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While on routine patrol, a distress call is picked up by the USS Resolution. With Captain Nicholotti out of action due to an unknown condition and Commander MacKenzie attending to her, Acting Captain Genkos Adea sets the Resolution on course with Rinascita Research Station to find out what's really going on.

Plot Summary

While on routine patrol in The Borderlands, the Resolution receives a distress call from Rinascita Research Station. The call is from a Dr. Keita, but is recalled by their Chief of Security. Upon arrival, the Resolution's crew is invited to see the station and assured there is nothing wrong. The station Chief is invited to view the Resolution's science labs to see if they could assist in their research of water reclamation, their supposed purpose though there are suspicions of the station working on a Genesis Device and continuing the research of Dr. Carol Marcus.

While on the station, one team is sent to the stations Sickbay to assist Dr. Morka in treating the injured Dr. Keita while another team meets with the Security Chief and Science Chief.

After some back and forth with the crew of Rinascita, the teams learn that there is indeed someone aboard the station who was responsible for the attack on Dr. Keita. They attempt to get the teams back together but in the process it is revealed to them that Suliban agents are aboard the station attempting to steal a Genesis device the stations scientists have been working on in secret. Dr. Morgan is taken hostage, Commander Adyr, Lieutenants Sherlock, Etan, and Yellir are trapped in the science lab.

Commander Yalu, after Dr. Morgan is spirited away, decides to get their teams back together. Taking his team through a vent that leads to the science lab. The teams now discuss their situation and make a plan: Lieutenant Sherlock will take down the forcefield keeping them trapped. One team will go after the Genesis device, the other will rescue Dr. Morgan...if they can. All the while, back on the Res, Ben Rackham has convinced the Captain to let them bring their research aboard much to the dismay of Lieutenant Silveira.

Things have gone awry. When Commander Adyr and Lieutenant Sherlock depart to gather their separated teammates after Dr. Keita awakens to tell that he'd been attacked, Dr. Morka takes Dr. Morgan hostage eventually revealing his is a Suliban Cabal member in disguise. Upon reaching Lieutenants Etan and Yellir, Station Security Chief Careswell locks the team along with Grendle in the science lab with a force field revealing himself to be part of a terrorist plot.

After Morka departs with Dr. Morgan for the station's Command Center, the team in Sickbay makes their way via crawlways to the team in the Science Lab. The teams then discuss the developments they've learned. Lieutenant Sherlock devises a way to take the force field down and her, Adyr, Sirin, and Yellir make their way to the Command Center to stage an impromptu rescue of Morgan while Yalu, Etan, Keita, and Grendle attempt to head off Careswell at the Genesis device the terrorists are intent on stealing.

The rescue team comes upon Dr. Morgan with his captor and plan a quick rescue. Without proper equipment or knowledge of the layout of the room, the danger is high. Sherlock leads the team in and is quickly shot and critically injured by the captor, Raban. In an attempt to cover her downed teammate, Sirin is attacked at close range by a knife wielding Raban. Commander Adyr is able to use the moment to take control of the captor, effectively subduing him. Dr. Morgan and Yellir devise a plan to help the two injured officers, Yellir is quickly dispatched to Sickbay to retrieve the Doctor's equipment and anything she can find that may help, while Commander Adyr restrains a taunting Raban.

Commander Yalu's team fairs better, reaching the Genesis Lab before "Careswell." They confront him and "Careswell" threatens to shoot the Genesis device. Grendle is able to intervene and distract him but to little avail as a call from Rackham comes through and he promptly transports the Genesis device to the Resolution. At which point Scrunch/Careswell is attacked by a table leg weilding Dr. Keita. Injuring the man's head and arm severely, Commander Yalu and Lieutenant Etan intervene, saving the man.

Back on the Resolution, which is now under attack from a decloaked ship, Acting Captain Adea, Commander Thornton, and Lieutenant Silveira are taken captive by Rackham, who then transports the Genesis device aboard the Resolution. During the attack, the transporter room loses power and Silveira takes advantage of the situation and attempts to subdue Rackham. During the scuffle, Lieutenant Silveira bites Rackham's neck causing severe and possibly life threatening bleeding. Adea and Thornton pull Silveira off the man and begin to give him medical attention but Thornton is quickly distracted when she learns the device beamed on-board was indeed a Genesis device.

Dr. Morgan, Commander Adyr, and Lieutenant Yellir stabilize Lieutenants Sherlock and Sirin. Raban reveals that the station has a yacht they can use to get off the dying station. Upon arriving at the cargo bay with the yacht, they are joined by Commander Yalu's team. When all depart the station, it is seen that the Resolution is under attack. During the attack, the enemy vessel warps away and the Resolution is on a collision course with a nearby asteroid.

On the Resolution, Ben Rackham reveals himself to Acting Captain Adea that he is an undercover operative with Starfleet Intelligence, working to stop the Suliban from acquiring the Genesis device, that is now on the Resolution and activated. Acting Captain Adea orders the evacuation of the Resolution. Most of the crew is able to escape before the ship is destroyed in the collision with the asteroid. The Genesis device detonates as well creating a new habitable planet.

It is later learned, aboard the USS Carpathia which was dispatched to rescue the Resolution, that fourteen people were lost. Among those lost were Commanders Amari and Farrel. Also lost was Liam Wyke of Starfleet Intelligence. The Resolution will not soon be forgotten, nor those "still on patrol."


Security Chief Nat Careswell

Name: Nathaniel “Nat” Careswell

Species: Human

Sex: Male

DOB (Age): 236804.15 (30)

Height: 170cm

Weight: 71kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Rank: Lieutenant

Spouse: Kenny Careswell (husband), currently working on SB118

Children: Dorothy “Dottie” (age 6) and Kenny, Jr. (age 3), currently living with their dad (Kenny is ‘dad,’ Nat is ‘papa’).

Overview: Nat Careswell is a ray of sunshine in a cold, dark, grim galaxy. He is terminally positive and never without a smile on his face. He once had ambitions to be a starship captain, but as he’s settled into his career, he realizes that he’s probably not cut out for it. Instead, he’s content to serve as head of security for an out-of-the-way, relatively unimportant research station, where the biggest threat to security is when the cafeteria runs out of kedgeree. The only thing he dislikes about his job is that he can’t have his husband and kids live with him, so he makes frequent weekends to SB118.

Chief Scientist Grendle

Name: Grendle

Gender: Male

Species: Dokkaran

Age: 175

Physical Appearance-

Height: 2 meters tall

Weight: 80 kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: pale blue

Physical Description: sentient plant based life form, tall and sturdy like an oak



Children: None as Dokkarans do not procreate in the usual manner but are born from the Lady (from the wiki - Dokkarans are born fully mature beneath the branches of the great Vizinyian Trees, which in turn spawned from the lone sentient Vizinyian Tree called The Lady by the Dokkarans)

General Overview- Grendle joined Starfleet in the pursuit of pure knowledge. Obviously, his chosen research revolves around botany, and the terraforming experiments conducted by the Rinascita station intrigues him greatly. Grendle is a serene, thoughtful being who strives to embody the harmonious relationship with others that his species is known for. He has never taken a life, but if provoked, would have no regrets as it would maintain the ethical balance of life in his opinion. Dokkarians were created from Starfleet officers who were killed on the planet in the line of duty. Their bodies were taken to the Lady, an ancient tree like being who used their forms to create her first ‘children’. There are now over 300 of their species, either on Ceata, their home world, or scattered throughout the stars.

Strengths & Weaknesses- He has great strength, but if his ‘bones’ are broken, would have to find soil and nutrients to heal for many months. He is not arrogant but rather matter of fact in what he perceives as truth. He will not sugar coat, but he will not go out of his way to be cruel - by his standards. He speaks fluent Romulan due to one of the dead officer’s knowledge of the language.

Hobbies & Interests- Grendle reads ancient science textbooks and gives lectures to his small greenhouse of small, sentient plants, at least one of which can move under its own power.

Personal History: Grendle keeps his history to himself. He was ‘born’ like the others of his kind by the grace of the Lady, and studied science and psychology from the time he realized there were many other races in the universe. He wants to understand them all, but does not necessarily want to know many of them.

Doctor Morka

Name: Morka

Species: Argelian

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Rank: LtJG

Position: Resident Physician

Chronological History: Morka’s family left for Risa before he was born. Hearing that the Risians and Argelians were like minded in their attitudes towards life. It was being on Risa that Morka first came into contact with Starfleet officers. His compassion for others led him to the medical field. His first posting was aboard the research station Rinascita. He seems a rather cheery fellow.

Station Chief Rackham

Name: Ben Rackham

Species: Human

Sex: Male

DOB (Age): 236609.10 (32)

Height: 181cm

Weight: 100kg

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Dirty grey

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Overview: People would say Ben is affable and charming; a winning smile to go with his sparkling eyes, and a dash of adventure hewn into his bones. Science is his passion, his first love, and his raison d'etre. When he achieved the rank and privilege of leading his team into the wonders of the scientific world on Rinascita station, he does so like a Captain shooting off into battle against the Dominion. Good-looking, well-spoken, tall, broad, handsome, and everything one would desire to put their confidence in.

Doctor Keita

Name: Zakhele Keita

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 46

Physical Appearance-

Height: 1,94 mt

Weight: 95 kg

Hair Color: Black, short, with some grey on his temples

Eye Color: Brown

Physical Description: Strong build, muscular, looks more like an ancient Zulu warrior than a doctor.


Spouse: none at the moment. Two ex wifes

Children: three, two from the first marriage, one from his last

General Overview: Zahkele is a giant of a Doctor who doesn't look the part. Being of African ancestry he firmly believes in the expression, healthy body, healthy mind, keeping very much in shape. In fact he can put to shame many men half his age. He has an admiration for Zulu culture and he does resemble King Shaka, according to some paintings. He is a friendly character, but can be considered vain at first. He is sure of himself, takes his work very seriously and loves to dwell into moral and philosophical questions.

Strengths & Weaknesses - Very focused and serious in the tasks he undertakes. Confident, smart and easy to deal with if he allows others to get close. Considers himself too highly and sets up goals he might never reach. Vain and doesn't like to be called upon when wrong.

Hobbies & Interests Drawing. He became quite good and has several paintings and drawings hanging in his quarters and workplace. That also makes him write down his research notes.

Personal History: Zahkele (Zak for short) was born in Southern Africa. His parents were both scientists (his mother was a physicist and his father a biologist) and from them he inherited the curiosity that makes him eagerly search for knowledge. His first name means "create something for yourself" and his last "blessing". He always saw those as a sign that he would do great things. He entered medical school due to his fascination with the human body, and from a young age he set up the goal to cure the ultimate human illness. Death. He graduated among the top five of his course, and he tried to apply to Starfleet. The rejection didn't bode well with him, and he held a grudge against Starfleet for that. He practiced around several civilian ships, joined some settling colonies, but always wanted to do research. Now, after another failed marriage he was invited by the head researcher, whom he met years ago, to join him in Rinascita. He accepted the position of Chief Medical. The research there fascinated him and he thought it would suit perfectly with his purpose.

What we've learned

Note: Information in this section has been stated IC.
  • Research Station Rinascita is a water reclamation station. There is a note of research from Dr. Carol Marcus.
  • Distress call was sent out by Dr. Keita.
  • Distress call was cutoff by Security Chief Careswell.
  • Dr. Keita appears to have been attacked.
  • LtJG Etan Iljor has found a plant in an advanced state of growth despite being quite young in age.

Just for your knowledge

Note: Information in this section may not necessarily be commonly known IC.
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