Throne of Fire (Andaris Task Force)

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Christmas Special 2394

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ATF Mission History


With the ordeal of Burellion and the virus afflicting the telepaths dealt with, the crew of the USS Blackwell would enjoy a little down time before reaching Arndall and the front of the Valcarian-Caraadian conflict. However, it would be with a different command staff, as Admiral Renos needed to return to Deep Space 26. He would be accompanied by Captain Zaekia, as the virus had profoundly affected the Captain requiring a leave of absence on the Kaelan homeworld. Commander R'Ven also stepped down as First Officer to resume duties as Chief Science Officer. The crew rotation shuttle had brought Commander Theo Whittaker as the new CO, and Lieutenant Commander Cecil as the First Officer. Also joining the crew were Lieutenant Commander Cayden Adyr, a joined Trill as Chief Intelligence Officer, and Lieutenant Commander Tatash, a Gorn Chief Strategic Officer.

The last meeting as Captain, Captain Zaekia awarded promotions to Krindo Pandorn to Lieutenant and assigned him as Chief Tactical Officer with the Diplomacy Ribbon as well, Anath G'Renn also promoted to Lieutenant and made Chief Medical Officer with the Medical Science Ribbon. Lieutenant Didrik Stennes was also awarded the Medical Science Ribbon for his assistance with the virus. Lieutenant Jarred Thoran was also awarded the Diplomacy Ribbon as well. The Medical Science Ribbon was also awarded to Captain Zaekia with the Good Conduct Ribbon awarded to Commander Shayne and Ensign Tu'Peq for their part in the ship's crisis with the unknown device.

Captain Zaekia and Admiral Renos then left the Blackwell, leaving it in good hands.

Act One

With the departure over with, it was now time to get stuck into the team building exercise that had been planned for the crew. Stepping into the holodeck, the crew found themselves in a medieval style village. They were going to play the part of heroic adventurers. Each member was assigned a different role or class. As the crew got acquainted to their new clothing, equipment and class details, the doors to the largest building in the town square flung open, and a heavy set man accompanied by guards greeted the group. He informs the group that there have been rumours of an evil presence gathering in the mountains to the north. On top of that, there have been strange going-ons near the village, such as strange sounds at night and residents disappearing. He enlists their help in figuring out what is going on and directs them to talk to Hrathger, the local militia/guard leader.



Hallow Dragons
ToF Whittaker.jpg ToF Shayne.jpg Noimage.jpg ToF Pandorn.jpg Noimage.jpg
Theo Whittaker

Beast Master

Randal Shayne




Krindo Pandorn


Kali Nicholotti


Riders of the Cosmos
ToF Cecil.jpg ToF R'Ven.jpg ToF Lae.jpg Noimage.jpg Noimage.jpg


Merrick R'Ven


Na'Lae Mandak


Cayden Adyr


Rune Jolara
Noimage.jpg ToF GRenn.png ToF Avarin.jpg ToF Tatash.jpg
Jarred Thoran


Anath G'Renn






Class Information

Class Class Name Weapons Armor Special Abilities Strengths Weaknesses Description
Noimage.jpg Warrior Sword, Axe or Mace Heavy Plate Armor

(Highest level of protection)

Taunt Enemies. Can intimidate some foes. Highest defence. Low DPS (Damage per second) compared to other classes; slower, less maneuverable due to heavy armor The Warrior's role in the team is to hold the enemy's attention and take hits so their teammates don't get slaughtered. Often referred to as a TANK because they are heavily armored and tough to destroy. The warrior is meant for absorbing damage more than dealing it out.
Noimage.jpg Ranger Bow and arrows Leather Armor

(Mid-level protection)

Scouting and tracking High DPS - They can attack from range, with poison tipped arrows. Lower armor rating and lack of melee weaponry means the ranger doesn't do well in close combat. Their lighter armor makes them faster and more maneuverable than warriors but they cannot withstand as much damage. They are considered a DPS class because they can deal lot of damage quickly and that is their primary role in a group.
Noimage.jpg Scholar None Cloth

(Very poor protection)

Heals other characters. Crafting, cooking and camp making (Food, antidotes for poisons, healing salves, bandages, splints using a combination of expedition gear and that found in the natural environment, etc). Problem solving ability (e.g. Detect and disarm traps. Translate foreign languages/runes etc.) Has many abilities that add great utility and survivability to a team. No weapons or armor means they are particularly vulnerable in combat. The scholar is a HEALER whose primary responsibility is to keep team mates alive and heal any injuries sustained from the environment or combat. Their year of study have given them an affinity for problem solving and understanding books/notes/artifacts etc that others will not.
Noimage.jpg Rogue Dual-wielding daggers or short swords Leather Armor

(Mid-level protection)

Detecting and disarming traps, lockpicking, pick pocketing. Ability to be stealthy, slip into shadows. High DPS class with high agility that allows them to dodge many attacks. Cannot stand much punishment due to lighter armor and therefore must avoid being hit in the first place. This DPS class can use their ability to go unnoticed to position themselves behind enemies, striking them where they are most vulnerable before slipping away, only to reposition and strike again.
Noimage.jpg Beast Master None Leather Armor

(Mid-level protection)

Scouting, tracking, commanding pets, can send messages to other teams and receive return correspondence. Pets add utility to the team and can fight on behalf of the beast master. Due to lower level of armor and lack of weaponry they don't do well in combat. Beastmasters have one homing bird that can be used to send messages and can choose from a selection of pets that will be provided. The animal that is selected will impact how the beastmaster interacts in combat and what abilities they can bring to the team. (If they chose a Wolf, for example, they have a high DPS pet. A bear would be a TANK, etc).

Character Cards

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