The One With All The Timezones (Excalibur)

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CloQ- a time obsessed Q- returns to wreak havoc and seek revenge upon the crew intrepid crew of the USS Excalibur-A. Can they work out what the temporal trickster wants before it is too late?

Plot Summary

Shortly after the conclusion of the ship's talent night, CloQ appears to Commodore Nicholotti and Doctor Adea. In an instant the Excalibur's senior staff are whisked away from the ship, split up and deposited in a variety of locations throughout time and space. Commodore Nicholotti, Ensign Tiberius, Lieutenant Commander Etan and Lieutenant Silveira are deposited in ancient Japan and meet the Damiyo of Edo Castle, Il Naosuke. Commander MacKenzie, Lieutenant Dakora and Commander Niac are dropped into the Battle of Medara on Betazed during the Dominion War and encounter Dakora's mother and his younger self. Doctor Adea, Lieutenant Commander Yalu and Lieutenant Yellir find themselves at the Palace of Versailles during the reign of King Louis XIV whom they meet. Meanwhile, investigating the sudden disappearance of the senior staff, the relief bridge crew also find themselves temporally displaced- taken to the day of the Romulan Supernova.

Before the teams can acclimate to their new surroundings, they are displaced in time once more. Commodore Nicholotti's team find themselves in the heart of the Sahara Desert near what will one day become the Great Pyramid of Giza. MacKenzie, Niac and Dakora were taken to New York where they run afoul of local law enforcement and have an encounter with the mysterious CloQ who seemed to take perverse delight in mentally torturing them. The relief bridge crew are shifted to the 23rd century where they had to face a fearsome Doomsday Machine. Doctor Adea and co discover portals to various points in time throughout the Palace of Versailles including one where the CMO has an encounter with his younger self and another that includes dinosaurs. After fleeing New York, Niac found himself aboard the USS Oriskany where he 'saves' his first host, potentially violating the Temporal Prime Directive- before his group are displaced aboard the fateful SS Titanic where they narrowly avoid dying. They are eventually rescued by the relief bridge crew aboard the ancient HMS Excalibur. Meanwhile, Commodore Nicholotti's group participate in a raid on a prison convoy during the Magna Roman civil war.

Eventually the Commodore meets CloQ and her group are taken to their realm, where Silveira ran afoul of the trickster's volatile temper. After subjecting the tactical officer to a horrifying de-ageing process, CloQ ended the scenarios and returned the crew to the Excalibur, at the precise moment they all disappeared. Joining them is an ancient Klingon from the time of the Hur'Q Invasion of Quo'noS who was encountered by Adea, Yalu and Yellir on Yellik Prime. Silveira was taken to sickbay, while Etan, Yellir and MacKenzie begin to formulate an early warning system to alert the crew to any future visits by CloQ.


  • King Louis XIV, The Sun King
  • Damiyo Il Naosuke, ruler of Edo Castle
  • Molar, Son of Den'sst.

Locations of Interest

  • The Court of King Louis XIV of France, 1715.
  • Edo Castle, Japan, 1859
  • Medara Beach, Betazed, 2375
  • The Romulus System, Day of the Supernova, 2387
  • Unknown Federation Starship, 2360s.
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, circa 3,000 BC.
  • New York City, 2022.
  • Shuttlebay, USS Oriskany, unknown time.
  • A jungle somewhere in the Delta Quadrant, unknown time.
  • Magna Roma, circa 2300.
  • A subterranean city on Yellik Prime.
  • SS Titantic, 1912.
  • HMS Excalibur, The Middle Of The Atlantic Ocean, mid 18th century.
  • Deck 7, Outside Sickbay USS Excalibur-A, 2391.

Just for your knowledge

  • CloQ was previously encountered when the crew were stationed aboard the late USS Resolution. They pulled them out of the space-time continuum and killed them over and over again in a scenario where the vessel did battle with a similarly displaced Klingon battlecruiser. CloQ believes that the crew did not pay them enough respect as an omnipotent being and wants to suffer until they do respect them.