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He swallowed dryly, starting to sense a hint of the bigger picture. In some ways he was impressed. It was clear that the crew of StarBase 118 had not just been sticking their noses into his business. They had been sticking their noses into everything like some crazed group of detective vigilantes one would read about in a holonovel. Kinney supposed they fancied themselves the heroes of their own little story.

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: A Klingon Wake and a Returning Ship

::He finally let out the breath he had been holding, a sigh of frustration and pent up aggression. Sal was not a violent man, but he admitted to having lucid fantasies of punching Allan Kinney square in the jaw.::

Any wake that starts with bloodwine is a good wake
It started with a Klingon wake. A celebration of victory and the fallen dead. The crew of the USS Albion who could handle a copious amount of Klingon revelry and bloodwine joined in to remember their fallen crew and ships. It was followed by a return to StarBase 118 where Doctor Phrik was offered a permanent position on the StarBase 118 medical staff. And Starfleet offered StarBase 118 a welcome replacement for the USS Albion. The Nebula class USS Columbia was returned to StarBase 118 as her primary support ship. This provided an emotional reunion for many crew who had served upon the Columbia before.

With things finally settled from the battle with the Sienov, Captain Taybrim gathered his crew. They had evidence of Commodore Kinney's connections with the Orion Syndicate as well as his declaration that the Albion was expendable. Captain Taybrim gave the crew three days to compile evidence and create an airtight case they could take to Starfleet, but Commodore Kinney decides to complicate the matter by spreading vicious rumors about the StarBase 118 crew's incompetence while failing to file any formal charges. So the StarBase 118 crew plans to confront Kinney, air out these rumors and see if he will incriminate himself when the evidence is presented to him.

Act II: Commodore Kinney I Presume?

Whatever Mirra had expected, wasn't this. Somehow the tall, broad shouldered Terran with graying hair was...a bit of a disappointment. Not even a deviously styled mustache or sketchy looking goatee? The man looked surprisingly...boring. She kept her face impassive, when she really just wanted to shout "REALLY?!? THIS is all we get?? Get a scar or tattoo or SOMETHING.". What a letdown.

Commodore Allan Kinney
The crew splits up into teams. Captain Taybrim takes Lieutenant Trel'lis and Doctor Ezo in dress whites to meet directly with Kinney himself. Lt. Commander Whittaker takes Lt. Commander Flynn, Major Tatash, Ensign Aitas and Doctor Phrik down to the surface to investigate rumors that Nacien Rixx, a high ranking member of the Orion Syndicate is in the area. Lieutenant Taelon is left in control of the Columbia's bridge with Lt. Commander Kelly, Ensigns Antraydin, Sorna and Kasun. They will be using the Columbia's state of the art scanning equipment to see if they can track down evidence of covert communications between the Jenatris cloud and the Raskor Embassy.

On board the Columbia the teams pick up a weak signal and decide to use some of the Columbia's scientific scanning probes to help triangulate the signal for greater information. They find more than they bargained for, picking up a covert signal heading towards Raskor and identifying a modified Angosian warrior. They trace it back to Miranda VII Spaceport and get the sinking feeling that an assassin is on Raskor.

On the planet Captain Taybrim, Doctor Ezo and Lieutenant Trel'lis meet with Commodore Kinney. The discussion is cold but calm until a deadly blast of disruptor fire pierces through the shields and Kinney's window. Only the telepathic tip-off and quick actions of Doctor Ezo and Lieutenant Trel'lis prevent Kinney from having his grey-matter smeared on the back wall. Amazingly no one is seriously injured and the Embassy shields modulate to prevent further fire. Security pour in to Kinney office and he demands to move somewhere more secure, while sputtering about what all is going on. Security follows standard protocols and beams the entire group to a secure medbay in the embassy to be checked by a doctor.

Elsewhere on the planet Commander Whittaker's team stops in "The Cove" beachside bar where they find they're being watched. Phrik and Aitas break away to search for leads in the officer's lounge while a few Starfleet officers from Raskor pick a fight with Whittaker, Flynn and Tatash accusing them of getting their friends on the Avalon killed.

Aitas and Phrik have better luck, and they identify a low ranking crewman who appears to be drinking too much, trying to calm him nerves. Aitas goes to question him and the man makes a break for it, only to be tripped by Doctor Phrik. It seems that there's many secrets hidden on Raskor...

Meanwhile back at StarBase 118 a problem arises when Lady Shadonna's teacup targ Duchess gets loose after a day at the pet spa. Major Dal calls up every remaining officer he can think of and they all go on a targ hunt through the commercial sector. It's a chase to find Duchess and return her to the pet spa before a very angry Diva returns.

Act III: Catching A Criminal

The Doctor raised his third leg upwards, extending it into the path of the now fleeing officer. The man’s reactions were a second too slow, as he made to jump the offending appendage he was snagged by the foot, causing him to tumble face first onto the table in front of him. There was a tumultuous crash as glasses smashed and the table upended itself, depositing the man on the floor, accompanied by an audible snap of bone followed by a soft thud.
What a lovely backdrop for fist fights and assassinations
Things heat up on Raskor as the USS Columbia mobilizes to start tracking Dreva Nan the Angosian augment assassin sent to kill Commodore Kinney and the senior staff of StarBase 118. They intercept and decode a message: Four targets sighted. Took aim at alpha target. Telepathic interference. No kills confirmed. Give me four more hours. This prompts the bridge to inform Captain Taybrim's team that they believe the assassin will try again.

Down in the medical center Kinney storms off to the fortified internal command center. Captain Taybrim ensures that Lieutenant Trel'lis sticks with Kinney - both to keep an eye on him and for his own protection. Meanwhile he and Dr. Ezo try to covertly contact Whittaker's team to let them know about the assassin.

In The Cove beachside bar a short round of heated conversation between Commanders Flynn, Whittaker and some irate Starfleet personnel is broken up by Raskor chief of Security Nix. Despite the fact that the team had fists thrown at them without provocation they are the ones taken into custody and held in the security offices.

In the officer's lounge Aitas starts to question Lieutenant JG Vargas, the man who acting very suspiciously while Dr. Phrik tends his injuries in a very brusque manner. It doesn't take long for Vargas to break down into a blubbering wreck and he admits that he was paid to leave his station early and skip one of the routine power maintenance sweeps. He starts to realize that his gullible actions led to a several-minute break in the power to the security fields.

Captain Taybrim, Dr. Ezo, and Ensign Aitas all convene in the security station where Whittaker Flynn and Tatash are released after a brief stint of public shaming. Taybrim informs everyone of the assassin and they piece together Vargas's partially unwitting role in the drama. His oversight allowed Dreva Nan to slip past station security. Tatsh calls in 1st Lieutenant T'Jem for counterstrike duty and has her co-ordinate with Taelon and the Columbia bridge on the location of the Angosian assassin.

With Vargas - the snitch - in the security section as well as the majority of Starfleet targets it is only a matter of time until the assassin Dreva Nan headed that way. Killing the guartds leading into the security area she pauses just long enough to taunt her targets, that's when the Coilumbia strikes back. Lt. Commander Kelly and Ensign Kasun initiate a transport that brings Dreva Nan to the brig, but she immediately retaliates with an em pulse grenade that scrambles the computer systems for a few seconds until the backups can kick in and she initiates a transport back to Raskor. Except Ensign Kasun is also taken in the beamout.

Dreva Nan beams herself into the Officer's lounge with is filled with a dozen innocent bystanders and one quite angry Dr. Phrik. Lt. T'Jem and Lt Commander Kelly mobilize to stun and take down the assassin and everyone launches a multi-pronged attack. Kelly and his team deploy flash-bang grenades to stun the assassin which allows the hostages to flee. Taybrim, Ezo, Aitas and station security Lt. Krasch deploy an aerosol chemical that negatively affects Dreva Nan's illegal augmentation. All of this allows security to subdue Dreva Nan. She is taken into custody and chemically altered to remove her augmentations before being transporter to a maximum security penal colony. Lieutenant Vargas is also taken into custody.

In the command center Lieutenant Trel'lis prompts Kinney to make some incriminating claims, and then she gets some unexpected help from newly arrived Ambassador Kalliana Nicholotti. Nicholotti is briefed on the situation by the USS Columbia and her rank of Fleet Captain gives her authority over Commodore Kinney. Captain Taybrim confront Kinney, and then calls Ambassador Nicholotti down to officially witness the Commodore's resignation.

As the events on Raskor are cleaned up Admiral Vivian Hauke is named the new sector command officer. She exonerates the Starbase 118 crew and commends them on their work. The crew takes an extended shore leave at a private resort on Raskor after they make sure to give Commodore Kinney's extensive and expensive alcohol stash a good home.

Back on Starbase 118 Major Dal, Gazkra, Kro, Sanara Pran and Rozera are on a wild targ hunt that spans the Qo'nos and Ashalla districts. Finally a report comes in from the Bajoran temple that someone has desecrated their fountain with filth and pink fur. The teams converge on the Golden Favor pawn shop where two hapless Ferengi are trying to primp Duchess for auction. The targ is rescued and return to diva lady Shadonna while Major Dal deals with the headache of a very upset Bajoran Prylar who wants their sacred fountain cleaned...

Your resignation has been accepted and is immediately in effect. ~Ambassador Kalliana Nicholotti to Commodore Kinney

Dramatis Personae

Rendezvous at Raskor Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Commodore Allan Kinney Human Dishonorably discharged Sal Taybrim Former Commodore Allan Kinney was the sector commander for the Trinity Sector. He was removed from duty and stripped of rank following the discovery of his ties to the Orion Syndicate
Dreva Nan Angoian Augment Incarcerated in a maximum security prison Sal Taybrim Dreva Nan was an Orion Syndicate assassin sent to silence Commodore Kinney and the crew of StarBase 118 Ops
Lieutenant JG Colton Vargas Human Ops officer discharged under disciplinary action General NPC Colton Vargas was the officer who was paid off to 'accidentally' let the power levels to the security fields drop for a 5-minute interval that allowed assassin Dreva Nan access to the Raskor Embassy.
Lieutenant Krasch Denobulan Chief of Embassy Security General NPC Lieutenant Krasch was the head of station security who assisted the Columbia is taking down Dreva Nan

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Antero Flynn Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Tatash Marine Commander
Ishani Kasun Asst. Chief of Security Crisis Response
Tyler Kelly Security Officer
Ziron Antraydin Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
Quexit Phrik Medical Officer
Taelon Chief Science Officer
Valdar Sorna Science Officer
Trel'lis Head Diplomatic Officer
Kalianna Nicholotti Ambassador Joined 239310.17
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer

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