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On Stardate 238609.25 Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh assumed command of the USS Eagle for a search and rescue mission. What began as a temporary command turned into a permanent assignment that would take the Eagle through time and across the galaxy. On Stardate 238706.18, he turned over command of the Eagle to Commander Quinn Reynolds and assumed command of the USS Victory.

Prologue: Search and Rescue

Stardate 238609.25

Chapter One: Twists in Time

Stardate 238611.26

Chapter Two: The Ghost of the Empress Orchid

Stardate 238704.03
The USS Eagle went to yellow alert while in spacedock around Earth, as Starfleet had received a generic, automated distress signal and had asked the Eagle to investigate and respond. The Eagle immediately set course, left spacedock and after a few hours travel, arrived at their destination. The source of the distress signal (which was no longer being transmitted) was an unidentified ship, phasing in and out of observation. Shortly after arrival, the Eagle's warp core also began to phase and a team was dispatched to deal with the situation.

Also approaching the unidentified ship was a bajoran vessel, transporting Kai Lan and her entourage of Vedeks. Their interest in the unidentified ship is currently unknown. At a similar time, Lieutenant Valentino collapsed and entered a dream-like state, where an unknown group/species tried to make contact with him. Though the exact meaning of their message remains unclear, it has been hypothesised that the group/species are somehow trapped and seeking information about their situation.

Scans showed that the unidentified ship is a civilian freighter, with an transponder code that has the appropriate form, but is not registered in any database. A sudden electrical discharge was emitted from the freighter and struck the Eagle, lowering shield integrity and completing dropping them for a very short period. The freighter appeared to become solid at this point and life signs were detected aboard it, and their odd, fluctuating nature resulted in a hypothesis that they were the original crew, affected by the phasing. Shortly afterwards, a phasing intruder was detected in engineering trying to access a console, and a security team was dispatched.

An away team (wearing EVA suits and phase stabilisers) beamed over to the Ghost Ship and began to explore. They discovered that there was no power to the Bridge, though neurogenic energy was detected in some of the hardware. Further exploration led them to a transporter room where five patterns were on an indefinite hold in the transporter buffer. The pattern was rematerialised and found to be Lieutenant Commander Walter Brunsig, who is suffering from amnesia about the circumstances that led him to the ship.

Back aboard the Eagle, an attempt to telepathically contact the aliens went bad when they possessed Lieutenant Valentino. After knocking out the Chief Nurse and taking out a security team, he made his way to engineering and released a pulse of energy toward the Ghost Ship, damaging it. An attempt to contain Valentino using security fields was made, but the possessed Valentino was able to walk through them unhindered.

After making their way to Engineering, the away team aboard the civilian freighter discovered that it was phasing due to a mysterious, alien device attached to its warp core. Not only was this device phasing the ship, it was also imprisoning several energy-based life forms. It was realised that the missing freighter crew had been taken by the compatriots of these lifeforms in retaliation, and that in order to save them, the ship would need to be completely phased once again and the trapped aliens released - but that there was little time to do it before the aliens inside the device were lost. The freighter crew was saved and the aliens freed, but at the cost of the lives of the four people held inside the transporter buffer, as power had to be diverted away from that system in order to fully phase the ship.

Back aboard the Eagle, Valentino was also freed by possession by the use of a specially configured phaser, although the attempt brought him close to death and once again landed him in sickbay . After the dust had settled and the away team returned, the freighter crew were picked up by another Federation starship and their vessel (finally identified as the Empress Orchid) was towed back to the nearest Starbase for an official investigation.

Chapter Three: Lost At Sea

Stardate 238705.26
During the trip back to the Trinity Sector, the crew went about their daily routines. During a 1920s, Chicago-style casino night in which several of the senior staff took the opportunity to dress up and have some fun, the Eagle suddenly suffered a series of critical system failures. The cause was previously undiagnosed damage to the warp core after it had been phased during the previous mission and the crew were forced to eject the warp core before it breached. The shockwave from the explosion sent the ship into an uncontrolled trajectory and it crashed into an ocean on a nearby M-class planet. Sinking below the surface, the crew escaped from the sinking vessel and began to regroup on the beach of a nearby island.