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Crew of the USS Apollo

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  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Pale Blond
  • Eye Color: Light blue, with flecks of green
  • Height: 5'1
  • Birth Place: Gideon
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position: Former Chief Science Officer
  • Ship: Starbase 118 Ops
  • Race: Gideon

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Notable Relationships
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Medical Logs

  • Tressa's PNPCs:


Meiko Kobayashi

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Lieutenant Tressa is the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Apollo.


  • Full Name: Tressa
  • Date of Birth: 236412.21 (24yrs)
  • Place of Birth: Gideon
  • Species: Gideon
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'1
  • Eye color: Light Blue with flecks of Green
  • Hair color: Light Blonde
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position: Chief Science Officer
  • Assignment: USS Apollo
  • Parents: Father Odavor, Mother Chala
  • Other: Aunt Kidora
  • Siblings: None
  • Spouse: Engaged to Andrus Jaxx
  • Children: Son, Mykel Hunter Jaxx and daughter McKenzie Kalianna Jaxx

Personal Information

  • Quarters: Tressa lives with Andrus Jaxx in the Captain's quarters.
  • Favorite Food: Tressa has a huge sweet tooth, she is particular fond of Thalian chocolate mousse, Ktarian chocolate puffs, Ktarian pudding, Jumja sticks and Yigrish cream pie. Her favorite drinks are Arcturian Fizz, Kali-fal, Prakal II Mixed Drink (AKA Green Drink) and Modela Aperitiff.
  • Mannerisms / Habits: Tressa gets uncomfortable in cramped conditions and can be nervous around superior officers.
  • Temperment: Easy going, friendly, can be childish. Tressa prefers to understand a situation before jumping in. Once settled she can be very relaxed and enjoys others company.
  • Religion / Spiritual Devotion: None. Tressa doesn't follow any strict religion other than the strong Gideon belief that Life, in every form, is sacred. She does know, however, that there is more to the galaxy than meets the eye.
  • Hobbies: Loves to Dance. Tressa attempted to learn every style she came across, including that of the Orion Slave Girls. She has also received complements on her singing voice. She spent a large part of her time on earth to learn various forms of hand-to-hand combat, due to her dislike of using phasers and similar weaponry. She has a basic knowledge in Kapap, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Jujutsu, Kendo and Aikido.
  • Likes: Sweet food, small animals, wide open spaces, dancing, parties.
  • Dislikes: Klingons. Tressa finds them too violent and short tempered for her taste. She doesn't actively avoid them, though.


Tressa's Parents, Odavor and Chala.


Tressa keeps in contact with her family on a regular basis. They are a very close family, with the possible exception of Tressa's only Aunt.

Chala, Mother: Tressa loves her mother despite Chala's excessive worries about Tressa. She was never happy with Tressa's desicion to leave Gideon permanently.

Odavor, Father: Tressa has an unremarkable relationship with her father. While not a hundred percent pleased with Tressa's desicions in life, he loves his only child.

Kidora, Aunt: Tressa and her aunt share a bond much stronger than the one shared with her mother. Tressa spent the majority of her life on her aunt's freighter, once she came of age. Tressa would do anything for her aunt, and knows the older woman would return the favour.


Tressa didn't socialise much on Gideon due to her slight contempt for her people. She did make some lasting friends at the academy, and continues to do so in her first posting.

Chailess: An outgoing, flirtatious Orion, who was one of Tressa's room mates at the academy. The two women spent a lot of time together at the academy. Most of Tressa's lecturers attribute Tressa's lower grading to 'wasted hours' with Chailess.

Rect'teir: An Andorian who once roomed with Tressa and Chailess. Tressa got along considerably well with the serious Andorian, since graduation Tressa has lost contact with her.

Ash MacKenna: Tressa's department head when she first arrived on the Victory. Tressa holds a lot of respect for the older Terran woman and tries to follow in her footsteps; even more so since she was hand picked by MacKenna to take her position as Chief Science Officer when MacKenna assumed the role of First Officer.

Kalianna Nicholotti: When Tressa was injured in a skirmish with Romulan warbirds, Kali was one of the first doctors on the scene. Her support during Tressa's recovery was invaluable and the two formed a close friendship during Tressa's recovery. When Tressa fell pregnant, it was Kali who made the discovery through her annual physical examination; and due to the closeness of their friendship, Tressa decided to name one of her children after the Terran woman.


Tressa has had very few relationships due to her young age, but none of them have been very successful until recently.

Karoth: A Klingon. During a supply run to Qo'noS, Kidora had too much bloodwine and almost promised Tressa to the brutish Klingon male. While Tressa had and still has no attraction for the man, he continues to attempt to court her when they bump into each other.

Sojak: Tressa's first romance. Sojak was a V'tosh ka'tur, a Vulcan without logic, and another cadet at the academy, who tutored Tressa during her first year. The two grew quite close, but never furthered their relationship due to Sojak being betrothed to a woman. Sojak contemplated breaking his betrothal many times to openly pursue Tressa. Apon completion of her cadet cruise, Tressa returned to Earth to see Sojak. The man was nervous and edgy, and left quickly. He left his kal'toh spere as a parting gift, stating he "hope we never cross paths again". Tressa fears he is caught in something felonious.

Ensign James Cooper: Tressa's relationship with the Tactical officer ended as quickly as it began. While Tressa's initial atraction to the man was his resemblance to Sojak, she was deeply hurt when he left the Victory without telling her. Tressa has received no transmition from the man since his departure, nor has she tried contacting him.

Captain Andrus Jaxx : Tressa's relationship with Andrus started shortly after Cooper's departure. Tressa was deeply upset by the sudden departure of the tactical officer, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the, then, CO of the USS Victory. The Commander immediately set about cheering her up, a mission which was successful, and resulted in Tressa seeing Jaxx as more of a friend, than just her Commander. Shortly after, Tressa was injured in a skirmish with the Romulans; her injuries were quite serious, and Jaxx took it upon himself to check on her personally whenever he could. Jaxx remained by her side during her recovery; under the doctors orders, she was to be monitored carefully, something Jaxx took quite seriously. Through her recovery the two grew quite close, and as she was cleared once again for duty, they started dating 'officially'. A few months later, they made the decision to move in together, and on the day Jaxx was promoted to Captain, Dr Kalianna Nicholotti discovered Tressa was pregnant with his twins.

Medical History

Pre-Starfleet Medical Records

None on file.

Starfleet Medical Records

238711.09 - Ensign Tressa suffered third degree burns to her hands and fore arms, five broken ribs, resulting in respiratory distress and blunt force trauma to the head, after the Aeroshuttle she was travelling in was buffeted by explosions in the Azure Nebula when a Romulan warbird fired in their vicinity, successfully igniting several gas pockets.

Physiological Profile

Professionally History

Academy Record

Date of Entry into Starfleet Academy: 238206.15

Date of Graduation: 238706.31

Major: Zoology

Major: Exobiology

Qualifications and Specialities

Tressa has a basic knowledge in some forms of martial arts, due to her distaste for phasers. On numerous occaisions, Tressa has spoke about her lack of talent with firing the weapons; though according to her aunt, Kidora, there is more to the story than Tressa will say. Due to her life on her aunt's freighter, Tressa learnt various languages and text. her aunt would caution it was always good to know what a client was saying or what a contrct was demanding. Tressa has a knowledge of, Federation common, Andorian, Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian, Bajoran, Ferengi, Betazoid and Risan.

Awards and Commendations

The Nebula Bar - 238701.01 (2010)

The Purple Star - 238701.01 (2010)

Personal History

Tressa's parents were two of many Gideons that refrained from intercourse due to fear of conceiving. On an overpopulated planet, they decided it was best for their home. Like all humanoids, though, they had urges and Chala found herself pregnant. Being Gideon and valuing life above all else Chala and Odavor kept the child and a small gestation later Tressa was born.

Tressa had a normal childhood; as normal as any Gideon's was. She had a natural curiosity for the world around her and all the life that was in it, with a special soft spot for small furry creatures; she constantly brought home half trodden animals from the mass of bodies that was her world. Her parents were always proud of their child and would let her visit traveling merchants to purchase various 'treasures' from other worlds. It was on one such a visit that Tressa discovered a pair of tribbles that she eagerly brought home. Needless to say she was not allowed to keep them or their offspring.

On her 10th birthday, Tressa was visited by her Aunt Kidora who owned a J-Class Freighter. Kidora offered for Tressa to join her on the freighter (affectionately called Liberty) for a year to 'see the galaxy', while she continued to study; her parents agreed.

After returning Tressa found it hard to adjust back to life on Gideon, she begged her parents to let her live on the freighter with Kidora. Her parents allowed it, seeing how much it meant to her. Kidora was delighted that Tressa wanted to stay, as she had no children of her own she valued Tressa's company.

When Tressa turned 18 she applied at Starfleet Academy. After her second application, she was accepted.

Tressa loved her time at the academy and quickly made friends with her two room mates, an Andorian called Rect'teir Paltiv and an Orion called Chailess. She excelled at her science courses, but struggled a lot with the mathematical components. As a result she was almost turned away at the end of her first year. The sudden and harsh realization that she may fail spurred her to seek help, and so began her relationship with Sojak.

Sojak was a V'tosh ka'tur, or 'Vulcan without logic'. Sojak and his family were like any other Vulcan she had met except they had learned to exist without the need to continually suppress their emotions. They still believed in logic being a large part of Vulcan existence, but believed it should complement emotions, not exclude them.

Sojak tutored Tressa in mathematics and the two formed a close bond, despite Sojak being betrothed to a woman back on his home. Sojak also showed Tressa the game of kal'toh, which Tressa was never very good at. Their close friendship lasted the duration of their time at the academy, and Sojak contemplated breaking his betrothal many times to pursue an open relationship with Tressa, but the arranged marriage had many advantages for his family and his betrothed. Tressa never spoke of the feelings she had for Sojak with anyone.

After completion of her Cadet Cruise Tressa returned to Earth to see Sojak before she left for her assigned ship the USS Victory. She found that he had not completed his own Cadet Cruise, and was unusually distracted. He explained he was leaving and only stayed to say good bye to her. Sojak reassured her he was not suffering from pon'far, and apologized for not explaining why he leaving so suddenly. He gave her his kal'toh sphere as a parting gift. It was an emotional hard moment for the two of them.

Tressa left for the USS Victory the next day.

Settling into the Victory crew quickly, Tressa began the beginnings of a relationship with another Ensign, James Cooper. She saw a lot of Sojak in him, and grew quite close to the man over a short period of time, believing he was growing close to her. The short, if not intense, relationship was ended suddenly when Ensign Cooper was transferred away from the Victory; leaving no word behind for Tressa. The sudden and unexplained departure of Cooper was very reminiscent of Sojak's own departure, and Tressa was deeply hurt.

The Acting Commanding Officer of the USS Victory, Commander Jaxx, noticed Tressa's distress and immediately went about cheering her up, with a simple invitation to dinner, disguised as a Science related problem. The night was a success and Tressa came away seeing Jaxx as more than her commanding officer and more as a friend.

In 2387.10, Tressa was injured during a mission to intercept Romulan traders and prevent them from handing cloaking devices over to a previously unknown Insectoid species. The shuttle she was traveling in was buffeted by explosions in the Azure Nebula when a Romulan warbird fired in their vicinity, successfully igniting several gas pockets.

During her recovery, Tressa and Andrus Jaxx, who had been promoted to Captain of the USS Victory, grew close. The Commander assisted with her recovery from the moment she awoke from her unconscious state, until her return to duty; the eventual outcome was Jaxx's request to see Tressa exclusively. Despite the many uncertainties and fears she held about seeing her Commanding officer and pursuing another relationship, the feelings she had developed for him were greater and she accepted.

After the star, hobus went super nova, Tressa found herself en route to Romulan space to assist in rescuing the remains of the Romulan senate. The mission came very soon after her injuriies, and Tressa often found herself conflicted. The situation grew worse when the victory once again found itself looking at a warbird, and Tressa had difficulties concentrating on her work. For a while Tressa doubted her ability to perform her job after her experience in the nebula, though once again Dr Kalianna Nicholotti, and her boyfriend Andrus Jaxx, offered reassurance, and she persevered.

After enjoying a brief shoreleave on Earth after Hobus Tressa returned to the Victory for her physical examination. It was during this that her doctor, and close friend, Kali Nicholotti, discovered she was pregnant. Unsure and afraid, Tressa tentatively broke the news to Andrus Jaxx, who assured her he would stay, and the two would raise the children together.

Shortly after, Captain Jaxx was transferred to Starbase 118 to assume duties as it's commanding officer. Unbeknownst to Tressa and the rest of the crew the decision was largely personal. Enroute to Starbase 118 the crew encountered a large unknown flash, before a small ship appeared suddenly before them. With only seconds to spare, the crew of the Victory beamed the 3 lifesigns aboard before the tiny craft impacted with the hull of the victory. As the crew were quick to discover, the Victory had jumped back in time, and accidentally destroyed the Apollo space shuttle.

Despite the best efforts of Tressa and the rest of the crew, they were unable to figure out how they had managed the jump through time, or how to get back. After doing their best to correct the incident with the Apollo, a Q entity popped into being on the Bridge of the Starship and announced it had been playing a game with the crew. After taunting the crew some more, it restored the Victory and the timeline back to its right state.

Looking forward to some time to relax, Tressa was glad to reach the Starbase, despite an unexpected visit from her over protective Aunt. Just as Tressa was getting comfortable though, a well planned and executed attack by the Scarlet Brotherhood severely damaged the Station and crippled its systems.

Fortunately the crew was able to quickly recover, and disable any further threat.

While the senior staff have gone on a new mission to the neutral zone; Tressa has remained behind on the Starbase, at Andrus' orders, due to her being at full term with her pregnancy, and knowing the children are due at any time now.


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Regional Commander
Commanding Officer
Andastre Ruane
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Executive Officer
Gogigobo Fairhug
Chief of Security
Khatri Darshana
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Security Officer
Daniel Cain
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Security Officer
Wallace Williams
Tactical Officer
Conrad Adler
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Engineering Officer
Wiar Sh'zatrahr
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Chief Science Officer
Davine D'fini
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Science Officer
Dar Toral
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Sakira P'au
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