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--Stardate: 238807.10--

With barely time to unpack the new crew of Starbase 118, under the command of Captain Andrus Jaxx, started their new assignment with a bang! Carefully planned terrorist attacks rocked the station, knocking out virtually all of critical systems and their backups.

Stranded throughout the station and without functioning transporters or turbolifts, the crew must negotiate the damage of their new home, terrified civilians, Bajoran terrorists and injured comrades in order to make it back to the hub in order to respond to this unexpected and unprovoked attack.

Through hard work and sheer determination, the station's engineering staff eventually restored main power, while the medical staff transfer to the docked mercy-ship, the USS Braveheart, in order to treat the casualties. As things are starting to look up, the crew are again rocked by the death of one of their own, Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Guy Perry Hunt.

--Stardate: 238808.14--

Though all space traffic has been halted, a lone freighter approached the Starbase and refused to respond to any hails asking them to halt. On what looked like a collision course, the freighter began cycling through docking procedures and the crew suddenly realized that the terrorists had someone smart on the inside. With access to all but the most secure systems compromised, the crew faced a terrifying reality; hostile takeover or worse.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Brotherhood's plan has failed, unbeknownst to the crew of SB118 or the terrorists, long before it ever came together on the station. Far away from Starbase 118, the ultimate weapon, which was being transported to the station following the initial bombs, was stopped by the crew of the USS Challenger. Reports don't reach the officers aboard the station, however, for a while longer.

With the freighter on a collision course, Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman must work fast to devise a virus that would prevent the ultimate goal of the terrorists from being attained. However, his strong sense of morals prevent him from simply killing them, so instead, the virus simply robs the ship from power so that Starfleet personnel can beam over to secure the ship. The terrorists, however, were not keen on that plan.

--Stardate: 238808.25--

Shortly following the disabling act, the senior staff board the USS Victory in order to tractor the freighter away from the station. Because it is full of explosives of various types, it still poses a real threat to the station in its close proximity. It didn't take long for the Victory to leave the barely powered doors of the spacedock, making her way around the station to the location of the freighter. When the ship came into view, the crew got a glimpse of something they didn't expect. The bajoran freighter was attacking the fighters that had taken up a defensive stance around it.

Joining in the fray, the Victory tried to protect the fighters. The move was a success, and things seemed to be calming down until a new threat came in; the freighter was overloading their warp core intentionally. Facing a huge explosion, the Victory immediately tractored the ship with just enough time to move it safely away from the station. Again, the Victory succeeded, but barely and not without a cost. What was only moments before a beautiful starship, had now become a burned and broken mess that had to limp back to spacedock.

--Stardate: 238808.31--

Damaged during the firefight with the suicidal terrorist freighter above Starbase 118, the USS Victory has limped home for repairs in drydock. With the majority of the terrorists now awaiting judiciary hearings, the operations crew of Starbase 118 is taking a much deserved rest.

However, the crew still faces obstacles beyond simple repairs and re-staffing: Tensions along the border with the crumbling Romulan Empire have come to a head as the cunning Romulan Admiral Roldis hovers just beyond the neutral zone, hungrily eyeing the damaged Federation Station and the sector she protects.

A Chief Medical Officer from a Civillian Freighter has arrived, facing trial for illegal experimentation on the crew in her care, adding stress to an already over-worked JAG. While the Marine Corps works with Starfleet Engineers to create a new, more robust starfleet fighter design.

Junior and Senior officers alike struggle to incorporate the dangers of serving in Starfleet, as the emotional fallout from the loss of Lieutenant Commander Hunt still hangs heavily over the crew’s morale. Despite these troubles, the crew is carrying on.

Headway has been made in returning station life to normal. Shops are again opening, schools are returning to session, and the station’s civilian population has not given into one of fear and retaliation, leaving Starbase 118 once again a shining example of the Federation’s spirit.