The Trouble With Tacos (Excalibur)

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The USS Excalibur-A is tasked with mediating a dispute involving the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Republic and the Son'a Solidarity. But mysterious malfunctions aboard the ship threaten to scupper the talks before they have even begun.

Plot Summary

Following a joint shore leave with the crew of the USS Arrow aboard Deep Space 224, the Excalibur is called upon to meet with representatives from the Klingon Empire, the Son'a Solidarity and the Romulan Republic. Details are light on the ground, but a dispute has arisen and Federation intervention is deemed necessary. Shortly before departure, an "asset" infiltrates the ship and messes with the ship's computer before being extracted by parties unknown and assassinated. Preparations for the negotiations- and for the newly instituted "Taco Night"- are promptly derailed by an apparent spate of replicator malfunctions across the ship that render them unable to synthesise anything other tacos and fillings. The crew race to find alternatives in order to keep the delegates happy. Shortly after the arrival of all three delegations, the malfunctions spread to the communications systems- cutting the Excalibur-A off from Deep Space 224 and the other Starfleet assets in the region for an hour- before the system corrects itself. Back on Deep Space 224, the body of the "asset" is discovered by a worker bee pilot, prompting Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier to open an investigation. The station's CMO- Doctor Blanch- identifies the cause of death and rules out that the murder was committed using the station's transporters.

At a welcome reception for the delegates, Ambassador Tork (with Doctor Gott in tow as his 'plus one') is taken ill and collapses. Only minutes later Ambassador Gaez'ael and Zarr follow suite. They are beamed to sickbay where York and Gaez'ael are both identified as having neurotoxins in their system. In the Round Table, Commander Yalu takes charge of the aftermath. Commander Etan identifies a microvirus within a chili and takes it to the medical laboratory where Counsellor Seta and ACMO Morgan have also discovered it. The Chief Science Officer theorises that the micro virus might have been genetically tailored to introduce a neurotoxin into specific individuals which would explain why nobody else was affected. On the bridge, the situation continued to deteriorate with cascading failures throughout the ship's systems. The Son'a and the Klingon vessels become agitated and take up defensive postures. An ill but stable Ambassador Gaez'ael manages to dissuade the Son'a from acting rashly. Lieutenant Silveira manages to gleam from Doctor Gott (who was told by a drunken Ambassador Tork before the dinner) that the negotiations are about the rights to an asteroid field filled with dilithium. Lieutenant Yellir is apparently able to purge the a computer virus responsible for the power failures. At the same time, Commander Yalu and Commander Etan independently begin to suspect that the micro virus originated from the failed Earth colony on Turkana IV which has become a hotbed of bioweapon development in recent months. In the medical laboratory, Etan and Seta work with Lieutenant Dakora and newly arrived Ensign Jovenan to prove the link.


  • Ambassador Tork, Son of Mo'Par - Diplomatic Representative of the Klingon Empire (played by Karrod Niac).
  • Ambassador Larrala Zarr - Diplomatic Representation of the Romulan Republic (played by Hallia Yellir).
  • Adhar Gaez'ael - Diplomatic representative of the Son'a Solidarity (played by Addison MacKenzie).
  • "The Asset" - an unknown individual that infiltrated the Excalibur and was then promptly assassinated.

Ambassador Tork

  • Name: Tork, Son of Mo’Par
  • Species: Klingon
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 60
  • Height: 1.8m/6'-2"
  • Weight: 136.078kg/300lbs (Soft round the middle)
  • Hair: Black, Long, Braided
  • Eyes: Dark
  • Spouse: Married, but spouse is not present on this trip.
  • Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter, all adults

Overview: The son of a well-liked and respected warrior, Ambassador Tork was able to climb to the ranks of Klingon society quicker than most. In his time with the Imperial Fleet, Tork earned a reputation for his ruthless efficiency in battle. In some cases, his victories were so thorough that no trace of an enemy ever being there could be found. He claims to have survived no less than 4 assassination attempts by would-be usurpers (one of which resulted in the eye patch he now wears) during his 2 decades as Captain and suffered no defeats at the hands of an enemy. In recognition of his service, he was selected to serve as Ambassador for the High Council on Qo’noS.

Personality (OOC Knowledge): Ambassador Tork projects the strength and confidence of the competent Klingon Warrior that he seems to be, but behind closed doors and in the confidence of his loyal aides he is a weak, prissy, fraud. Tork has ridden his father’s reputation to inflated success and built a fabricated service record on a foundation of tall-tales, exaggerations and outright lies. It is rumored that his midling success as a Ambassador is owed more to the other parties' desire to rid themselves of him than his negotiating skills.

Ambassador Larrala Zarr

  • Name: Larrala Zarr
  • Species: Romulan
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 150
  • Height: 1.78m/5’8"
  • Weight: 70kg/154lbs
  • Hair: Short, grey with dark roots.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Spouse: Widowed
  • Children: None

Overview: One of the many victims of the Hobus disaster— Larrala was a senator before the destruction of Romulus. She bore the long climb through politics, sharing no inherent talent towards the landscape at the time. Still, with some grit and a wit better suited for the position of tactician, she eventually found herself serving under the Empire’s minister of defence. Larrala’s belief in a safer Romulus blinded her for many years to the crushing grip of the Tal’shiar, being seen in a lesser position of politics, she never found herself with the opportunity to look behind the Empire’s curtain. As both Romulus and Remus crumbled, and the government lay in ruins, the Tal’shiar had nowhere to hide. Many of those who covered up their misdeeds had perished, along with much of Larrala’s family, leading many, including herself to become vocally opposed to the government. The question remained whether or not they held the best interests of the Romulan and Reman people, and as tensions were frayed, many began to grow in support of the movement to make remake Romulus as a republic. With the movement in full swing, Larrala was at the forefront, and it was no longer safe to continue with their own kind who were in opposition of the Republic. As members of the Romulan Republic fled with old mothballed ships, Larrala was appointed as an Ambassador for the cause.

Personality (OOC Knowledge): Larrala projects strength through cunning. She projects a hardened exterior, with the lessons of politics teaching her that weakness was death. But truly, she finds it difficult to make an objective decision, despite wearing her heart on her cheek. Larrala fears her burden as a diplomat, but despite being out of her comfort zone, she has a very tactical approach to negotiations. Playing these events like games of chess in her mind, but she’s afraid to lose, knowing that a victory and a loss could steer the fates of those who rely on her. For better, or for worse.

Adhar Gaez'ael

  • Name: Gaez’ael
  • Rank: Adhar
  • Species: Son’a
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 52
  • Height: 1.65m/5’5"
  • Weight: 58.98kg/130lbs
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Overview: Born on Tarlac to parents who were responsible for overseeing the subjugation of the native inhabitants of that planet, Gaez’ael was raised hearing about the disdain for the Ba’ku and many of the other large galactic factions. As she grew up, she got to travel with her father, a member of Son’a Command, and developed a love for space travel with deepening fanatical advocacy for the betterment of her race and its position in the galaxy. Following in the steps of her father, Gaez’ael also joined the Son’a Command, eventually earning the military rank of Adhar. After the withdrawal of the support of the Federation Council and subsequent sanctions, most of Gaez’ael’s service had been in pursuing diplomatic means for Son’a advancement though she has not been above demonstrating a show of strength if she feels it is warranted.

Personality (OOC Knowledge):Gaez’ael is a narcissistic woman whose strength was forged first by her father, then by her military career. She believes in the superiority of the Son’a, and the race’s right to a higher status among the galactic powers but is realistic that the pursuit of such an ideology must be handed largely through diplomatic channels. A skilled diplomat, her approach to negotiations with other factions have softened over the years, but she still does not readily offer concessions from her positions or goals.

Just For Your Knowledge

  • The crew of the Excalibur are as yet unaware of both The Asset's sabotage and the fact that Deep Space 224 has opened an investigation into The Assets death.
  • Deep Space 224 is also unaware of The Asset's sabotage at present.