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((Captain’s Ready Room, USS Victory))

::Kali leaned back in her chair after digging through the bulk of the reports that had made it to her desk in her absence. There were lots of things there; from damage reports, to the reports that had come in from the Apollo, and then there were reports on the invasion and it’s progress itself. Thankfully, on that front, things seemed to be slowing, but the idea of the Romulan military gaining a political foothold worried her. If the military arm of the Empire took over, it wouldn’t be the Romulan Empire they all knew and, perhaps in a way, loved.::

::After almost two hours, and sending a message to both Ops and the crew on the Victory about the party in the holodeck a couple hours after their arrival, she had finally put the padd down. It would be good to unwind and talk with the crews of the ships on a relaxed basis, and having sent the order ahead, she knew that Johnston Greene would have things prepared. One final thought brought a bit of a smile to her face; the doctor had said she could dance...::

::Standing, Kali stretched and tugged at the bottom of the uniform jacket. Almost instinctively, she had gotten up and walked towards the replicator, deviating as the words of the doctor ran through her mind. Coffee, as much as she loved it, was probably not the best thing for her just then. The couch, nearby, however, was probably more of what the doctor had in mind. And so, knowing that there was a couple hours before they arrived at the station, she obliged the doctor, and her new heart, and settled in for some of that all important rest.::

::Her mind wandered for a good time, dancing between the state of the ship, wondering if she should go talk to Ben, the President of the Thracian Alliance that she didn’t get to meet, the condition of her friend, Creena...all interspaced with images and the various words that David had spoke the night before. It was ultimately his voice in her mind, however, that finally allowed her to slip into sleep.::

((Corridors, USS Victory))

:: David straightened his shirt still recovering from the meeting with Kevin and still haunted that he originally hid what he was doing. It wasn’t from not trusting Kevin... far from it. He just didn’t want Kevin to front any fallout from choices that he made, that he thought were in the best interests, and so much like life, didn’t see the Catch 22 until after the fact. ::

:: What haunted David though was a strange, somewhat eerie idea that he was Anya’s dad... so to speak. That was a role he had limited experience with, outside of B’Sara, and felt he had failed a bit since they’re last conversation amounted to a building, emotional incident where he was suffering his own emotional response. ::

:: oO Father material... yeah, right. Oo David felt like he was drowning, and that he had failed B’Sara. As a mentor, as a guardian, as a father. Closing his eyes, he stopped to rest against the wall, feeling a plague of unworthiness. What right did he have to wear the uniform he walked in, if it meant not being the parent a young girl accepted, and even yearned for. ::

::So much about this mission had David thinking about family. The family he lost... the family that accepted, and wanted him. He felt tears break loose from his eyes, and quickly wiped them. Back when it all began, had the sharp, Chief Tactical Officer then Lt. Ben Walker seen him, David idly wondered what Ben would think. A sudden memory of Ro swam to the front, aiding him in his old quarters aboard the original Independence helping him make whiskey. ::

:: Family is everything. Especially for David, since there was so little of his own family left. There was an aunt on his dad’s side he could see clear as day, and a waspish brogue not unlike MacLaren’s. There was a couple of aunts and uncles on his mother’s side. But really... the immediate family was an adopted Betazoid sister, a young Betazoid lady who was everything to him, as a daughter... and Kalianna. ::

Cody: ::reflecting, to himself:: And the crew.

:: This was his family. Breathing deep, he nodded to himself and headed for the turbolift. He didn’t know what the summons to the Captain’s Ready Room was about, but one way or another, he vowed this time it would be different. Kalianna and B’Sara meant more to him than a command. He failed Quinn in that regard, the last relationship, although brief, but surprisingly, still felt something for her, but not in any kind of permanent thing.. ::

Cody: Unlucky in love, isn’t that what we both said? ::cracking a sad smile:: We’re not getting any younger, are we?

:: Off he went, not sure if Kalianna had requested his presense in a command capacity, or in their newly forged relationship that made him fiercely protective, and hated himself for it, knowing Kalianna could take care of herself. ::

((Short Timewarp, An Hour and a Half Later))

::In her dreams, she was walking along a path surrounded by the most beautiful, if not exotic, flowering bushes. With one hand in David’s, it wasn’t exactly a dream she wanted to wake from. Yet somewhere in the distance, the chime to her ready room seemed to echo. Questioningly, she looked to the man walking next to her, who only smiled back at her. The chime echoed again and suddenly, with a gasp, it was gone and she was awake.::

::After a moment of getting her bearings, she pulled herself up and smoothed out her uniform before calling towards the door.::

Nicholotti: Come!

:: Coming through, David assessed the surroundings, getting a general sense of the feel. He knew several officers in the course of his time that might have scoffed at that, This was back to his youth, back when he joined the crew of the Skiptrace, and the ex-Starfleet officer Michael Blade when he bought out the ship from Mov’na. He occaionally wondered if Blade was the real reason he ended up in Starfleet. oO Tell me something, Blade... if the woman you loved were here now, would you come home? Oo ::

:: He didn’t know the whole story, but during his tenure working as a trader, or rather, more of a relief worker under Blade’s crew, David learned enough of the mysterious woman that he only caught a glimpse of visiting Blade’s quarters once. He didn’t want to be that, clinging to what was lost and instead focus on what was right in front of him, and wanted him. ::

:: He hadn’t had anything like that since leaving home. ::

::For the briefest moment, she felt as if she never had left the dream. Standing, with a huge smile on her face, she realized that he was just the person she needed to see.::

Nicholotti: ::Smirking.:: I was just dreaming about you.

:: The worries of the day melted, and David caught himself flashing his crooked smile back, although a genuine smile replaced that quickly as the guarded layers unfolded. ::

Cody: Hope it was a good one.

::Wandering back around her desk, she slipped her hand into her drawer and pulled something into her hand. At the same time, she grabbed her padd and flicked through the various reports until she found what she was looking for.::

Nicholotti: It was good, but I daresay I’ve liked my waking dreams better.

:: And he found himself thinking about a night not too long back in Sickbay, minus the bad experience with the transporter, remembering the night in question, letting his eyes crinkle and the close, intimate connection that they somehow forged. ::

::Having what she was looking for, she caught his gaze and tried to convey in it everything that she had said the night before. She’d meant it all. Had he?::

Cody: ::feeling a bit brazen, flashing a grin:: Should we make some of those happen?

::Grinning, she made her way back out towards his side of the desk and leaned back slightly on it.::

Nicholotti: First. ::Holding up one finger.:: I got an interesting message from Commander Breeman today. Something about someone having gone through a lot of trouble to create a copy of me...

::Raising an eyebrow at him, she hoped that this particular issue was one of those that was settled while she was out of it, but before the good news could come, she had to make sure.::

:: David nodded. After their conversation, he knew Kevin would have to. In the same position, David would have done the same, feeling a surging feeling of closeness. But he was sure there was a positive outcome, even if there were things still needed to be addressed. He did however, feel that Anya would have to step into the limelight soon. ::

Cody: We’ve had a conversation. We’re still nailing down some of the aspects, but I’m confident that the Commander and I will develop a strategy in short order to address that issue.

Nicholotti: Do I need to find him when we get back? ::She paused and thought.:: Then again, maybe we just need to let the crew know. She’s not going anywhere.

:: He couldn’t help but feel something was wrong about that. David couldn’t pinpoint it, but a bad feeling swarmed him for a moment before he blew it off. Whatever happened, he couldn’t see anything truly bad happening. oO Outside of the ethics? Oo David knew eventually the crew had a right to know. Not just a select few. ::

Cody: We’re going to have to address that sooner or later. Those in the know are growing.

::It was something that would have to be addressed, but perhaps later would be a better time. Indeed, the crew needed a break. She would have Jonesy take care of her for a while longer before they got to the details.::

Nicholotti: Let tonight be. We’ll address it tomorrow. Besides, I have better news to share.

Cody: ::raising a brow:: Oh?

:: Better to hear that unorthidox Klingon who nearly wiped them out was caught. David wasn’t sleeping any better knowing that Krax had managed to lose FltCapt. Mar, which was a feat unto itself. As far as he could remember, Mar never lost her quarry. He didn’t want to be Krax when Mar caught up to him. ::

::Adjusting herself on the edge of the desk, she let it fade into the background, at least for now. ‘Let tonight be’; it was something she intended on adhering to. The grin she wore before returned to her face as she handed him the padd she’d retrieved from behind the desk.::

Nicholotti: I found this amid the chaos as I was reading over the mountain of reports today.

:: David was initially hesitant. Having his own mountain of padds, especially under his own command, could be somewhat of a mixed blessing. Her grin was additionally raising some hairs, since while they had been getting to know each other, they didn’t know each other intimately enough for him to know if she was handing him something that might be a political spin, or breaking, awesome news that something good had happened, or if trouble was on its way. oO Or all three... Oo he thought to himself, taking the padd Kalianna offered to bring up its contents. ::

Cody: Do I want to knwo?

::As he read it, she held her fist up between them at nearly eye level. Slowly she opened it to reveal one solid pip.::

:: He read it... and then read it again, unblinking. His brows furrowed as he read the contents of the padd a third time, uncertain what he felt. It was a mixture of pride, of happiness, of sadness, and yet, touched. In the end, David felt touched, although the ramifications of this he knew from experience could be anything. oO I’m not leaving them behind. Oo That was the first thought, and he surprised himself, realizing that he made his bed, and whatever happened down the road... he wasn’t leaving the woman he came to love, nor the daughter he inherited, or the crew that welcomed him. ::

Nicholotti: The order is signed. It comes directly from Command, not me.

Cody: ::after a long moment, swallowing:: This is for real?

::Still holding the pip between them, she let the grin turn decidedly impish. As he reached for it, she snapped her hand closed and pulled it behind her back.::

Nicholotti: Hmm. Too easy. ::shooting him a playful look.:: No, I think you should have to come get it.

:: David looked at her... and only her, befoe shaking his head and smiling. He crossed the space and came around the desk, taking her side and drawing Kalianna close. He didn’t reach for what was in her hand. ::

Cody: Now I have it.... ::impishly grinning:: Now what?

::She made no move to get away from him. Therefore, he’d ‘caught’ her without trouble. Her heart beat faster - a feeling she still was amazed with - and as soon as his arms were around her, she moved her hands out from behind her. Moving so that her lips were close to his ear, she whispered.::

Nicholotti: Don’t...move...

::Still grinning, she maneuvered so that she could replace his half pip with the one in her hand. Once done, her hands now free, she wrapped them behind his neck and held him close for just a moment before whispering once more.::

Nicholotti: Congratulations, Commander...

::Before he could respond, she found his lips with her own and kissed him hungrily, showing him her own kind of congratulations. Her heart jumped to a whole other level as she found herself lost in the moment and in his arms. It was there that she realized how close her dreams were coming to her waking reality; the shockwaves his touch created running far deeper and making her want to be awake rather than in the so-called blissful state of dreams.::

::No, this was something she’d never get tired of, and was beginning to think she couldn’t live without.::

:: She took him by surprise at first, but David quickly caught up and snaked his arms around her, pulling Kalianna in while exploring tongues. This... All the runs, all the cons... all the sneaks, the thieves, the informants he made over the the systems and years couldn’t compare to this. Here is where he wanted to be. He was grateful to Starfleet, willing to reinstate him to his former rank. But come hell or high water, he vowed to fight if they attempted to take him away from what meant more to him right here, right now, in the arms of a woman inwardly he found himself loving more every day, and despite the strange incident, a young woman who meant everything to him as a daughter, and a crew that he was learning more and more about every day he wanted to be a part of. ::

:: This was home. ::

Cody: ::pausing to breathe:: Not in this moment. Right now, I’m just David, whether you like it or not. ::smiling:: When I step out of here, I’ll think about returning to Commander.

::That suited her just fine and she smiled back at him, getting lost in the depths of the blue that shined back at her.::

Nicholotti: Hmm, perhaps for a short time...

::There was a statement that lead to just about anywhere the imagination could contrive. She meant it that way as she held him close, finding it more and more difficult to ever think about not having him there in her life. Time had been short, but somehow he’d completely and totally swept her off her feet in ways that no one else ever had come close to, and in the process had stolen her heart.::

:: Snaking a hand down the length of her back spine, David found the lower back dip and stroked, hugging her close while exploring her neck. He gave her neck light kisses, working his way up across her cheek and back to a waiting mouth, resuming a more intense, passionate kiss. And then he stopped, keeping their heads together, feeling her forehead against his and smelling a light, pleasant perfume. ::

::Breathless, she spent the next few moments totally immersed in the feelings that were washing over her. The new heart raced, and she thought to herself how much ‘exercise’ it really was getting. Dancing, or simply being here in his arms, she didn’t suppose it mattered anyways. This just seemed like

Cody: Love you.

::Looking back at him, feeling his forehead against hers, she realized that there were no other words to describe it. Her contented smile grew and she let her fingers run up through the back of his hair.::

Nicholotti: Love you too.

::And again, he felt a strange sense that made him wonder if he was dying. He felt like he was on borrowed time, but didn’t understand why, or the urgent sense that if he let go, he would be lost forever. He drew Kalianna in and hugged her close, putting everything into that hug while drawing them back into a kiss, and losing himself within the moment. ::

Cody: Whatever happens, remember that.

::Feeling the urgency behind it, and worrying, she nodded.::

Nicholotti: I will. Always.

::Her concern grew as her love for him did. She’d caught what had appeared to be a brief glimpse of one of his visions early on, but she had no way of knowing the depth of it all. But worrying more seemed counter productive. Making her choice to stand by, regardless, had lead her to this moment now. It was her turn to pull him closer, once again finding his mouth and kissing it. Time, despite seemingly standing still passed outside the walls of that ready room, but to her, nothing else existed. There was only David and Kalianna and the moment they were lost within.::

::Lost, that was, until suddenly they weren’t anymore. A chirp from her desk alerted her that they had arrived. Not being on duty had allowed her to hide in the ready room, and as much as she wanted to remain there, home was the station beyond the fractured hull of the Victory. Taking his hands in hers now, she stepped back just slightly.::

Nicholotti: Walk me off the ship?

::A still playful grin played on her face as she looked at him expectantly.::

:: David returned her gin and crooked his arm so she could snake her arm through it, if she were of mind. So it was old-fashioned. There was a time in his life when he was tagged with “Martian tarheel”. That didn’t mean some of the ancient forms weren’t dead on. And when she snaked her arm through his and linked them, he stole the moment by using his free hand to touch, and graze her chin, letting a finger run up and stroke her hair before getting another kiss. ::

:: Just in case. ::

Cody: Of course.

::Beyond those doors, she knew she’d have to maintain a bit more control than she wanted to, but there was always the night...they were home, the mission had been successful, and they had nowhere to go after the gathering that night. In her head she dared anything to intrude, a new fiery look crossing her eyes.::

Nicholotti: Maybe you can think about that being a Commander thing.

::Grinning impishly as she sometimes did, she pulled him towards the door, reluctantly dropping his hand as she got to them and they opened to reveal an already nearly empty bridge. The others, it seemed were already gone, which was fine with her. Now they walk they shared would be theirs alone, and in her head, more time with David was never a bad thing.::

::Glancing around the empty bridge stopped David cold, all of a sudden feeling a shortness of breath. A shooting pain rocketed through his thoughts and memories-- ::

((Ready Room, USS Independence-A - Stardate: 238703.11))

:: David was working in the Ready Room, signing off on the latest round of repairs, maintenance, upkeep, and transfers. It was a part of the job he had been least involved with, in his time prior while serving with both Idril Mar and Jessa Anassasi. But he did it nonetheless, helped in part by the insomnia that while had lessened over the years, had yet to desist entirely. He was, as others have described, a workaholic who often saw both sunrises and sunsets on two different planets within the space of the same day. ::

:: There was a tingling sensation, but David shook it off. Most likely it was numbness for sitting too long behind the chair. ::

:: He knew about the shuttle long before it came into the Independence's radar. One part of having lived a life as an investigator in the civilian sector, the first rule of any given circumstance was Locard's principle. There is an even exchange between a perpetrator and his/her victim. In this particular case, having fought with and finally joined Starfleet's Intelligence division, he knew the moment Rear Admiral Rocar left Starbase 118 outbound with Captain Sidney Riley. ::

:: He wondered what it would be like to see Sidney again. ::

:: The same familiar tingle happened again, traversing his spine like something beyond stepped into the Ready Room. So strong was the sensation, David stopped writing a moment to sit back and eye the slightly darkened office. Eyesight actually does better with lower light, but not completely black, which was how he had reset the parameters. It was a light standard to aid preserving the sharpness of detail from what any given eye might see. ::

:: Breathing a deep breath, Dave activated the com. ::

Cody: =^= Cody to Bridge. =^=

Bridge: =^= Yes, Commander? =^=

Cody: =^= ETA for Rear Admiral Rocar's shuttle? =^=

Bridge: =^= Uh, excuse me, sir? =^=

Cody: =^= There will be a shuttle arriving shortly. Please grant Mr. Rocar every courtesy. I believe Captain Sidney Riley will be accompanying him as well. =^=

:: There was a decided pause. ::

Bridge: =^= Yes, sir. Anything else? =^=

:: David thought a moment, but couldn't think of anything. ::

Cody: =^= When the Independence arrives at the system, inform the senior staff to report to their stations. Additionally, I need you to do one last thing, as a worst case scenario. =^=

((Bridge, USS Victory - Present Day))

:: David blinked, and despite the resolve, winced again from a piercing pain that was seemingly emanating from somewhere around the forefront of his head. It was a small thing, and something he wasn’t about to worry Kalianna with. There was more to that... he felt sure there was more, but his sore and equally stubborn memory wasn’t giving anything up beyond that, aside from when the Kalipso crew found him on planet and picked him up. ::

:: Why the hell couldn’t he remember? ::

::David glanced at Kalianna and winked. Although he wasn’t sure if he was convincing. ::

Cody: Just a bit strange to be back as a Commander again.

Nicholotti: I’m sure you’ll do fine.

::Though, despite the statement, she watched him carefully as they began to make their way towards the umbilical. The doctor in her was convinced something was wrong, but he’d passed all of the necessary medical tests when he had come aboard. What more was there? She frowned slightly, but resolved to keep him close and keep her eyes on him.::

((Docking Umbilical, USS Victory))

::It hadn’t been at a run, but they’d slowly made their way down to the docking umbilical. From the inside, Kali tried to pick out any damage, like the reports had said, but it was either elsewhere or already repaired. She had to hand it to the Engineering teams; they often did work magic and this instance was no different. It brought yet another smile to her face as she reaffirmed the caliber of the crew that had come together under her command.::

::As the umbilical approached, a familiar face appeared in the thinning crowd. The man in the grey collar, not all that unlike Intel, but different enough for people to make the distinction, wove through the departing crew and made his way to her. Stopping, she let him come while shooting a bit of a grin towards David.::

Cregg: Captain.

::The man nodded slightly to her, then noticed the commander next to her.::

Cregg: Commander.

Nicholotti: Hello AJ. ::Smirking.:: Put out any good fires lately?

::A sarcastic laugh came from the man as he turned back towards her.::

Cregg: They should call me the chief firefighter...::rolling his eyes.:: You know how the press gets.

::Kali nodded. They were often like vultures that would happily attach themselves to any small nugget of a story and fill in the blanks with whatever they felt would make the story more juicy. She remembered back when they had their sights set on her and her private life before; it had been quite the nightmare then, but having AJ around had been helpful.::

Nicholotti: I remember.

::Handing over a padd with the ‘official to be released’ reports, she gestured towards David.::

Nicholotti: One other thing on there. Slip in something about David Cody having his rank reinstated to Commander. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the information they dig up about that.

::Cregg looked over at the Commander now and raised an eyebrow.::

Cregg: The David Cody I’m assuming? The one who was missing, assumed to be dead, all that jazz?

::David raised one brow, examining the interesting person who obviously dressed similiar to what Intel did, but on closer examination, the colors were wrong and there was nothing “overt” about the clothes, other than from a distance, Cregg could pass for a Starfleet officer. He took a moment to memorize the man’s features. Men like this knew how to sneak in. ::

Cody: ::a crooked smile:: The reports of my demise are somewhat exaggerated.

::Slowly, the press secretary nodded, already putting out the proverbial fires in his mind.::

Cregg: Well then, welcome back from the dead, Commander. ::Turning towards Kali.:: And you certainly know how to make my job far more exciting than it needs to be.

::Kali shrugged nonchalantly.::

Nicholotti: Perhaps. But someone’s gotta keep you on your toes there eh?

::The Press Secretary rolled his eyes before looking down at the PADD and, after a moment, nodding.::

Cregg: Got an official statement for me? I hear you’re back from the dead too.

::He eyed her, and she just grinned back towards him.::

Nicholotti: Rumors of my death, too, have been greatly exaggerated. Officially, the mission was a success, peace has been restored to the Thracian Alliance and the President and his cabinet are already surveying the damage. Recovery efforts have begun, further updates to come. You know how it goes.

::The man nodded and made a note or two on the PADD.::

Cregg: Anything else?

::Kali once again shook her head.::

Nicholotti: No, I think that’s enough for one day. Send them all home.

::She laughed and AJ rolled his eyes.::

Cregg: Alright then. This will probably be out to the networks before you get back to your office. ::Turning towards Cody he offered his hand this time.:: Good to meet you sir, ::Eyeing Kali.:: I figure we’ll be working together again in the future.

:: At this, David did smile. But it was not any of the smiles any members of his crew knew. This was something altogether different, and not necessarily pleasant. ::

Cody: ::nodding:: I suspect so.

::As he turned to walk away, about halfway down the umbilical, he turned his head over his shoulder and called back to them.::

Cregg: You know where I’ll be.

::And then he was gone.::

::Kali turned towards David just then and smiled, content simply to look at him for a moment. Once presumed dead, perhaps, but quickly he had entered her world and become its sun.::

Nicholotti: I know I have to check in with Commander Greene, but....

::She watched him, wondering if everything that had been said leading to this point was really real. It was hard to believe she’d died and woken up to a new world where things she’d long put to rest were suddenly possible. But then, as she looked in the deep blue of his eyes, something told her he wasn’t the type to say what he didn’t mean.::

:: He met her gaze and nodded. Hell, he was wearing the rank he wore when he was in command and abruptly vanished, but that was information Cregg wasn’t going to get. ::

Cody: I know. Go. Do what you need to do.

:: It felt strange in a way. He didn’t know what Ben felt, when he was reinstated. But David did know at the moment, all roads were streaking home. He kissed her instead (making sure Cregg wasn’t around to see it). ::

Nicholotti: Meet me at home in an hour. ::She shrugged slightly, as if her choice of words wasn’t at all out of the ordinary.:: we can go to the party together?

::He had said he wanted to do this, hadn’t he? For a moment, her new heart fluttered and she felt as if she were on the edge of something, about to go over. But something told her that this feeling was far better than the one she’d get if she never asked...::

:: At this, David grinned, letting the grime fall to the ground. ::

Cody: As long as we don’t have to wear dress whites.

Nicholotti: You can come in whatever you want. And, you know, bring anything you might want, or...need. Tonight. Or...tomorrow. Or...

::Letting the statement hang in the air, she grinned at him. Besides, her room needed decorating, and even if that consisted of his workbench, she’d be alright with that as long as he was there. As long as there was family to come home to. She couldn’t help but smile at that dream, one that she’d long ago stuck on a shelf and traded for her career as so many Captains did. And now she was here...::

::If she believed in magic and fairy godmothers, it would almost seem as if her wishes had been granted.::

::At his David did smile, and chuckle. He had a pretty good idea what she was referring to, but such things were not discussed, just acted upon between two consenting adults. Tell the truth, that returned filled third pip hadn’t really registered. ::

Cody: Tonight, and tomorrow, and the day after, and all the days after that...

Nicholotti: ::Softly.:: I meant what I said, and I am taking you to mean what you said. If we are doing this together...::She paused a moment, remembering what he said about making it clear and then turned towards him.:: I want you there David. I want to wake up next to you tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, and...

::There was an almost pleading look in her eyes. His touch, and his love, had quickly become something she didn’t want to live without. The promises of the bright future he had brought into her was almost overwhelming. And while her emotions ran on the high side of intense, she knew one very important thing; she wanted him there for all of it.::

::He took her hand in his, the best he could do until the mutual decision was made to let the rest of the universe know. He sought her eyes out, meeting hers with his, and in the moment, losing all of his “quirks”, as they were, to reflect the man who left Mars two days after his eighteenth, and feeling a surety that happened rarely in the course of his life, held her hand as well as her gaze, serious. ::

Cody: There’s no place I’d rather be. Everything I’ve said, I meant. I don’t care if it’s your quarters or mine, if we’re on 118 or back on Mars. We do this together.

Nicholotti: ::Nodding.:: Together. Today, tomorrow, and every day.

Cody: ::feeling young, despite his age:: Every day, right here beside you.

Cmdr David Cody
Ops Chief / Second Officer
StarBase 118 Ops / USS Victory


Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
StarBase 118 Ops / USS Victory

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