Time in a Bottle (Resolution)

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A Q by the name of CloQ decides to put the crew of the USS Resolution to a test.

Plot Summary

Act I

The Resolution returns to duty in the Borderlands with a routine survey mission. Shortly after their arrival, Commander Addison MacKenzie calls a meeting in Main Engineering with Lieutenants Etan Iljor and Hallia Yellir along with their new Engineer Zy Matu. Shortly after they begin the Resolution comes under attack from an old Klingon D-7. Catching them off-guard, the Klingon ship has disabled their ventral shields. Meanwhile, the team in Engineering is rushing to contain and stop an unexpected warp core breach. The drama intensifies in Sickbay as Nurse Nusin experiences an apparent pulmonary hemorrhage.

Shortly after disabling the attacking Klingon ship, the warp core of the Resolution breached. Mid-breach, time seemed to freeze. The crew were attempting to assess what had happened when they suddenly were back in time to a few minutes prior. No Klingon's, no breach, no medical emergency. That is until had happened again.

Time appears to be rewound to five minutes prior and the scenario begins again. This time, with their memories seemingly intact, the crew is able to thwart off the Klingon attack and mostly disable the ship. Sickbay struggles to get Nusin's condition stabilized. In Engineering they've slowed the breach and the core is ordered to be ejected. Everything seems to be going right until the Klingon's fire upon the ejected core while it is still close enough to the Resolution to destroy it.

The crew awakens from seemingly being dead to the beginning of the scenario once more. Doctor Adea and Counselor Sirin seem to be able to pick up on just what is happening. Shortly after Doctor Adea and Counselor Sirin figure out that a Q is behind all of this, the Q brings Meidra to his ship to warn her not to interfere with his test. The team in engineering attempts to use an inverse tachyon pulse to break through the block of space they are trapped in believe that the Resolution can communicate with who or whatever is causing the apparent time loop they are trapped in. Meanwhile Lieutenant's Yalu and Sherlock transport over to the Klingon ship after Captain Nicholotti convinces them that they can help to break both ships free of the time loop.

A ghost from Captain Nicholotti's past, in the for of the deceased Lieutenant Commander Guy Hunt, comes to haunt and taunt her, warning that time is running out. Yalu and Sherlock aboard the qorDu run into resistance but convince the Klingon Captain to allow them to help. Yogan is able to generate another inverse tachyon pulse from the Klingon ship but it soon looses power as does the one from the Resolution. LehleQ assumes they are there to sabotage the ship and orders them taken for interrogation. LehleQ then contacts Nicholotti to inform her of her officers being taken captive. During the call, a rebellion by one of the Klingon officers results in the violent death of Captain LehleQ. Yalu and Sherlock attempt escape from their captors and mid-attempt, the Q resets the time again, sending them back to the bridge of the Resolution.

In another round of games Yogan and Aine are invited to the qorDu, this time by its new Captain. Meidra, Dwich, and Addison pay CloQ a visit. While aboard CloQ's ship, Dwich accidentally smashes some of his timepieces which gives Meidra and Addison the idea to start smashing more. CloQ transports Dwich to an alternate time in which he is now a Vedek while Meidra is shifting between timelines. Addison is forced to watch and see if the Resolution is destroyed again. Everyone seems to experience a brief shift in time realities. Captain Nicholotti continues seeing ghosts of the past. As the Resolution and the qorDu begin to breach the box of space time they are trapped in, CloQ resets the time again.

Another "trip around the sun." This time, with the Klingon Captain LehleQ back in charge, he invites a cautious Sherlock and Yalu back aboard the qorDu. Dwich and Meidra have returned, however Dwich seems to have only memories from his alternate life as a Vedek. Both crews successfully begin to breach the cube of space and just when they do, CloQ makes an appearance on the Klingon ship congratulating them on being successful. With the debacle over, the only problem remains is the Klingon's from over a century before the current time. Captain Nicholotti has Aine and Yogan set them up with the Klingon liaison before returning to the Resolution. Addison take the Captain to sickbay to see if Doctor Adea can ease whatever seems to be ailing her and the Resolution returns to DS224 before the crew departs to Bajor aboard the USS Excalibur.




  • Full name: CloQ
  • Date of birth (age): ?
  • Species: Q
  • Gender: ?
  • Hair color: ?
  • Eye color: ?
  • Height: ?
  • Simmed by: Genkos Adea


  • Q Contiuum

Captain LehleQ


  • Date of birth (age): ?
  • Species: Klingon
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Black
  • Height: very tall!

Chronological History

Captain of the IKS qorDu.

What we've learned

Note: Information in this section has been stated IC.
  • A Klingon D-7 is attacking the Resolution.
  • There is a warp core breach.
  • Nurse Nusin is experiencing a possible pulmonary hemorrhage.

Just for your knowledge

Note: Information in this section may not necessarily be commonly known IC.
  • A Q named CloQ who apparently has been watching over the Resolution has put them to a test(s).[1]