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((Briefing Room, Command Tower, Starbase 118))

::The voices had died down again as she stood up straight in front of them. Despite the bad news, at least she had some good to go along with it. Hopefully, this good would go a long way. The crew certainly deserved it, and maybe a long vacation, but the awards she was about to hand out were all she was able to give them now. Too much of the galaxy was in turmoil for a potential long vacation.::

::Looking out into the sea of officers, she suddenly wished she could give them more as she began the small ceremony.::

Nicholotti: Quite a few of you have earned commendations this year. For me, that it a source of pride, and I am very pleased to be able to present the awards that will follow. These awards are given once a year based on nominations submitted by your fellow crewmates. It is a chance to recognize the work that your fellow officers put in, and a chance for those fellow officers to really shine.

::Her short introduction complete, she continued.::

Nicholotti: This year, we will begin with the TOSMA. This award, The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class, is awarded to those who have shown great dedication in their contributions to this team and crew as a whole. Not only do they offer solid contributions, but they consistently do so, making things better for all other members of the team.

::She smiled and turned to look at her Ferengi diplomat.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant Commander Brek, it is with great honor that I bestow this award upon you for the dedication and skill you’ve shown this year.

::Waiting for a moment as the officer approached, she opened the small box on the table and pulled out a ribbon. When he met her, she extended her right hand to shake his and handed him his award with her left.::

Brek: Response?

Nicholotti: ::Smiling:: Congratulations!

::As he moved back to the table and his seat, she prepared the next awards, taking two of them from the small box and standing back up to face the group.::

Nicholotti: Our next recipient has been awarded two of our yearly awards, so I will present them both at the same time. ::Pausing, she continued.:: The Genesis Badge is given once per year to an officer who shows conspicuous efforts in improving in various areas from the day they step aboard Ops, to the present. The Silver Palm is an award given to an officer who has served to boost the overall morale of his or her fellow officers, making things better for those he or she works with.

::Now her gaze turned towards the newly promoted Chief Tactical Officer.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant JG Silveira, it is an honor to present you with both of these awards this year. You’ve been a constant source of humor and I can honestly say that Ops would not be the same without you.

::Again, she waited a moment while he approached, where she could shake his hand and hand him the awards.::

Silveira: Response?

Nicholotti: Congratulations, Lieutenant!

::After a moment, he too returned to his seat and the voices faded into silence again.::

Nicholotti: Each year, an officer is awarded an award for helping behind the scenes where not everyone can see them. It is this devotion that helps ensure that things continue to go smoothly, even in times of crisis. Without this help, my job would be infinitely more difficult, if not impossible.

::She grinned and turned towards the Doctor.::

Nicholotti: Doctor MacLaren, it is my pleasure to award you this year with the Neelix Award. Your behind the scenes help has been fundamental in keeping things running like a well oiled machine.

::Another award pulled from the box waited as the woman approached. Another hand was shaken and another smile shared. This really was the best part of her job.::

MacLaren: Response?

Nicholotti: Congratulations!

::The smile only grew on Kali’s face as the awards were handed out. And there were still a few more to go. As the doctor returned to her chair, Kali pulled another set of two awards from the box.::

Nicholotti: Each year we award one officer for his or her knowledge of history and lore. This award is embodied in the Russ bar and shows the universe that you really know what you’re talking about. ::She grinned now.:: The Nebula Bar is awarded to an officer who had delved into exploration of new species, creatures, or worlds conspicuously.

::Her eyes turned towards the temporary Chief Engineer.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant JG Livingston, you are very deserving of these awards, and it is with great pride I bestow them upon you. Your work with the shadow creatures and your consistently tech-sound advice and information has been a huge advantage for this crew, and for me.

::A moment passed as he stood and approached, where she shook his hand and handed his award to him.::

Livingston: Response?

Nicholotti: Congratulations Mister Livingston!

::And again, there was a brief flurry of congratulations as he returned to his seat. Kali pulled another award from the box.::

Nicholotti: The next award, the B-Plot award, is given to an officer who is able to hold both a real life and a Starfleet life. ::She grinned again.:: Some people are defined only by the job they do, but some people are defined by much, much more.

::Tiny shockwaves raced through her momentarily as her eyes met the blue of David’s. She shot him a warm and proud smile.::

Nicholotti: This year, it is my pleasure to award Commander David Cody with that award. I’m not certain that Commander Cody can be defined by anything but his own definitions, and those extend far from their Starfleet center.

::Never taking her eyes from him, she watched him approach and then repeated the same routine when he arrived.::

Cody: Response?

Nicholotti: Congratulations!

::It was hard to tear her eyes from him as he returned to his place at the table, but eventually she did. Pulling another award from the box, she let her normal smile return.::

Nicholotti: The Scotty Cross is given to one officer each year who shows extreme creativity in solving problems. This is, perhaps, one of the more difficult awards to hand out because of the innate creativity built into Starfleet officers.

::She paused and looked down towards Ben with a smirk.::

Nicholotti: This year, it is with pride that I award Commander Benjamin Walker with that award. Over the past year, he has offered up some of the most creative solutions to some of our bigger problems, up to and including giving his life. For that, I thank you and award you with the Scotty Cross.

::He stood, she shook his hand, and she handed him the award. Catching his eye, she conveyed her thankful thoughts to him. Even if he thought the end of this briefing was going to be a disaster, at least he was there and willing to back her up.::

Walker: Response?

Nicholotti: Congratulations, Commander!

::As he sat and things died down, Kali looked out towards the man who had been willing to die to save her life. Though things between them had ended, and he seemed disappointed in that, what he had been willing to do for her and what he had done for her twin was not lost on her. She nodded slightly towards him.::

Nicholotti: Our final award, today, I feel a special depth to this year. While injuries come with the territory of Starfleet, those that warranted the Sheathed Sword were both close to me and nearly took the life of one of our best.

::Another somber pause passed by before she continued.::

Nicholotti: Lieutenant Colt Daniels laid down his life for me, protecting the chain of command, during the assassination attempt on his Captain, and friend. It is because of that sacrifice that I award him with the Sheathed Sword.

::In her eyes was nothing but truth and thanks as he approached. Though their relationship was not what it once was, she hoped that the friendship they had built long ago would sustain. Only time would tell, but for now, she wanted him to know that his sacrifice was not forgotten.::

Daniels: Response?

::Shooting him a smile, she nodded and closed the box on the table.::

Nicholotti: Congratulations!

::He returned to his seat now and she finally took her own. The next part of this briefing was going to be interesting, but in the meantime, she would give them all a short moment to relish in the wonderment of good news for once. They had earned these awards; as her eyes locked with those of her twin, she knew that the time was coming, but it didn’t have to cut the warm feelings that surrounded her now so short. And so, she remained quiet and let the others talk for a few minutes before moving on.::


Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
StarBase 118 Ops / USS Victory

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