Empire Falling (Victory)

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Empire Falling
238712.13 - 238802.25

Stardate 238712.13

Commander Andrus Jaxx gets new orders that send the USS Victory deep into Romulan space. Their destination is to be Romulus itself. With word that the Hobus star at the center of the Romulus solar system is unstable and heading towards supernova, the Victory and any other available Federations ships have been dispatched to help with the planetary evacuation of Romulus and the surrounding colonies. Because the Hobus star is so unstable, on top of a real scientific enigma, the new First Officer, Ash MacKenna has trouble trying to pinpoint just how much time they have before the planet is lost. The senior staff get to work on contingency plans, as well as plans that will allow the maximum amount of refugees to be beamed aboard the ship.

Meanwhile, the ship prepares to host their own version of the officer's ball aboard the ship, since they would be missing the official one on the Starbase. It is a bittersweet addition to the mission they will soon find themselves entrenched in.

Stardate 238712.31

While the officer's ball was a success, word is received that the Hobus star had gone supernova and Romulus was lost. Commander Andrus Jaxx confers with the First Officer and they agree to keep the information to themselves until the morning, when a briefing has been called. No time is wasted in reassigning the Victory, which had already crossed the border of Romulan space. The Captain broke the news to the senior staff and then redirected their energy towards their new goal.

With the Romulan Senate presumed dead, various sects of Romulan society begin to exert independence and the claim that they are the rightful leaders of what is left of their people. The Star Empire falls, segmenting into various smaller areas of controlled space. The Federation is contacted by a Federation friendly member of the Romulan senate, Senator Kaitak, who has been taken to a remote planet set up to provide safety in such circumstances. Thus, the Victory is dispatched to rescue the senator, who is also being pursued by remnants of the Tal Shiar.

Stardate 238801.21

An away team led by Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna is sent to the surface to find the senator. Because the atmosphere is hazardous, being comprised of gasses and metallic particles, the team cannot transport down. Instead, they start towards their destination on a shuttle. After a really bumpy ride, Ensign Liam Frost manages to make a controlled crash landing close to their desired landing point. Gearing up, the team heads out towards their objective.

After their first communication with the ship, Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais is sent out on another shuttle to locate and pick up the team once they had located the senator. Conditions in the atmosphere worsen, and though the shuttle avoids the problems that had plagued the first one, they were unable to locate the team at first.

Meanwhile, the away team entered the edge of the city and was met with a rather friendly holographic security guard. Moments later, lights of a transporter beam appear close by. The Senator and his aide appear just moments before a very angry Tal Shiar agent. The shuttle locates the crew as they realize who the Senator is and move to protect him. Speeding closer, the Tal Shiar agent begins firing at the group as they fold into the open shuttle door. Things become chaotic and shots are fired from both sides. As the final officers stepped up into the shuttle, one lucky shot found home.

Stardate 238802.28

With the Senator in tow, the shuttle returns to the Victory, but not without its share of problems. Shock takes hold of certain officers as the realization that May was dead seemed to hit home. As soon as they were in range, Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna beams the doctor, nurse, Senator, and Security Chief to sickbay. The remaining officers bring the shuttle into the bay and return to the bridge to find that a decloaked warbird was seemingly seconds away from causing problems. Using some daring moves, the Victory is able to slingshot around the planet and into warp without any shots being fired.

Enroute to the Starbase, the Victory crew begins to deal with the ghosts that would haunt them. Meanwhile, the ship gets word that Betazed was under attack and that one of their crewmen's family's had been killed.