed shut with thick, kadium reinforced doors. Vahmet and Jones were cut off. Kilk took good advantage of the team's surprise, leaping across the room and firing off three shots with his tachyon rifle. One slammed square into Harris' chest. His scream cut short by Vekma, as the other man took a shot in his left shoulder.::

::As the two marines fell, Kali fought the urge to run to them. Pain crossed her face, as she gathered her thoughts and regained her bearings. The trap that they had fallen into really caught them all off guard, and brought her senses back to full alert.::

::Jaxx stood in the center of the Marines. He kept his eye on the enemy as he seen the Marines drop around him. He knelt down, drawing his phaser, he took a few shots at the predator.::

Kilk: Your guardians are useless, Jaxx...

:: Kilk repositioned himself in the room, using the confusion of his ambush to his further advantage. He carefully set down his rifle and drew his hunting knife as he circled the two remaining Starfleet officers.::

Jaxx: They are not as useless as they appear, that I guarantee.

::Jaxx could sense the beings movements, he focused on it and followed him with his eyes. It was easier for Jaxx than to focus on the distortions caused by his suit.::

Kilk: Your head will make an excellent mantelpiece... tell me... how did you know I was here first?

::Kali looked around the room for the source of the voice. It didn't take her long to locate a visual distortion circling the two of them.::

Jaxx: I could feel you, everything you stood for...the hunger, the excitement, even the pain. Once a Beta, always a Beta.

::Raising to his feet:: I will remember it for my future encounters with your people.

Kilk: ::laughing:: Not likely! My prey never survives longer than I wish it to.

:: With that, Kilk lunged towards Jaxx. His holographic emitter fading and revealing his hulking, 7-foot-body-armor-clad frame. The knife glinted sinisterly in the light as he struck towards his prey. His dark eyes filled with nothing but the rush of finally meeting a worthy target face to face.::

::Kali waited until the huge humanoid was close enough to think he had accomplished his goal without any resistance at all before she stepped in. Attempting to throw the creature off balance, she pushed the full force of her weight against his lower body. The monster merely rolled, however, and turned to face her. Her hand phaser had been knocked from her hand during the contact, and Kali saw it slide down the hall. Reaching for her boot, she unsheathed her own blade in the attempt to fight back. Positioning herself between the first officer and the monster, she rose to her full height, even if it was nearly a foot and a half shorter than that of the creature in front of her.::

::Disregarding the slim female in front of him, the Hirogen leaped once more for the Commander, but he did not anticipate the speed in which Kali could move. She maintained her position between the two. As the monster struck, the first officer moved up next to her.::

::Jaxx moved up beside Kali, as he violently swung his blade, Kali used hers to counter his shots. At the same time, Jaxx began sending blows toward the large Hirogen. The three way battle continued for each hit they delivered, they took two in return. Jaxx was able to anticipate the Hirogen, by remaining in his mind during the fight, it gave him a glimpse into the Hirogen's strategy. As they grew more and more tired as the battle raged on, Jaxx was caught off balance and knocked to the ground. The Hirogen lunged with his knife in hand just as Kali jumped in front of Jaxx. Jaxx watched the knife penetrate her chest, he grabbed the phaser near his feet and fired, catching the Hirogen unaware. Jaxx looked into his eyes as he fell to the ground.::

::The Hirogen blade made contact, sinking into her chest. Still, Kali fought with the rest of her strength to keep the creature away from the first officer. Her struggles slowly became weakened, however, and breathing became a battle in and of itself. The burning of her chest made her think she was on fire, and keeping her concentration on the fight at hand was quickly becoming impossible. She blinked, trying to remain conscious as she watched helplessly. The hirogen was caught off guard, and Kali saw him fall to the feet of Commander Jaxx just before the darkness started closing in.::

::Kali fought to keep her balance, but any strength that she had left she was reserving for breathing. She crumpled to the floor into the pool of blood that had been ever growing since the first attack. The world around her slowly faded into total darkness, and all she could feel was the warm sticky feel of her own blood covering her hands. Around her she heard voices, but they too slowly faded away.::

::Jaxx struggled to his feet. He quickly moved to Kali. He looked around the Main Chamber realizing the damage done. He knelt over Kali, checking her pulse. She had one but it was getting weaker. He scooped her into his arms and started moving toward the door. As he neared the door they opened as the Royal Guard made their way in. Jaxx past them and stopped in the courtyard. He knelt, placing Kali at his feet.::

Jaxx: ::tapping his commbadge:: =/\= Jaxx to Resolution, Medical Emergency...lock on to Lieutenant Nicholotti and beam her directly to Sickbay! =/\= ::Jaxx watched as she dematerialized.:: =/\= Lock on to my signal, site to site, put me near Kora.::

::Jaxx dematerialized leaving the Marines alive to transport their wounded. When he rematerialized he spotted Makal and his team. He moved over to them, eager to find out what was going on.::

Lieutenant Commander Andrus Jaxx
First Officer
USS Resolution


2nd Lieutenant Kali Nicholotti
Starfleet Marine
USS Resolution


Beta Kilk
Hirogen Hunter
as simmed by
Lieutenant Makal S. Kora

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