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((USS Excalibur A, deck 4, Silveira’s former quarters))

Silence had a way of filling the void. Sometimes it carried with it the voices of the past, upon which Kali could commune with the dead in ways she never cared for. More recently, it gave space for the constant roar of voices in her mind to speak up and individualize. In this moment, however, it seemed to be that calming blanket, like a freshly fallen snow, covering the past with something that, however temporary, changed the landscape. It would not make things go away, but for now it would give things a fresh look for both of them.

It was Silveira that broke that silence, taking the first step into the virgin cloak of white, his footprints leading off into what could be something new, if he allowed for it.

Silveira: What now?

Kali shook her head, the effects of the wine being nothing to her head, but she could certainly feel it in her gut, especially after not having eaten all day.

Nicholotti: It is not often the universe grants second chances. I don't know what you intend to do with yours, but I certainly intend not to waste mine.

He nodded. Kali knew that such things were hard to wrap one's mind around. Second chances were not often given, even when death wasn't involved, so it wasn't often something one thought about with what to do.

Silveira: Fair enough… One can hope...

Outside the transparent aluminum windows, the horizon of Bajor could be seen coming out of the darkness of night. Light scattered across the planet as if there had never been any occupation, as if there were no scars. It was a testament to the idea that perhaps, with time, all scars could start to heal. Perhaps there was yet hope for even people like them.

Nicholotti: You'll find hope where you least expect it. Maybe we're just not looking in the right places.

With a nod, she gestured to the scene unfolding outside of the window, pulling her arms back behind her and standing at ease with her crystalline gaze on the beauty just beyond the safety of the Sword, of the Excalibur.

Stepping up beside her, his gaze fell upon the same view. Around them the proverbially silent snow continued to fall.

Silveira: Out there for sure, cause here today there is none.

Kali never took her eyes off the dawn. Like a phoenix, the dawn continued, plunging fire out of the pitch, chasing away the Cimmerian shade into the void from where it had come, and to where it would return. She blinked as the light settled, a fiery testament to the very idea of hope.

Nicholotti: I guess you'll just have to go find it then.

She sensed his head tilt, as if he were perhaps considering where he might begin the search.

Silveira: Not even the mighty Sil can keep grinning. ::He turned and grinned.:: But you know I eventually get up. ::And then he winked.:: Do me a favor next time.

Kali raised an eyebrow, the ghost of her own grin dancing on the corners of her lips as she continued staring out the window.

Nicholotti: And what would that be?

He turned back to the window.

Silveira: Bring the vodka.

Her ghost of a grin turned into a bit of a knowing smile. Silence threatened to settle once more, but before she allowed it, she nodded.

Nicholotti: Sure thing.

And then words faded into the day as it stretched out across the planet below them, not unlike the history shared between a captain who had died for a sector, and a lieutenant who would have died for a captain. It seemed imbalanced, and yet, it all made perfect sense. To the universe, as it continued its endless march towards entropy, they were but two souls who had briefly shared a path. But to the moment they were two souls who had ended up categorically tangled for the duration in a most uncommon way.

And some things, not even the universe was capable of tearing asunder.


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution


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