Космическая Rонка (Victory)

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Космическая Rонка
238804.27 - 238806.19

Stardate: 238804.27

With plenty of upgrades to brag about, the USS Victory is about to set out towards their next mission. Unbeknownst to most of the crew, Captain Jaxx has been offered, and has accepted, command of the station Starbase 118. The Victory is to make her best speed to the new assignment, where she will be docked and kept as a support vessel.

As the ship begins to move away from Earth spacedock, however, the ship encounters a rift in space and time. There is a bright flash, and suddenly the crew sees that they are on a collision course with a small object. Seconds later the object is identified, but only after the occupants are beamed over to the Victory following a collision that destroyed the vessel. The craft that was destroyed was the Apollo 11 command service module on it's way to make history on the moon in the Earth year 1969.

The realization that the ship now contains three living and breathing members of Earth history begins to settle in and the crew scrambles for a way to make a replacement craft so the astronauts can continue on with the mission that changed spaceflight forever on the human world...

Stardate: 238805.12

Two away teams are sent to the surface of 1969 Earth. The first team is tasked with retrieving the blueprints and plans for the actual craft, that would fill in the gaps that existed in historical documents existing in the Victory's computers, from a remote file location on Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Lt. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti, Lieutenant Guy Hunt, and Lieutenant Commander Julio Vannini make their way into the base disguised as Naval Officers of the time. They are successful in their task, but Lieutenant Hunt suffers a gunshot wound as the team escaped.

The second team was tasked with retrieving the manifest for everything that was included on the craft when it left Earth. Since each thing would have to be replicated, they needed a list. Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna, Lieutenant Eliaan Deron, and Lieutenant Liam Frost make their way to a bar known for its astronaut clientele. After making contact with the head of the astronaut office, they find they are able to get what was needed.

In the meantime, Ash is left alone with a shady man of the time, and finds herself eating candy that he gives her. The candy, a form of LSD, sends Ash on a drugged trip where she has trouble focusing and completing simple tasks. Frost returns to the ship with her while Dr. Deron continues in search of the manifest, which he finds a short time later after following the instructions of Deke Slayton. He returns to find sickbay full, and chaos mounting.

Stardate: 238806.09

With the craft built, the crew sets the three astronauts out into space just before a Q appears on the bridge. Splitting into multiple entities, the Q tries to tempt each officer on the bridge with something that they might really like. Some officers are taken to other places to get their offer, while others remain on the bridge. All decline the offers, and the Q suddenly poofs them and their ship in front of their destination, Starbase 118. Everything appears as it should have been in history and the crew wonders if they really did 'run into' the three historical figures from the past. Shocked, but okay, the crew puts the events behind them and begins the transition to their new home.