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((Sickbay, Deck 12, Deep Space 224))

It had been weeks since their dance with time, and yet, the lingering impacts in her mind remained. The dull roar of a thousand voices speaking at once never faded, seeming to dim only when one would stand out above the rest. The sense of impending doom was getting worse, her focus seeming to slip far more often, and in a way, she felt like she was losing herself.

But even in the ashes of whatever this was, glimmers of hope poked through in ways that promised something for tomorrow. It was those glimmers that kept her fighting despite the voices and the feelings as if she were dying. It was the ship, her crew, and…

...the man that just walked through the door.

Kali was tired. Oh, how she was tired. It was as if fighting whatever this was syphoned the strength directly from her, yet, when her crystalline eyes met the darkness of his, she still felt almost as if she could fly the very sky he’d painted for her. Her face lit up, something she could not control even if she wanted to, and she weakly reached a hand out to him knowing that this time it was not as her physician. No, Addison had stepped up to that task - something Kali was eternally grateful for in these moments - but that left Genkos to the Resolution.

Nicholotti: Genkos. I’m happy to see you.

Genkos took her hand in his free one as he sat down on the edge of her biobed. She looked so weak and fragile; it was like Vulcan all over again and his heart shattered. At least he could take some comfort in the fact that this time she was still awake. A smile that wasn’t quite genuine, the smile of the well visiting the sick, creased his face.

Adea: Kalianna; you are a sight for sore eyes. ::the smile faded into concern:: How are you?

She watched him, his face, his reactions, trying to read it all, but he was the telepath. Still her heart ached for him. As new as this connection might have been, it was clear now that it was there.

Nicholotti: I am alright. All I have to do here is sleep.

Humor. Kali tried to inject it in places to keep things as light as possible so as not to bring down those around her...especially those she cared so much for. Sometimes it fell flat, mostly because the eyes did not lie, nor did her mind and the fear she knew simmered there.

Genkos could tell the humour was a coping mechanism; a deflection tactic. He didn’t need telepathy to teach him that; he was no stranger to using it in that way himself. He let out a small pity laugh, and squeezed her hand.

Adea: Sleep and get better. The Resolution needs you. Addison needs you. ::he swallowed once, his esophageal prominence bobbling in his throat:: I need you.

The sheer manner in which the words were spoken gripped her and she looked at him with a look that could only convey the ache she felt that she could not go with him. Slowly, she nodded both in understanding of the intensity of what he was saying and as a promise.

Nicholotti: I know. I will come back to you.

The fact that it was Addison who was her main carer, that it was Addison who would be staying behind to take care of her, that fact was killing Genkos. To part from the subject of his affections, and to do so whilst assuming temporary command of the Resolution was something he was not particularly relishing. Not at all.

Adea: Just do everything Addison asks of you, please. None of that Captain’s prerogative nonsense. Don’t waste your energy.

One of their first conversations had surrounded how she didn't like being told what not to do, but in was breaking her heart to know that he was leaving, striking out on his own with the crew and the ship because she couldn't get the voices out of her head. She felt as if she had failed him before they'd even really gotten started. She quickly agreed.

Nicholotti: I promise. No trying to fly.

Genkos grinned; a true smile that even brought a hint of the old Adea sparkle to his eyes.

Adea: The sooner you get better, the less likely it is that I don’t destroy the Res.

The way his eyes sparkled then, however slight, brought her a sliver of joy. It was that which she took and held fast, stashing it away for the future. Putting it away for her dreams, perhaps. She raised an eyebrow, and shared a grin of her own, mischievous as those of her much younger years.

Nicholotti: Please don't put any holes in my ship. She's been through enough of that don't you think?

Genkos squeezed her hand as he smiled glumly at her.

Adea: I think we all have.

Kali smiled and absentmindedly let her thumb rub the back of his hand as he held hers.

Nicholotti: You're not wrong.

A momentary silence passed as she watched him, caught in his eyes. Though there had been trauma, and there was most certainly doubt, there was also something there that was calming to her, like a warm blanket that wrapped her up and made her feel...warm. Safe. It was almost foreign, but not at all unwelcome. She reached up with her free hand and brushed the side of his face softly.

Nicholotti: Come home to me, Genkos. I need you.

Genkos placed his hand over hers on his cheek, and pressed it adoringly. It was a lovely feeling; he couldn’t remember having been this close to someone in such a long time, and enjoying it. That warming feeling of insects crawling inside the stomach was there, and it was a feeling he had been looking forward to.

Adea: And I you…

There was a moment then, a very odd moment in which it felt to the good doctor that all the atmosphere in the room had been eliminated. There was no air, no feelings, no sensation, no floor, nothing except her eyes and her hand on his cheek.

He leaned in… It felt right.

And for the first time since this nightmare had started, it seemed like every one of the thousands of voices in her mind silenced, left behind were the tendrils of feeling, emotions, warmth that he allowed to pass between their minds like the blossoming of a rare nightflower, seeking its glory in the starlight. She could feel her breathing quicken, her heartbeat step up the pace as he drew closer, his hand never leaving hers on his face.

There might have been a moment of crisis, just before he'd closed the distance, where she'd reminded herself just how long it had been, but if she had any worry about things with him, she shouldn't have. Her eyes fluttered closed as his lips met hers, but she didn't need them to see him anymore. Though weak, she kissed him back with every bit of the ferocity within, every bit of desire she'd not quite realized that she'd been holding back. And it was met in kind.

It was truly beautiful, at least from an insider’s perspective. A passionate kiss, coupled with the Betazoid penchant for mixing emotions, thoughts and feelings in one colourful swirl of adoration, creating a truly unique experience. He had hesitated before, uncertain whether Kalianna would appreciate or even reciprocate the feelings that were stirring inside him, but she was, and so he released himself a little bit more, creating a multifaceted jewel of thought containing every shade and nuance of their feelings towards one another.

When they finally did separate, Kali found herself breathless, her crystalline blues almost pleading with him to stay just a little while longer.

Nicholotti: I…

If she had been weak before, she was vulnerable and weak now. Words, which were Kalianna Nicholotti’s forte, refused to form.

Genkos grinned like an idiot for a moment, unable to do much else, but almost immediately he realised that she was struggling. So instead, he gently pressed his forehead to hers and let the words fall away. Instead, her feelings were articulated in a completely different medium; one that could only really be described as colours. The bright blues and greens of Genkos’ mind intermingled with the deeper indigos and violets of hers, creating a quilted pattern of overlain emotions. It gave an understanding that was both beyond language and somehow completely natural. It lasted less than a minute, and yet it was as if they had spent a day together just talking.

This time he grinned again, but this was more sheepish than it was idiotic.

In return, Kali smiled at him both in surprised awe and with a kind of peace she did not have before. There were no doubts left in her mind, buried in the words that were so often ambiguous.

Adea: The benefits of being a telepath.

Benefits indeed. The feeling, the memory of it, the messages conveyed all meant so much, surrounding her in affection the likes of which she wasn't sure she'd experienced before, and certainly not like this.

Nicholotti: Thank you.

The genuine happiness reflected on her face couldn't come close to what he'd just shared, the emotions and feelings she had for him which had manifested within their shared consciousness, but it was something she couldn't, and didn't want to fade from her face.

Adea: Call it something to remember me by when I’m babysitting the Res.

Kali nodded.

Nicholotti: Just be careful. Now that you know...just...just be careful.

The raven-haired woman was far from simple, but he'd brought a new level of simplicity to at least this aspect of her life. And the beauty of it was so incredible, she found herself already wanting more. Sleep was coming, and with it, she hoped a renewed sense of self planted firmly in this time, with this man, and this crew. Knowing time was short, she gave him her best smile and squeezed his hand.

Nicholotti: And take care of my ship. oO and her crew.Oo

Adea: I will… Always.

He stayed with her as she fell asleep, and the warmth and joy that he felt with her almost glowing on his face. Watching someone you adore fall asleep is an incredibly precious act, one that makes you feel truly blessed. Which was how Genkos felt when he extricated his hand from the sleeping Kalianna’s and gave her one soft, final kiss on the forehead before leaving.


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Commanding Officer
USS Resolution
Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea MD
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer
USS Resolution

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