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((USS Victory - Security))

::The doors hissed open as David stepped through, in uniform, but lacking in the pip department. He strolled in and across to the officer on duty, nodding. ::

Cody: Good evening.

Duty Officer: Good evening, sir... or morning, really. How can I help you?

::David let his eyes roam over the Victory's security and swallowed. He took a moment after Kalianna left to clean himself up and get into a fresh uniform, but left the growing goatee. Resting his eyes briefly, there was nothing left to do or say. He of all people knew actions had consequences. What happened to Colt was the result of actions he took alone. ::

Cody: I'm here to have you take me into custody.

::The duty officer blinked, then glanced around before taking in David, suspicious and skeptical. ::

Duty Officer: Uh, this is a little irregular. You're here to detain yourself?

::Squaring himself, David took a deep breath. ::

Cody: I've violated Starfleet Rules and Regulations by the creation of something that put Lt. Colt Daniels directly in harm's way. I'm partially responsible for Mr. Daniels' current condition, and I'm ordering you to arrest me. ::

::At this, the duty officer reached for his combadge. ::

Duty Officer: On what charge, sir?

::He said it without hesitation. ::

Cody: Accidental, and possibly unintentional, involvement in the attempted assassination of Captain Kalianna Nicholotti.

::Silence fell as the duty officer stared... then whipped out his phaser and stepped around the desk. David raised his hands and turned around. The officer put his phaser away and stepped forward after retrieving a pair of molecular binder cuffs. ::

Duty Officer: State your name for the record, sir.

::David let the officer attach the binders to him while closing his eyes. oO Colt, I'm so sorry... Oo. ::

Cody: Cody, David Scott. Operations Chief and Second Officer.

::The duty officer stepped closer and dropped his voice to a whisper. ::

Duty Officer: I don't know what's going on here, but you don't have to do this, Commander. They got the woman directly responsible. I very much doubt you had anything to do with this.

Cody: There is an officer in Sickbay right now undergoing surgery because of actions I took. Yes, I am very much responsible for tonight's events.

::The duty officer hesitated, looking around. ::

Duty Officer: Look, let me at least call Orman. I'm sure this is just some kind of misunderstanding.

Cody: ::after a moment:: Confine me to the brig first, then call her. We follow proceedure on this one. Understood?

::It was clear the officer didn't want to, but after muttering to himself, he finally took David through and down into the confinement area. He didn't push David along, nor pulled him back. It felt more like an escort. They walked down a little ways before turning into a stretch of empty confinement cells. The duty officer indicated one and David stepped in and stopped. ::

::The officer came up and took off the binders before punching in a code to activate the force shield, glanced at David, then kept it at a low setting. Hell, if the guy was bent on turning himself in, he wasn't much of a flight risk. ::

::Watching the rezzing of the force shield in place, David nodded and headed for the small bench to sit. The officer came back into view and watched him for a moment, shaking his head. ::

Duty Officer: Commander, are you really sure you want to do this? I mean, unless you were right there in the Captain office, I don't see how you're any way involved.

Cody: ::a sickly smile:: Just call Commander Orman and tell her I've ordered you to take me into custody, for the exact reasons I specified.

::Closing his eyes, he rested the back of his head against the wall. ::

::Watching the Commander a moment longer, the duty officer finally removed himself and headed back down the hall, tapping his combadge. ::

Duty Officer: =^= Uterrez to Commander Orman. =^=

Orman: Response?

Duty Officer: =^= Uh, something really strange. Commander Cody just ordered me to take him into custody. =^=

Orman: Response?

Duty Officer: =^= Something about accidental, or unintentionally aiding tonight's assassination attempt and putting Daniels into surgery. =^=

Orman: Response?

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LtCmdr. David Cody
Chief of Operations / Second Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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